Just Cause 4 SPOTLIGHT: Danger Rising

Just Cause 4 SPOTLIGHT: Danger Rising

For the final Just Cause 4 DLC pack, the
Agency have come to Solis. You’ll need to grab a state-of-the-art hoverboard Yeah, you heard that right – hoverboard! Sheldon: “I’ll be damned.” And face off against Agency operatives equipped with high-powered weapons and trained
in the art of the Grapple Hook. This time, Rico’s not the only one
with multimillion-dollar gadgetry. [Artizan – Legendary plays]
“Everybody want to be the hero but clearly don’t really wanna strive for.” As you venture through Danger Rising to discover the Agency’s mysterious intentions, You’ll soon notice a returning mechanic that will have fans of Just Cause 3 pumped. For this DLC, base liberation’s back, baby! You told us how much you missed
liberating bases… and we listened. These military submarines will
comprise of a multitude of objectives including destroying critical systems with the hoverboard, taking out armoured Agents, and of course, blowing a lot of stuff up. And even once these are completed,
the fun doesn’t stop there. Upon liberation, you’ll still be able to revisit these bases whenever you want for ultimate replayability. Along with Rico’s iconic wingsuit and parachute, Danger Rising adds in the hoverboard as yet another unique method of traversal making it the open-world game with the most methods of traversal ever! And once unlocked, you’ll have access to it forever more! So zipping around Solis is even more varied. You can also jazz up your hoverboard with brand-new cosmetic skins that you can earn from completing
hoverboard ring courses. Looking good, Rico! Now, if there are new advanced
enemies to face off against, it’s only right that we are presented with numerous weapon additions to make the job a little easier. Check out the Stormalong EM Zero Magnesis Gun. Its primary fire will levitate objects within a magnetic field and draw them towards Rico. Which he can then release in a burst of energy. There’s also the Yellowstone Sniper Rifle. A seemingly standard automatic sniper bullet fire for typical use, However, secondary fire is where it
really gets interesting. This will deploy a friendly drone to assist you in battle. And not only that, but while stood atop your little robotic friend, if you set a waypoint on the map, it will travel there. Two new major vehicles join the rank
of 100+ within the world. First up – the Canvasback Hovercraft. An Agency sea vehicle that can traverse
both water and land. It features a built-in machine gun and
an amphibious homing missile. Take to the skies in the Coyote Assault
Chopper; an extremely nimble and sleek helicopter with a precise machine gun
and the ability to drop sea mines. Look out below! Grab your hoverboard, equip the Magnesis gun and defeat the Agency once and for all.

Eugene Islam

92 thoughts on “Just Cause 4 SPOTLIGHT: Danger Rising

  1. I’ve already finished it all and I really did miss the liberation
    I also did this as earliest in the story I could play the entire game with the hover board and it’s quite enjoyable

  2. The funny part is I got the gold version of the game and already completely beat the dlc, it’s definitely really fun and if ya can get good at the hover board, oh the fun… just one thing as with always, ammo on the new gun feels very limited, needing to call in a resupply every 2 minutes or so. The ammo needs buffed to how it was in JC3, where any ammo type can be used. And rebel drops should give max ammo, not 1/3 max… just thinking aloud, the dlc is still way worth it!

  3. I got to play the DLC early as I had bought the Gold edition on JC4 and oh boy was it fun, Fantastic new weapons, love the new vehicles, love the whole hoverboard, I love JC3 and JC2. To find a middle ground between them is so fantastic. The glorious liberation system is back! The fun explosions the zipping around of enemies got me pumped to play again. I wish the DLC was longer but I can't wait for the next installment. Thanks for reviving my hope in you avalanche!

  4. I'm sure its a cool DLC and all, but adding a feature you removed in the base game and locking it to a DLC pack you have to pay extra money for isn't gonna impress me

  5. For this dlc we need a repress feature they showed we want base liberation and we need more ammo and we a mech and more crazy stuff.

  6. I completed the DLC when it came out for me I didn't stop playing the DLC cause I loved it can't wait for the end of this game I have messed with the new guns and the hoverboard I have to say this was the best DLC for just cause 4 and thanks for making it

  7. So you have to pay for something that was free in the last game ?

    Dick move cant you at least put some bases in the main game ?

  8. O hope this is a taster of what sort of toys the agency will bring for JC5. BUT this time take your time with the development.

  9. I hope Just Cause 5 will have better graphics because Just Cause 3 looks amazing, but Just Cause 4… :p
    But i like Just Cause 4 :p

  10. If You start a new game, after completing the game is can You replay this DLC?
    Oh and It's still isn't on the Steam in Europe

  11. 6 (I Think) similar submarine/bases to "liberate". I'm sorry I've even bought thid DLC. Now I will have to complete it.

