How to Design RC Planes

How to Design RC Planes

hello my name is Tim and in this video I will show you how to create an original model airplane design. In the video I will show you my ideas to
design the Robin One. The size of rhode island is a four
channel what power grid control model airplay in the video we’ll go from the clean
sheet of paper to draw your original designs sketch hope airplane this case
the beloved show you how to drop the prototype plans
and build and test for a prototype of your design here’s around for paper right here well corporate lessons learned from that
for oakville into the final version come out with the final plan and finished product the paratrooper measure and everything
you need to decide uterus poseidon truthful airplane or any size that you
wish for further information on the road bill
twelve corporation hundred role model out aircraft please visit my website eppendorf or
model dot com abuses the electronics spikes foresight
zepa good matches sides here or is the motor electronic super
electronics control served so use from the foresight for the run his initial schedule drop interest on a
piece of paper sketch of the fuselage till shape to get some idea of what you
want to decide cameras can be executed here he started
mixing getaway ordeal woman everything needed to start off with a pretty good
parsi model airplane design with this information use turbo jet to
drop the sketch of the prototype you can see a rectangular playing and fuselage here the winning is being built
full-size over the planet one instance where a pulsar full but dislodge the nose uh… motor replacing civic otto’s wings
stabilizer piracetam type covered ready for finals assembly and here is the final prototype see the
like front but more business or booklet here and i went to few creatures verdes is up to the poor but just
picture of the pompeii ridge separation to on websites here’s several head
twenty wednesday just a rectangular shape that these
elections are triangular shape but knows nothing fancy had just got
done dickey flight foresight com border bottom onto there electronics but also there are several
on top of the some of the wedding i did notice that needed to move the center of
gravity forward for the final version will be the
airline circles for the for a trial so canada happens to those to help of the
center for every location the other thing was i realize goes on
the strength of that built the wedding by the central sections like glued on
eight point zero three inch carbon rod that will be incorporated into the final
version of the rock version of the robin capable of three
tassels killed me for grafted onto the final outline his
top cutesy with the right to file one on the left of the increase of wingspan and
taper for complete better here’s a few hopeful top inside view
problem and here it is the fuselage being
decided to see the top followed by the point of view structure added family the
prototype and final robin side by side and here’s a good to talk to you problem you can see the uh… shape
knows the canopy all such protest flights says it is the final version of the
robin uh… differences for the prototype is
the wedding i added two inches decide to go from twenty inches twenty four-inch
web standards will be more with the area that kato kaelin’s as well as we get to
the state laws and just for a set of purposes the tension we need a little bit more
for such a crappy location pipetted happens to the nose to help with that as
well as moving the airline miles further forward embody the airlines on the way just to
make it look a little bit better no also that i spent a lot more time
designing the engine installation missus very very easy to do with the cad
program ’cause everything fits and full-size and i think it looks a little
bit better on the finished product hi trophy zero three can’t record broadside put it
underneath the leading edge as well as the trailing edge of the wave just
strengthened that center section kena people again just to make the
airplane look better uh… two pieces of one-sixteenth inch balsa who crosswise he can’t be found frame the window itself this past april file
folder work i think that’s a nice touch to the airplane so that i think you can this video encourage you to your or a sequel
outside efforts the information came from the old parameters views on any
size party model airplane going to have tried it’s really not that
hard do any questions visit the website and or fire ball dot com port city mail
capitol hill sps

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  1. You should watch this with the automatic captions enabled. The voice recognition is horrible…but rather entertaining.

  2. Hi, i am trying to build my own rc plane and i've got some problems with the gravity center and the wings, please how to put the wings correctly on the plane, thanks a lot for this video it's very interesting

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