Insta360 ONE R: 360° Drone, 3D VR180, 1-inch Sensor Action Cam? | Hands-On First Impressions

Insta360 ONE R: 360° Drone, 3D VR180, 1-inch Sensor Action Cam? | Hands-On First Impressions

[Epic Music] Yes, I drop my camera a lot. Lucky my ONE R is in its Iron Man suit – well
the case kinda looks like Iron man. So my lens is fine. Hey, what’s up everybody, it’s your Boy Hugh
here from CreatorUp – the #1 YouTube channel dedicated to 360 virtual reality filmmaking,
for everyone. I have been shooting with the ONE R production
unit for almost a week now – and I have lots of hands-on experience to share. Insta360 is actually not allowing me to share
any of my footage just yet until January 14th – which is the official embargo date. So a full in-depth, technical review will
be released at 14th 10am Eastern Time. So hit the bell for the notification, and
subscribe if you have not. But they don’t stop me telling you what I
think of the camera. I am not going to bore you with an unboxing
video or reading press release like everybody else. I am going to be brutally honest to tell you
what I think, after I fly the camera, give the camera a bath in my fish pond, and strap
that camera on top of my Poodle and let him pee on it. Oh not the camera, just on me. Modular design – a camera trying to be ALL. So the biggest selling point of ONE R is its
modular design. It can shoot 360 video in 5.7K 30fps with
H.265 compression in 100Mbps bitrate. The 360 Mod has 2 F2.0 7.2mm equiv lenses,
and the casing is metal – not like ONE X – which is cheap plastic. And it can turn into a GoPro Hero 8 with the
4K wide angel Mod. It shoots 4K 60fps, and it is exactly like
Hero 8. In January 15th, they will also release a
1-inch sensor Mod co-design with Leica – with a F3.2 14.4mm equiv lens. I don’t have it yet – when I do, I will make
an in-depth review of it. This makes ONE R the only sports camera with
a 1-inch sensor – so if you are an action sports lover – that is huge. There are THREE packages you can buy right
now: Twin Edition: which including the Core, Battery
Base, Mounting Frame, Charge Cable, Lens Cap, Dual-lens 360 Mod, 4K Wide Angle Mod, which
will cost you $479.99 A 4K Edtion without the 360 Camera Mod, which
will cost $299 – It is like a cheaper version of the GoPro HERO 8, with exactly $50 dollars
cheaper. Then a 360 Editon without the 4K camera – which
is $379.99 – $40 dollars more compared to the old Insta360 ONE X. The Leica 1-inch sensor version will be $549 The image quality is def better than Insta360
ONE X with HEVC or H.265 compression on a 100Mpbs bit rate. GoPro MAX is 70Mpbs – so 30Mbps more data
than the MAX. It also has a better dynamic range – thanks
to the newly improved HDR video. I can’t show you my result until next week,
but I can tell you, it looks real good. Altho, don’t confuse HDR with the industry-standard
HDR – which is Netflix and all the other HDR display use. There is no HDR in VR headset and don’t even
bother submitting your Insta360 ONE R video to Netflix – it is not going to pass. I think Insta360 should change their marketing
language to better dynamic range instead of HDR. So all the other non-colorist non-professional
reviewers will not be making an inaccurate statement that the ONE R can do HDR. Well, it can not. Not by the professional standard. FlowState 2.0 – a better 360 Stabilization Image stabilization is crucial for any 360
camera. If you are doing over capture for action sports
– this really matters to you, more so than Image quality. You can’t tell 8K or 10-bit in an Instagram
Video – but you can surely tell bad stabilization – because you will get sick immediately when
you see it. I will have an in-depth comparison with GoPro
MAX and Kandao Qoocam 8K regarding stabilization – so stay tuned for that. The result is not what you think What really makes FlowState 2.0 special tho
is how it deals with low light stabilization by removing motion blur in low light. Let me show you. Here we have me running like a mad man on
3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica at 11pm at night. What you are looking right now is captured
with the brand new GoPro MAX. As you see my face – it is blurry every step
I took. Look at the stores in the background – it
is like an earthquake. Well, a common thing in California, but not
that day. On the corner, we have a preview window of
the Insta360 ONE R. Again I can’t show you the actual footage – but I can show the idea
of how FlowState 2.0 work. As you see my face is crystal clear compared
to GoPro MAX – same as the store in the background. Scale your screen up if you can’t see it clearly. So it is no magic how Insta360 achieves this. You can also do that with any camera by going
into Manual, set the ISO high so you can keep a faster shutter speed – I mentioned that
in this GoPro MAX tutorial – to show you how to avoid motion blur in filming when using
GoPro MAX. But Insta360 makes this automatically turn
on and set the best setting for you when the camera AI detects you are moving in low light. So when you import the footage in your phone
or PC desktop studio, it will apply “AI remove grain” to remove high ISO noise. In the PC desktop studio, you have the option
to turn this off and use a better third party noise reduction solution. Insta360 uses AI machine learning to figure
out the best way to automatic remove noise for you, for free. Using AI to remove sensor noise does increase
rendering time significantly both in Phone or on PC with Nvidia GPU acceleration. It is recommand to have the latest iPhone
or Android Phone with A13 chipset to increase performance. Or run the option in PC desktop with Nvidia
