I took FPV drones to Tesla rally Italy (and won!) | MaiOnHigh

I took FPV drones to Tesla rally Italy (and won!) | MaiOnHigh

hi guys so: long story short together with
Tesla owners Italia we are going to have a rally today and we have the
Tesla model X, Tesla model S Tesla Model 3 and roadster the old one not the new one
don’t worry so there are people here from Italy, Germany, Denmark and Belgium so four countries came and we’re gonna have a lot of fun and let’s hope
we’re gonna have a lot of good footage and a good weather that would be nice so
yeah stay tuned for a lot of Tesla’s Ok guys game on! the hyper mile race the rules are really easy: you’re supposed to go 85 kilomiters using the least power
possible Franz: but you still have to make it within 95 minutes yeah I still
have to make it within 95 minutes Franz: and it can’t be early – it can’t be late yesss… What does it mean early? Franz: If you’re a minute early you lose 10 points So I have to take exactly 95 minutes? Franz: Yes That’s nonsense Oh! It is exactly 95 minutes! yeah Can I go? let me start the trip Get her to chill yeah already did She is in chill? yes no more hard hits I know… so guys hyper mileage we got here in
exactly 95 minutes which means we will not get extra points and we did 167 kW but there is one person who actually did 155 but he did it with
seven minute delay so he will get extra points that may or may not make us win except for us everyone is doing 180 something so a chance to win this rally
whoa! the power went off in the whole building and we’re kind of we don’t know
what to do no it’s funny and I’m using the light for my phone to give you light
yeah so we are trying to figure something out because now none of the
locks is working Aaaand… yeah
That’s not good Power is back! look at it! beautiful! I won the rally!

Eugene Islam

19 thoughts on “I took FPV drones to Tesla rally Italy (and won!) | MaiOnHigh

  1. Do you participate in rallies or meetings of Your car brand or model owners? I personally LOVE Tesla owners meetings of all kinds and shapes!

  2. Lexi and Franz win the rally!!! WOOO WOOO awesome!!! Show the trophy more next time. The rules remind me of air rallies. We had to meet our flight plan, wheels up to wheels down, by 1 minute and 1/10 gallon of gas in what ever airplane we were flying.

  3. I love flying in fog/mist — it's far less scary when you can't see what you're hitting until the last minute! Congrats on the win!

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