HOW TO JUMP 33.9M | WOO World Record | BIG AIR Kitesurfing | Get High with Mike

HOW TO JUMP 33.9M | WOO World Record | BIG AIR Kitesurfing | Get High with Mike

yo what’s up guys Mike here I’m in my
hometown Cape Town I just got back a few days ago and I was super lucky to break
the woo world record in some super strong winds in Cape Town so this video
is here to tell you a little bit about that jump and to give you some pointers
on how to jump 33.9 meters it was massive I got pulled up
immediately my kite was directly above my head
instead of being over to the side and when I reached the apex I steered the
kite forward and I got pulled like super far downwind I was really truly flying
in this moment and I just remember these two kites being down below me like, can’t remember what the one was, but I remember seeing a slingshot rpm and I was
just thinking like WOW the big question everyone’s been asking
unfortunately no I didn’t get the big one on video and there’s a little story
behind it so I had a guy filming on the beach Michal, and he was filming me doing a
jump and then I landed downwind and naturally he thought oh well Michael’s
gonna come back upwind but instead I saw a super good kicker and I just had to
take it and it was like this beautiful, really steep, square, golden kicker and I
was just like “AAAAAHHH” and I had to take it and it paid off. I went massive but didn’t
get the video. all right guys so let’s go through a few pointers that I can give
you for how to jump super massive mikey, what size are you taking? seven. seven? it’s only 40 knots!? that’s plenty. Take a 9 pussy! you want to be taking a kite that allows
you to be super lit but just keep in mind that smaller kites accelerate
faster so if you’re going to be LIT on a seven versus LIT on a 12 which do you
think you’re gonna jump higher on? on your approach you don’t want your kite to be super low, you actually want it to be around about 40 to 45 degrees. it’s not
just about racing at a kicker super fast. you actually want to be racing at a
kicker with a lot of speed but you need to be ON EDGE. so you want to put that
board in between you and the kite and that’s gonna allow you to build up that
tension in your lines that’s going to yank you off the water. rather than think
of it as you ramping off of a kicker with speed, think about is you EDGING INTO a kicker and that kicker is gonna allow you to hold your edge for longer
and allow to build up more power in your kite and that’s gonna pull
you up faster. as you’ll see on this jump I’m bouncing into the trough,
steering my kite, up edging really hard against the kicker and getting yanked
off the water. don’t ramp off of it, you want to edge INTO IT. if you want to work on your big air game
then be sure to come to me for some coaching. I’m hosting five clinics this
season in Cape Town and the spots are selling out fast so be sure to book now
and you’ll get the website in the link down below questions cool let’s go I was
riding my seven meter XR 6 with 22 meter lines yes I definitely landed it I don’t
think I crashed a single jump on the day I crashed some of my kiteloops but it was just
so easy breezy landing jumps on that XR I wasn’t really scared I was just
feeling in control and jumping the highest I’ve ever jumped and just loving
it and largely that’s thanks to me riding such a good kite. the XRS they
take you up easily they you can feel the kite the whole way through the air it
keeps you afloat and when you’re landing and you’re swinging those down loops it
just lets you down so gracefully. it’s a really truly amazing kite. so the thing
about bigger kites is they accelerate slower. like would you rather be lit on a
12 meter or lot on a 7 meter? if I remember correctly I did two down
loops. so I jumped steered the kite forward was flying and then I brought it
back for one down loop and then I brought it back again for another one
and then maybe three but I think it was two. so first off hats off to the
guys at WOO and all the respect to you guys for making such an epic device that
can measure our jump height it’s really the best thing we’ve got at the moment
and we all enjoy the game very much. in my experience most of the time it’s
pretty reliable and pretty accurate for example when I was in Spain and I was
trying to set the record over there, I jumped – according to my woo I jumped
twenty five point eight meters – and here’s the video from that so you can
tell me if this looks like it’s around about 26 meters. when I came off the
water and I downloaded that session that’s pretty much what I was expecting.
so consistently it’s producing the jump Heights that we would expect or predict
but there are times where it under measures or over images or it even
misses jumps. all I can say is that I’m an experienced rider and this time I
believe it got it right. Woo is a game and we all play it. it’s the most
accurate thing we’ve got so most of us choose to play the game even though it
can be whack sometimes yes. I couldn’t possibly comment on that
three point nine meters but I can tell you with certainty that I definitely
cleared 30 meters and I actually think I cleared 30 meters twice on the day but
the first jump I didn’t have my Woo on me because it was busy charging in the
house. I just want to give a shout out to my sponsors core and ride engine for
providing me with the gear that keeps me safe you know when you’re jumping these big
heights you’ve got to trust that your lines aren’t going to snap that your
harness isn’t gonna break that just spreader bar isn’t gonna detach from
your body and that your kite isn’t gonna tear in half because if anything goes
wrong at these Heights you’re truly fucked so I’m riding gear that I can bet
my life on and I think that the companies that are making that happen
deserve all the credit so I hope you learned something there my next video is
going to be on mastering the heli loop so if you guys got any questions for me
drop them in the comments below and otherwise be sure to subscribe to catch
my future how-to videos NEOOWWW!

