How to stop drones?

How to stop drones?

What if the smart fly would have
escaped the lab? We saw incidents in Heathrow and Gatwick airports
where such a small thing like a drone can significantly influence
operations. Drones are an amazing problem, I am a snowboarder so I
know how much benefits using drones can bring. However,
unskilled drone pilots create danger. We did something called
echolocation jamming so it sends out ultrasound straight down. The drone suddenly thinks either I am at 0 altitude and I
need to go up or I’m at maximum altitude and I need to come down. You
have to be really precise where you kind of interrupt the
echolocation signal. At the moment, it’s really hard to
predict whether the drone is going to go up or will go down. We
confuse the drone by creating radio noise. Narrow angle,
create the radio noise against civil drones, so the drone
gets disconnected from the remote control or the GPS signal
and with less harm take it to the zero ground point or let it
keep it distant. If you hack into the drone you can simply send legitimate commands to fly it to your home. I don’t need to find
vulnerabilities in your drone to steal it. I just need to connect to
it. So it’s easier for an attacker. One of the things I think is really
important for the Infosec community to do. Is to not spread fear
uncertainty and doubt and not make people kind of panic
about this stuff. Are they going to affect your daily
life as a user? Probably not so it’s kind of a balance
between those two positions.

Eugene Islam

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  1. Realmente si hay algo inservible y es solo publicidad es esta estupidez. existen hoy miles de soluciones mucho mas efectivas y reales (sin ciencia ficción) . ahora falta que creen los visrus para drones y asi mismo vendan los antivirus para drones. no jodan mas.

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