How to Land a Boeing 777 without Any Engines

How to Land a Boeing 777 without Any Engines

NARRATOR: January 17, 2008,
British Airways flight 38, a Boeing 777, is
approaching Heathrow after an overnight
flight from Beijing. It’s just one minute
away from landing. Sculptor Paul
Stafford is returning home from a business trip. PAUL STAFFORD: It’s the end of
quite a long, boring flight. We’ve been flying for just
over 11 hours from Beijing. I’ve been doing work for
the university interviewing postgraduate students. It’s all very ordinary. NARRATOR: But it’s soon
going to be very unordinary. Just 60 seconds from landing,
the engines suddenly fail. Captain Ian Hollingworth
takes us through the events in a simulator. IAN HOLLINGWORTH: They’re
now in the final stages of the approach, just
to be [INAUDIBLE] to put the airplane on the ground. So they’re making sure that
all the checks are complete. The captain, certainly,
is making sure that everything’s fine,
the undercarriage down, final flap selected. The landing check’s complete. They’ve been given
landing clearance. It’s only in the last 50
seconds or so that things start to go badly awry for this crew. NARRATOR: At 750 feet, both
engines suddenly lose power. IAN HOLLINGWORTH:
Captain will look across at the engine instrumentation. There’s not enough power
coming from those engines. They’re getting very low. They’re getting very
low on speed, as well. NARRATOR: At 600 feet,
both engines fail. The aircraft’s speed
drops dangerously low. The pilots have less
than 30 seconds to react. IAN HOLLINGWORTH: Captain
looks around to see what on earth is going on. The fuel system’s in
the correct position. The fuel control switch
is in the right place. Everything looks normal. NARRATOR: But it’s not. The pilot is fast losing any
ability to control the plane. It begins to fall through
the sky, lifting the nose. He has moments to make a
life or death decision. IAN HOLLINGWORTH: As
the nose begins to rise and the speed begins
to drop right off, it becomes apparent
that they’re not going to be able to make the runway. NARRATOR: 10 seconds
before landing, even if they can’t
make the runway, they have to get over
the boundary fence. The captain needs to extend
his glide as much as he can. He raises the flaps,
streamlining the wings. IAN HOLLINGWORTH: The captain
brings the flap up to 25. The copilot lowers the nose. Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. NARRATOR: It’s only
three seconds to impact. Captain Burkill’s been so
busy, it’s his first chance to warn air traffic control. IAN HOLLINGWORTH: Push this
forward on the control column to try to recover from
an impending stall. Airplane crashes. NARRATOR: Flight BA38 slams
down just short of the runway. The oxygen masks come
down in front of me, all over the plane in front of me. The overhead lockers are open. Everyone’s belongings
start to fly out. The plane’s hurtling forward. And I’m hitting my head
on the front of the seat. And my foot’s hit
the back of the seat. And I’m being thrown around. And I’ve no idea
what’s going on. It seems to last maybe
eight, nine, ten seconds, and we shudder to a halt. IAN HOLLINGWORTH:
They land the airplane just over the
threshold of runway 27 left, away from any
of the built-up areas. And they survive. They survive because they did
an absolutely brilliant job. NARRATOR: It was thanks to
the pilot’s quick thinking that he managed to give the
plane a critical extra 164 feet of glide path. As emergency services
arrive, passengers bail out of the stricken plane. One of the rescuers
films the aftermath. PAUL STAFFORD: And
it’s all very calm. It’s curious. I walk away from the airplane,
maybe 100 yards, 120 yards. And I turn around, and I see
this great big modern airplane, this 777, smashed to
pieces on the floor. NARRATOR: 47 people
were injured. But thanks to the
crew’s fast maneuvering, there were no fatalities.

Eugene Islam

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  1. Must have been on a flat earth and they didn't make the fuel tanks big enough, cos they thought the world was round.

  2. ???! Why can a 777 fly only a couple of hundred feet without engines when air transat flight 236 COULD GLIDE FOR 20 MINUTES WITH NO ENGINES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  3. But he landed the Plane WITH the Engines albeit not working…..he did,nt land it WITHOUT any Engines.

    Edit: wait i fogot that i was a ploit

  5. Shows a 737 when it’s a 777….. also shows a a320 wing on the runway when the 777 landed short great job

  6. If they put brakes to 200%, they would be able to fly backwards, reaching their take off airport in 11 hours and landing safely… smh

  7. That instinct to pull up is strong. Look at the accidents from or ending in stalls. It takes intensive training or really cool heads to push that nose down at 320 feet.

  8. 2:46 the winglet on this piece of video is not from a boeing 777, this is from an airbus! Why is that!? I thought the video was about an boeing 777🤨

  9. Wow these pilots deserve some respect, it must be so stressful knowing that you have the passengers life in their hands

  10. What happens to these pilots who do a good flying——-no publicity like Sully——landing without fire, landing alive, etc.? More stories, even a DVD of accumulated “landings”, as Mr. Sully calls it (not an accident “, please. As nerve racking as it is to see a simulation, it still, (choose a word that fits) is good, a learning process, fun? ect.
    Thank you. Oh, please do not use music, as it is distracting.
    This plane lading had no voice or music, which I did not notice until it landed. Nice TY.

  11. Who really knows if Boeing is aware of this potential problem and doesn't report it or just poor maintenance at the airport?

  12. the plane crashed because the fuel froze due to the cold temperatures while overflying Scandinavia and northern Russia

  13. Thank you for this How To video. I was just about to land my 777 in my backyard but realized that it would be more fun without any engines.

  14. When you run out of air speed and altitude the nose better be pointing down or you Stall and Fall! Reason #62 why I don't fly!

  15. … My mom's flight got delayed because something was wrong with the plane. My sister told me it was a Boeing 777.

  16. Retracting the flaps did the trick.  Whatever that captain was getting paid, it's not enough.  Wish they had told the end knowledge of the investigation as to why the engines suddenly quit  both at once.  Great Pilots.

  17. A pity BA threw the Captain under the bus…he and the co pilot should have been knighted..thousands of lives good as Sully

  18. This whole story was complete and utter bullcrap. At the time there were about 800 Boeing 777's and they had been flying for about 18 years. This "fuel crystal" engine starvation has never happened before or since.

    What really happened is that at exactly the same time on the same day Prime Minister Gordon Brown's entourage was travelling past the runway on the way to taking him to Beijing to beg the Chinese government for a loan to finance a massive new housebuilding programme.

    One of the cars was carrying an anti-terrorist electronic countermeasures transmitter designed to foil roadside bombs etc. The approaching 777 triggered it and it started spraying EM countermeasures which tripped the engine management system into shutdown.

    Never underestimate the scale of lying that goes on when the government wants something concealed.

  19. The most intense moment is on January 17, 1995 when the 7.2 quake decimates Kobè.

    Exactly 13 years later… This one happened. The dates looked interesting.

  20. Please use the metric system (ISO) in comments and text as that is what the majority of your viewers/subscribers are used to.
    Many thanks in advance // Simon

  21. Good work crew well done. Now own up please didn’t any of you think to try the tried and tested on off switch theory ?

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