How to Fly Kites : How to Use Kit String Winders

How to Fly Kites : How to Use Kit String Winders

Howdy, Corey Jensen with Wind Power Sports
in Las Vegas, Nevada. The wind has died again for the moment. We have time for another one
of my great little tricks. If you have a winder like this with your kite, these come from
good kite stores not from K-Mart or mass merchandisers but they frustrate folks because they don’t
know how they work. You just need one simple lesson. It is a marvelous winder. The problem
starts when we assume that bringing in the kite and winding up the line is all the same
job but you end up pulling against the wind and you are going to lose that game. It is
going to be frustrating and gets to be a chore. First thing you want to do is either you or
one of the kids walk the kite down hand over hand going towards you as you go. The kite
comes down instead of being pulled in, so it is real simple. Takes a minute or two and
the kite is on the ground and the line is not piled up in one place but rather in little
piles all over on the ground. Then with the kite put away and the line on the ground you
pick up your winder run the string between your finger tips like in the quick of your
elbow and spin it using your finger tips like the guide on a fishing reel or sewing machine
to guide the line back and forth onto the winder as you pick it up off the ground rather
than pulling against the wind. The idea here is that somebody is going to have to wind
up all the line. If you make it fun then maybe one of the kids will want to do it. Maybe
not, but maybe and if it isn’t fun and you got stuck doing it it’s not a chore part
of having fun. One of the kids come up to you and says, hey dad, let me do that. Say,
okay but it will cost you a dollar because skills should be valued in our culture and
not just.

Eugene Islam

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