GPU hardware acceleration. BTW, the new Insta360 Studio finally supports
ProRes 422 for the ONE R stitch and render. It significantly increases editing speed in
Premiere or FCPX with no compression and virtual no loss of quality. Thank you, Insta360. You finally listen to the professional editors’
requests. No more proxy is needed if you are on a Mac
or a higher-end PC. Taking 360 photos got an upgrade as well. Now introduce Nightshot. If you familiar with Kandao Qoocam 8K DNG8
– it is mostly the same. Instead of using 8 DNG, ONE R just decided
to use NINE and called it Nightshot. On the day of releasing, Nightshot merging
and DNG to JPEG export will work already directly on Mobile App in both iOs and Android – a
step ahead of the game compare to Kandao. How is the quality tho, well, you need to
wait till January 14th to find out. Arrrr, I hate the embargo. Trust me, guy – I so want to show you the
result. As a matter of fact, I reshot this entire
video last night and cut out all the sample footage. So I did not really sleep at all. But DNG 9 or Nightshot looks great – it really
hit Qoocam 8K hard on this one. I tho Kandao has this pattened – well, I guess
not. And don’t worry Qoocam lovers. Insta360 ONE R – even with Nightshot or HDR
photo mode – still only capture 6K 360 photos. Qoocam 8K captures 8K – so it still has better
details. One of the biggest complaints of Insta360
ONE X is not waterproof at all. So you can not bring it to surf, to dive,
or anywhere near water – which is half of the activity people do on vacation. Dive housing is great but not practical – they
are cumbersome to use and require special care to maintain. If you just want to do a quick and dirty dipping
in the water shot like this – ONE X is a no go. ONE R fix that. Even better, it can focus better underwater
compared to GoPro MAX. When I first received my camera, the first
thing I do, you guessed it, I drop the camera in my fish pond. I have a full 360 underwater camera comparison
with Vuze XR underwater housing, Insta36O ONE X underwater housing, GoPro MAX, and the
ONE R. Check the link here when it becomes available. So there is one drawback. The ONE R is a module design. When it combined together, it is waterproof. When it separated, it is NOT. And water goes into the little connectors
between modules. So after each water activity, make sure to
separate the modules as soon as possible to clear the residential water with paper towels
or dry clothes. Protect your investment and taking care of
your camera is very important. Are you a Mac user? If so, you will love the ONE R for audio solutions. Let’s face it. The camera should do camera’s job – which
is capturing video. Audio should be capture with other professional
capturing devices. ONE R allows USB-C to Microphone Adapter,
sold separately, to connect your professional audio equipment via 3.5mm jack and sync audio
monitoring using apple AirPods – which is pretty smart for 360 productions. Plus, you can control your camera remotely
using Apple Watch. Now you just got more reason to get an Apple
Watch and AirPods Disclaimer, I don’t own AirPods, and I broke
as XXXX – spending all my money on new 360 cameras so I can make reviews for you. So maybe give me a like and say thank you
in the comment session? Aerial Edition? Yes, you can purchase Drone Mod for both DJI
Mavic Pro 1 or DJI Mavic Pro 2. Here is the Mod for Mavic Pro 2. As you see, the installation is straightforward. There are TWO cameras separated top and bottom
right here. The core unit sits on the side of the drone
and the battery unit side on the other side of the drone. Combine TWO lenses, you can stitch out the
drone completely. Here are some sample footage shot by Insta360. The benefit of this setup is to film indoor
and low altitude flight. Before ONE R – there is no way to film indoor
as it will be impossible to replace the sky indoor or anywhere has objects taller than
your drone. I will receive my unit in a coupled days,
and I will run an in-depth testing for you. If you are in Los Angeles and want to collab
for some aerial 360 content – hit me up! Your boy is a Pro. ONE THING, I have to point out. The ONE R mod for Mavic Pro 2 blocks the GPS
sensors – so you have to fly without GPS. Which is pretty dangerous. So I will recommand to get the DJI Mavic Pro
1 version which will not block the GPS sensor. This thing is very light, and it won’t be
any issues. I will review both Mavic Pro 1 and Mavic Pro
2 mod – so stay tuned. If you are a long term follower of this channel, you know I specialize in 3D VR180 production. I have not reviewed a VR180 camera for a while
and here we go. ONE R is also a 3D VR180 camera. You can purchase 3D Mod and turn this into
a VR180 camera just like what you see right here. If you have the Insta360 EVO – then you don’t
need this. They are the exact same resolution – both
5.7K and has the exact same workflow. But if you don’t own EVO, and want to venture
into the wonderful 3D world and create content for VR headsets like Oculus Go or Oculus Quest,
then 3D Mod will be an excellent option for you. You do get H.265 compression, ProRes render,
and some sweet low light and HDR feature the are unique to ONE R. I will do a review soon
– so don’t worry. This is my personal favorite feature. Comment below, and tell me your favorite feature
of ONE R and which MOD you are going to get. So the most exciting thing is the upcoming
Leica 1-inch sensor mod. When I receive the unit, I will make an in-depth
tutorial. But during the exclusive interview with CEO
of Insta360 – he told me his teams are working day and night on developing the 2X 1-inch
