How to Make a Kite : Making a Kite: Support String

How to Make a Kite : Making a Kite: Support String

Now we need to go and attach the kite to the
roll of string that we’re going to use to fly it. The way we do that is we first take
one piece of string. And it should be a length of about eighteen inches or so. And we take
one end and tie it to the bottom corner. Just putting it around underneath the edge of the
stick. Tie it to the toward the debilis. And we make a regular knot, make sure it’s nice
and strong. And with the other end, we’ll attach that to the top corner of the kite.
So now the string is running along the height of the kite from top to bottom. The string
should not be held tight along the stick. It should be a lot of slack that you can lift
it up. And we’re going to attach another piece of string there. So before we do that, we’re
going to put a drop of glue on the end where the knots are just to hold them in place.
So they don’t slide up and down the stick. And also so that they don’t come undone. So
make sure that they’re nice and set in place. And we see that this is how the string attached.
We see the slack here that’s left. Now I’ve shown you how to attach the string to the
top of the kite. And the bottom of the kite, can get it ready to be attached to the main
roll of kite string that we’ll use to fly it.

Eugene Islam

7 thoughts on “How to Make a Kite : Making a Kite: Support String

  1. I have see 3 videos on How to make a kite, And they all make it WRONG. Really.. Are you seriously telling me these people can't make a kite properly.

  2. you guys are really rude with these comments……..have you even tried to make the string attached in the front? yeah, i think not!!!! so stop bugging people and kites aren't SUPPOSED to be any particular arrangement. If it flies, its good!

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