Iron Kite Studio Booth Tour (Wonderfest Shanghai 2019)

Iron Kite Studio Booth Tour (Wonderfest Shanghai 2019)

It’s Sisko here at Wonderfest in Shanghai to
show you the Iron Kite Studio booth. So they have some Naruto statues here, as
well as some My Hero Academia and then some Marvel, so I’m gonna get you guys
a look at everything. So I’ll start here with Naruto. So these statues are 1/4 scale diorama
style. They are huge. Very very detailed. I love the birds and the hand here. Great-looking texture on the sand. All right let’s see if I can get in to
have a look at Gaara. So this statue again is huge,
it’s quarter scale. So it’s got the shell with the spikes
and he’s inside. It’s beautiful actually, really stunning. Ok, and then we’ve got a couple of Marvel pieces.
So we’ve got a Colossus and a Phoenix. So I’ll show you Colossus first. Obviously these
aren’t painted yet but you can get a bit of an idea. Here is the head sculpt. He’s holding him up in the air. Big
piece, I don’t know if you can see compared to Phoenix there. Colossus is nice and big. Then we’ll have a look at Phoenix. Beautiful portrait. And then I’ll duck over and have a look at
the My Hero Academia statues. These are absolutely enormous, I mean the Naruto
ones a big and these are even bigger. There’s this kind of whirlwind. Huge, looks amazing though. We have another one here, this looks like
it’s been freshly pretty 3d printed. Wow, I think these are going to be
amazing once painted. We’ve got a little mock-up here sort of what it will look
like and this one too Wow. Okay guys, so those are the big
pieces they do actually have a few small pieces at the front here, so I’ll give you
guys and look at these because they’re actually really really cute. So
we’ve got some adorable little dinosaurs and things down here. And some cute little animals, chubby
little Tigers. Adorable. Okay, that’s Iron Kite Studios
guys. Very impressed they make obviously pretty massive
dioramas but and they look really cool.
All right, well thanks as always so much for watching
and drop me a comment to let me know what you think of these pieces, and I’ll catch
you next time. Okay, Cheers!

Eugene Islam

49 thoughts on “Iron Kite Studio Booth Tour (Wonderfest Shanghai 2019)

  1. that Gaara is insanely awesome, I love the attitude and confidence that is just oozing off this portrayal of the character

  2. 0:10 Deidara using Explosion Clay birds (during Kazekage Gaara fight)
    1:12 Gaara of the Desert using Sand Cocoon (scene versus Shigure in Chuunin Exams)

  3. Even some ppl appreciate those even they dont know about it,
    think about Legit fan feels.

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