360 Mod that with a longer CORE unit and bigger battery pack. This will be the prosumer and ever professional
solution of 360 filmmaking. It will probably be under $1000 and has better
image quality than even the brand new Kandao Qoocam 8K. There is no release date yet, and it is not
an official confirm information. But it will help if you comment on this video
and show your interests in the prosumer MOD – so Insta360 knows you are out there and
you want this. Your Boi will fight for it for you, if I get
your supports. Consumer: Better Bullet Time
Yes, this is a long first impression, as ONE R is featured-packed. I want to cover as much as I know, so you
don’t need to look anywhere else for more information. And these are all hand-on information as I
tried it all. Bullet time got an upgrade. Now, it keeps the horizon level no matter
how you spin it. This is great for people do not have crazy
arm strength and great for viewers not getting a headache watching your bullet time. It also has, what they called dynamic stitching
– which will correct the pallarax and color/exposure difference between the two lenses. (when one of them is facing the sun). Yes, ONE R bullet time is a lot better than
your ONE X bullet time. So Star Trail Photography is a very hard professional skillset. But now, Insta360 makes it a touch a button
for you to create the same effects. Sometimes, I am scared. Eventually, Insta360 will take my job and
replace it with AI. Look at this official result created by the
camera. It is pretty good. I am waiting to get to Joshua Tree National
Park to do one of this star trail and post a tutorial – so if you are a nighttime photographer
and live in California and want to collab with your boi – hit me up on Instagram. Let’s help each other out. already looks amazing, and it will prob blow
up on Instagram just like the Bullet Time. This is all AI generates with your phone with
a tap of a button – pretty crazy, right? So one common theme of this ONE R camera and its mobile app is AI-based. It is a smart camera that can do basic edit
for you, sometimes, better than you. Within the mobile app, you can click this
button to let AI figure out all the keypoint for you by recognizing people, points of interest,
landmarks, move cars, and cut the video for you and do the reframe animation for you with
easy ease and transition. It can point to track a target – like a snowboarder
– and train the AI to track it better. It can auto frame and auto timeshift for you. The App is really trying to take my job. AI denoise, AI tracking, AI reframe, AI color
with Color Plus, AI wind reduction for clear audio, and AI find my dog – like this video. Well, what is AI? Take Color Plus for example, Insta360 trains
their machines to learn all the popular Instagram posts, extract their color palette and apply
it to your video or photo based on similarity. If you are like me, don’t use color plus. Develop your own color palette and shoot with
LOG – which ONE R shoot beautiful and FLAT LOG. And edit manually instead of AI. Do things the hard way. It might take longer but that is every true
artist does. I think AI kill creativity and make everyone
lazy to learn new creative skills – BUT, as I don’t want to fall behind – I will teach
you how to AI edit with ONE R in the next tutorial. ONE R has voice control just like GoPro MAX
and supports multiple languages – not just English. It has quick capture and points to track for
AI tracking. The touch screen is tiny – smaller than GoPro
MAX or Qoocam 8K – but it is reversible – great for V-logger. And better than GoPro MAX – the touch screen
can pan around in 360 mod and has live preview. The 360 Mod has hardened glasses for those
of you – like myself – that love to drop the camera. If you are extra clumsy, put your camera in
your iron man case in all time to avoid scratch your lenses. Price
So Insta360 Twin edition – with 4K60fps wide angel MOD exactly like the GoPro HERO 8 and
the 360 MOD, it is $480 US dollars – compared to buy it separately like Hero 8 and GoPro
MAX – which together is $500 + $350, that is $850 US dollars. That is almost half of the price. Again, I am not saying the Insta360 ONE R
is necessarily better than HERO 8 and GoPro MAX combined. They are different cameras for different jobs. I love my GoPro MAX. I like it that I don’t need to assemble them
everytime I need to film. It turns on, and it just works. And I love the GoPro color – nothing can replace
my love for the GoPro color science. What will you choose? GoPro forever, or Insta360 ONE R.
If you own Qoocam 8K – you are lucky this time. Insta360 is not after the 8K 10-bit market
yet. So the Qoocam 8K is still one of its kind
to capture better photos and videos with a cumbersome workflow. Yes, I know. More tutorials on helping you to maximize
the Qoocam 8K is coming. Did I mentioned more cameras are coming during
CES. If you want to wait, I don’t blame you. I will report at Vegas tomorrow for the new
release cameras. Teche is releasing a new Professional 360
camera with 8K 10-bit 4 lenses setup. And Labpano is going to release Pilot One
– a new 5G network based 8K 360 Livestream camera that has real-time stabilization on
a drone like DJI Inspire. So you know all your options. But remember, it is not about what camera
you have, but what is your skillset as a creator, or a 360 filmmaker. Subscribe to learn more and hit the notification
bell for the next ONE R hands-on unbiased reviews, tutorials, and sample videos. Give me a like if you find this video helpful
and I will see you in CES 2020 or next week – January 14th – for the official review.