  12. Just cause 5 need:
    Better grafics
    Base liberation
    More waepon
    And the possibility to carry 4 weapon
    If you want the give the like


  14. These "bases" were all the same, in terms of liberation. Nothing unique about each of them, unlike JC3 where every base felt like it had some unique thing that made it stand out to all the rest and made them all fun and feel different from one another.

  15. Just cause 5: series reboot with rico working with the cia (not the agency) going to a fictional east Asian country (not panau) to stop the development of nukes and supersoldiers while also liberating the people from the horrible dictator. And pls put back Grenades and C4 instead of alt fire and give us an option between single and dual Wielding.

  16. hey guys i’m a big fan of the game and so are my friends we would really like a multiplayer doesn’t have to be like 10 people it could just be 2 and my idea is that one person plays as mario or sheldon and the other plays as rico good job on the game guys!:)

  17. I know this is supposed to be about the danger rising dlc,but please square Enix put the army of chaos weapons in the supply drop

  18. This is the sort of style which I wanted for JC 4 (Except the modern stuff). It's nice that you listened to the community and bring back the base liberation BUT also a damn shame that you ruined the main game so much. This game just feels like a side project which was forgotten besides the development and then concentrated more on Rage 2 and then after it was finished they tryed to save what they could. (Remember this is just my opinion)

  19. I just hope that Just Cause 5 will have better graphics that don't destroy your eyes.
    And I hope that it will have a map where you can explore a lot and you could interact with NPCs.
    To be honest JC4's NPCs are terrible, i just wish they would do more than just run or try to hide.
    I mean when you shoot one of them you don't even see any changes to their bodies, no marks, blood stains etc.
    You simply see a terrible blood squirt effect when you shoot and that's it.
    It don't want it really gross, only like in Gta 5 for example or Red Dead Redemption 2 just less realistic.
    So I think they should work more on the graphics and realism.
    Doesn't have to be extreme or something just make it more fun to interact in any way possible I would love to be able to at least interact with NPCs in some way.
    The physics should also be better.
    It should be more immersive next time and feature many different fun things like nukes and so on.

    They also should not publish an unfinished game again, just to make it out before christmas, seriously?

  20. Just Cause: all tech and innovation, no soul
    It's my kind of game but at some point, the series needs emotional familiarity/relatability if it's ever going to get mass appeal.

  21. Una sugerencia al equipo de just cause 4

    Yo en just cause 3 me compre el dlc sky fortrex (o como se escriba),el punto es que al jugar just cause 4 no tengo el traje aereo de babarium y pienso que si podrian hacer algo para que el juego detecte que en el tres pagaste por el jet pack para asi darte automaticamente el jet pack en just cause 4, porque es injusto hacerme pagar 2 veces por lo mismo pero en el siguiente juego, y tambien es irealista que al llegar a una nueva isla rico suelte el jet pack porque si y vuelva a lo clasico

    Se que es tonto, pero no me gusta que en el 3 pueda volar con el traje aereo de babarium y en el 4 no solo por que no lo page 2 veces

    Muchas gracias

  22. A suggestion to the just cause 4 team In just cause 3 I bought the sky fortrex dlc (or as it is written), the point is that when playing just cause 4 I do not have the babarium air suit and I think that if they could do something for the game to detect that in the three you paid for the jet pack to automatically give you the jet pack in just cause 4, because it is unfair to make me pay twice for the same thing but in the next game, and it is also unrealistic that when I arrive at a new rich island I release the jet pack because yes and go back to the classic I know it's silly, but I don't like that in 3 I can fly with the babarium air suit and in 4 not only because I don't page it twice Thank you

  23. Things I’d like to see in just cause 5

    An online option with a customizable character
    Different customizable rico clothes
    Free rocket powered wing suit
    Better lighting
    Base liberation
    Better frontline battles
    Smarter more realistic NPCs (this 1 is a must)
    Better blood physics
    Longer, more action packed story with better cutscene graphics.

    I could go on but the rest of the stuff I don’t think could happen

  24. Nice, but the game really needs more free content. There are not enough Weapons and Combat/Interesting Vehicles in the (base) game, and the Black Market is not a good compensation. And how about re-oppressing and liberating Bases and Outposts?

  25. not about the dlc but i want to fight the strong black hand enemies again, the only one that appears is the weakest ones. anyway to get them back without doing new game+? I really want to fight super elites and titans and stuff, but i completed the war line thing.

  26. Hey Owners of Just Cause I like Just cause 4 but i have trail i can't play i don't have any Money on Xbox to buy it its just i can't i want Free but i still can't 🙁

  27. Release a shit bland, boring repetitive base game, then have what looks like decent DLC tucked away which you developed at the same time , very dirty play and it shows as barely anyone played this game, should have been so much more… 'hack this console' x 577,000,000

  28. had to wait nearly a year, just to get over fucking whelmed with a shit ton of spidermen and women with guns, annoyingly fast helicopters and a lot of sub bases that are an absolute bitch to take out. at least its better than the damn "demon" dlc. never buying another just cause again. shouldve stopped at 3.

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