Incredible Iceland by drone (DJI Mavic Pro, 4K)

Incredible Iceland by drone (DJI Mavic Pro, 4K)

Can you see the sign? Okay… but look, people are walking from there and traces are here. Let’s go this way. Iceland – the country where it rains horizontally and even uphill. Let’s keep walking…

Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “Incredible Iceland by drone (DJI Mavic Pro, 4K)

  1. Amazing, thank you very much for sharing, the girl and you, very brave and strong, congratulations. The best drone video I've seen. I will do the same.

  2. Super!!
    Niesamowite ujęcia, jednak dron daje dużo możliwości, jeszcze jak się ma dobre pomysły, rewelacja!

  3. כל הכבוד על עצם הרעיון המקורי המיוחד בחשיבה ביצירה בטכניקה ובהפקה הגדולה ולא פחות
    בציוד הטכני הרב שהשקעת וכן בכול הצוות הגדול שעבד איתך כולל משפחתך ושעמד לרשותך
    בביצוע פרוייקט הגדול הזה. יישר כח אנו מחזיקים לך אצבעות.

  4. Going to Iceland in November and was thinking of buying this drone for the trip. Thank you for the video! It is incredible. You are very talented!!!

  5. Witam serdecznie. Swietny film, przepielne ujecia…az zazdrosc w czlowieku sie budzi 🙂
    Mam dwa pytanka:
    1. Trudno zorganizowac taka "piesza" wycieczke w Islandii?
    2. Jak Mavic a moze bardziej jego bateria znosila temperatury?

  6. please upload another downresed to 1080 p 60 FPS it will look evn better on HD mponitors which probably 85 % of the people have and watch on

  7. Odrobinkę za dużo szybkich "point of interest" jak dla mnie, i jak ktoś wrażliwy, to może zwymiotować, ale ujęcia fajne. Gratuluję że nigdzie nie przywaliłeś, bo parę razy było blisko… XD
    PS. Film jest tylko w HD.

  8. im waiting for my birthday to open the mavic pro I bought. I was looking to swap it for the mavic air, but after I saw your video, I decided to keep it ! everything is about passion, filming & editing skills. I love your video, congratulations.

  9. it's FANTASTIC !!! love & respect from İZMİR – TÜRKİYE. My city is 4 million people and 1.7 million cars :(( when watching your video, I am relax now :))

  10. Unbelievable! Great video and movement smoothness… what were the video settings, please?! My mavic pro videos don't look this smooth and I use pl filters as well! (Any postproduction trick?) Thanks so much

  11. Spectacular drone cinematography and scenery!
    One Rec: Rotate track mode not just clockwise but counterclockwise as well.

  12. Which flight modes did you use to have it move from beside you without the control and go back while you were sitting on the mountain

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  14. Macku. Jestem rozłożony na łopatki… Coś cudownego. Chciałem pytać jakie filtry ale widzę że dałeś w opisie. Gratulacje!

  15. Dzisiaj będę śniła o tych pięknych krajobrazach. Dziękuję twórcom za chwile, gdy można poczuć się jak ptak🐤

  16. Najlepszy film krajobrazowy z drona jaki widziałem. Petarda gratulacje pomysłu. Kadry petfekt muzyka idealna całość 10 na 10.

  17. Absolutely stunning video, great work – well done. And you did that all by walking? I drove 4000km in 15days at the land of fire and ice makes that trip absolutely amazing. I captured the trip in 320 Gigabyte of video and photo data. Two month of work on the pictures and movie and it is now online on YouTube the link to the movie is –>

  18. I barely start filming with my mavic pro, i hope to be able edit movies and make some short videos for Youtube audience… job guys

  19. great compilation some amazing shots, but so many circular shots back to back.. watching it on big screen is making dizzy.

  20. I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2

  21. Man, Amazing footage but just one tip… the contrast in the footage looks a little over done but other than that amazing footage!

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