Eugene Islam

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  42. I really hope to see 3d180 solution with two 1 inch leica sensors. That together with prores and high bitrate would be a great upgrade for my evo.

  43. Great thanks for the first impressions and the not obvious 180 3D feature info on the Insta360 ONE R.

    Insta 360 should really address a prosumer pruduct category – that steps up from the just acceptable 360 video status that GoPro Fusion enabled 2 years ago! No significant IQ improfement since than. Today we appear to be stuck to a lot of processing effort for todays just usable 360 videos.
    I am desperately waiting for a 360 (best with +180 / 3D) camera <850€ that really delivers Hi quality video – that we are used to everywhere else!
    To Insta360 please provide us a 1" sensor 360 camera which really steps up from the current status of "just usable" 360 videos!

    Greeting from Germany – and keep up the good work Hugh!

  44. Thanks for the thorough walk through! Overall looks like there are a lot of software related improvements, which I hope can be ported over for use with the one x (better stabilization in low light, better editing app). Any idea if they have plans to share these advancements with one x users?
    Also a bit disappointed in the 1" sensor, since it is only for action cam mode (at least atm). On their website, there is a picture of it being used paired with a second 1" sensor for stereoscopic, but the 1" sensor lens doesn't look to support the wide angle required for VR180 (hope I am wrong here). Furthermore, the current mount for their stereoscopic is built in a way where the processing unit is on the back instead of below. This looks to eliminate any possibility for using two 1" sensor modules paired for 360 video/images (hope that they have a solution for this, b/c 1" for 360 would be just amazing!

    Ideal setup:
    – Core module
    – 2x 1"sensors
    – Module to pair the 2 1" sensors for both 360 or 180 vr
    – Extended battery module
    – Waterproof housing on the above setup

    Please let this be a possible setup, else am gonna have a hard time justifying buying a one R, since I would mostly use this for 360 😟

  45. Can't wait to see how stitching compares to the One X with Venture Case. I use my One X for kayaking and snowboarding and have been disapointed with the stitching while using the case.

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