Eugene Islam

43 thoughts on “HOW TO JUMP 33.9M | WOO World Record | BIG AIR Kitesurfing | Get High with Mike

  1. Ayyy thanks for the cred dude! If you've got time to answer a question (or maybe add to next video): why do guys steer the kite forward and back(like you mentioned you did) during jumps? Is it just for fun? or is it to induce some pendulum swing for the heli loop? I've been training heli's quite a lot recently, landed a 16.2m jump at 3.2G, so quite stoked on that! Cheers man!

  2. Congrats.. What do you think about the 'powered up stance' video from 'Anton Chernyshov'. Seems not really to work for me.. So back to normal stance for me. Second question: I noticed some big improvement for my jumps purely based on bar handling. I used to push the bar all out right before my jump, now I try to keep as much tension as possible, just giving in a little bit while steering up and then sheet in at lift of. I think you can maybe do a vid on bar handling during the jump, since that's where I recently gained 3-4 meters on average, just by handling the bar different.

  3. Since you asked 😁: Heli loop : How do you decide whether to do it with a downloop (front hand) or a kiteloop (back hand)? If you need to do more than one, do you change direction (i.e. one down, one back)? I use those when I can no longer keep the kite stable enough to control it with just left/right motions, typically on higher floatier jumps (nowhere near 33m though 😂) but how do you know it's too late to start the loop? Sometimes I feel starting the loop when your lines start slacking would just make things worse.


  4. pretty cool video, very nicely edited. Very pleasant speech to listen to as well. Interesting tips are also given, I'm sure it would help a lot of people. Your camps will be sold out soon IMO 😉 good luck with the rest !

  5. Good info on utilizing the tremendous power of apparent wind (smaller kite moves faster). Many kiteboarders don't really understand apparent wind, and thus they underestimate its power. Even back in my windsurfing days, a smaller sail was often faster at the top end if you knew how to maximize its benefit. I was at that beach back in 1996, and there were a few guys body dragging behind 4-line ram-air kites, using handles (before inflatable LE kites came out). They would put some foam under their wetsuit vests to "prevent from dislodging their windpipes" upon landing.

  6. What do you think about jumping with steering the kite behind 12?

    What's better, steering the kite behind 12 or have the full jump the kite at 12?

  7. Congrats on the record jump and thanks for the really helpful videos. Looking forward to the promised one on heli loops to land. Specifically when heli-looping, bar in or out? and how hard to pull the looping hand? A friend who does nice soft downloop landings says he only pulls a bit with bar right in but he's usually only doing 1 loop and starting the kite from behind and not massive jumps like you. Most of the vids seem to say say pull hard or go home but a couple of times I've done that it's turned into a massive yank forward rather than a softened landing. I get that when doing a standard kiteloop you have to pull hard and never back out 1/2 way. Keep up the great work. I'm sure your sponsors are happy

  8. Loving you're Content bro!
    Heliloop: please clearly Indicate the best positions of the kite relative to your body when starting the heliloop. Whether it's a forward or back hand pull.
    I've only tried back hand pulls and will sometimes nail it and float in and ride away with stoke and sometimes come in super hot and crash hard and almost break ribs.

    Be nice to have more insight to kite position and as to whether I should try down looping which might be a slower and more manageable landing!?

  9. LOL I was about to type no video didn't happen until I learned of your device… questions… at that height and something goes wrong… what's the game plan? let the rig go and cannon ball if you can? Do you think you might have enough time being that high up that you could somehow respond? And what would be the worst scenario and the least worst etc

  10. Great vid and amazing jumping bro, got my thinking of a small xr6 instead of the GTS which is what i fly and i love them but think the XR6 will be better for the boosting?

  11. You're a beast man! Congrats! Still talking about "bounce". I saw your answer on another question though I Did not quiet got it. When you bounce, you mean to go dowind to speed up and so you can start edging again with more speed?

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