US has sent USS Dewey near an artificial island
built by China in the disputed South China Sea as part of the first “freedom of navigation”
operation under President Donald Trump, prompting Beijing to strongly condemn the “provocative
action.” USS Dewey made the patrol near Mischief Reef,
where China has built an artificial outpost equipped with an airfield. The U.S. carries out freedom of navigation
operations by sending navy ships and aircraft near disputed territory to demonstrate the
right to fly and sail through what it considers to be international waters and airspace. In this video, Defense Updates analyzes the
capabilities of USS Dewey in 5 points and then checks out Chinese reaction. Lets get started. USS Dewey (DDG-105) is an Arleigh Burke-class
guided missile destroyer in the United States Navy Arleigh Burke-class warships were designed
as multi mission destroyers capable of Anti Aircraft Warfare (AAW), Ballistic Missile
Defense, Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) and Anti Surface warfare (ASuW). It was build by Ingalls Shipbuilding, and
was commissioned on 6 March 2010. USS Dewey is part of Destroyer Squadron 1
of Carrier Strike Group One, whose flagship is the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70). USS Dewey being an Arleigh Burke class destroyer
is among the largest destroyers in the world. It has an overall length of 509 feet (154
to 155 m) and displacement of about 9,200 tons. USS Dewey is considerably larger than China’s
largest destroyer the Type 52D, which has displacement of about 7500 tons It has a speed of 30+ knots (55+ km/h) and
range of 4,400 nmi (8,100 km). The Arleigh Burke class of guided missile
destroyers is the United States Navy’s first class of destroyer built around the Aegis
Combat System. The Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System
is a US Department of Defense Missile Defense Agency program developed to provide missile
defense against short to intermediate-range ballistic missiles. Aegis BMD is designed to intercept ballistic
missiles post-boost phase and prior to reentry. It enables USS Dewey to shoot down enemy ballistic
missiles by expanding the Aegis Combat System with the addition of the AN/SPY-1 radar and
Standard missile technologies. Aegis BMD-equipped vessels can transmit their
target detection information to other systems and, if needed, engage potential threats using
either the SM-2 or SM-3 missile. SM-3 missile having range of 2,500 km & speed
of Mach 10.2 is expected to be particularly effective. The heart of the AEGIS systems on board the
USS Dewey is an advanced, automatic detect and track, multifunctional phased-array radar,
the AN/SPY-1. This high-powered (4 MW) radar is able to
perform search, track and missile guidance functions simultaneously with a capability
of over 100 targets. A conventional, mechanically rotating radar
“sees” a target when the radar beam strikes that target once during each 360-degree rotation
of the antenna. A separate tracking radar is then required
to engage each target. By contrast, the computer-controlled AN/SPY-1A
Phased Array Radar of the AEGIS system brings these functions together within one system. The phased array can concentrate energy where
it is needed. The operator can boost the range and resolution
in a particular direction without blinding the ship to threats from another side. The 4 fixed arrays of “SPY” send out beams
of electromagnetic energy in all directions simultaneously, continuously providing a search
and tracking capability for hundreds of target at the same time. USS DEWEY is one of the most heavily armed
destroyers in the world. It is designed to be a multi weapons platform: It has 96 cell Mk 41 VLS (Vertical Launching System), which can be configured
with combination of the different weapons based on mission. Here are some important once. 1. Tomahawk cruise missile for Land attack. 2. RIM-66M Standard medium range SAM for air
defense. 3. RIM-161 Standard missiles for AEGIS ballistic
missile defense. It also has 2 × Mk 141 Harpoon Missile Launcher
for Anti Ship role. 2 × Mark 32 triple torpedo tubes are present
for launching Mk-46 or Mk-50 torpedoes 2 MH-60R Seahawk LAMPS III helicopters, are
also present for Anti Submarine Warfare. Other than that, it is equipped with long-range
naval gun, and multiple Close In Weapon System(CIWS). In recent years China has reclaimed thousands
of acres of land and shoved away boats from other claimant states like the Philippines
and Vietnam. China’s sweeping claims of sovereignty over
the sea have antagonized competing claimants Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia,
and the Philippines. United States, Japan & India favors freedom
of navigation as it is a very important sea route with 5 trillion $ in trade, 1/2 of
global merchant shipping, and 1/2 of world’s oil shipment pass through it. The sea also has alleged 11 billion barrels
of untapped oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. U.S action signal more resolute approach in
dealing with China. A visibly concerned Chinese foreign ministry
spokesman Geng Shuang said: “China respects and upholds the freedom
of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea, which countries enjoy under international
law, but firmly opposes any country’s attempt to undermine China’s sovereignty and security
in the name of the freedom of navigation and overflight”.

Eugene Islam


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  2. This type of narration is annoying, Otherwise, good content. Please relent and get a person that can speak well, without the robotics.

  3. China can only bully weaker nations like Philippines and Vietnam.

    They are carefully warning USA, hoping it will believe their scare tactics. Unfortunately, USA knows they are much weaker than their hype. MADE IN CHINA military, good as their cheap products.

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  6. Hopefully they've figured out and fixed the problem of Russia being able to shut down all electronic systems on the ship with the equipment on their planes.

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  8. The break down in talks , the lack of true media reporting that by not talking means failure to find solutions , To in danger the millions of residents and commercial transit should not be for any oil but wind energy that could make money and give wind energy with the jet air and water currents China could then help to take leadership and turn this into a better solution for millions that need power and reduce nuclear energy in parts of the world growing quickly and to destroy. Or even make any more stress and fear that will take years to replace the trade and relations with those China supplied arms now is not the time for any side even American in respect yet respect honor for decreasing tension roadmap , now and ask for international agreement for any adenm of Treaty and may go much deeper than just land as there is no wisdom to battles when massive power disasters cause refugee crises and in state issues , wisdom is reduction in provocation while news covers meetings being held daly weeks on multi media question and answer and media access to reduce fear and demonstrate power station importance of clean air and solar energy as wind and water islands , wow the money would be mega as clean free easy access connections to a huge population and gather u n to vote on any change in land or sea , until a further solution to this thing is the best wisest and most carrying for millions of people and trade of international goods should not be hindered but protected with search and rescue to help ships rather than restrict traffic air land or sea and be an asset while this is can be finally be settled ! And with true wisdom freedom and respect and prosperity can speak for itself in history and time !

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  11. India, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other nations want to make sure that the open ocean remain open for shipping, and not let China stop it by building the artificial islands on water ways in areas near other nations.

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  13. The Dewey is just one tin can.  If the Chinese really had a hard on for it, they would just launch a couple hundred silkworm missiles and overwhelm the defence.  And if you are going to use a canned voice, at least get one that speaks English.

  14. yes to india"s and japan naval patrol in south china seas exercise the freedom of navigation in that area ..

  15. "undermine China's sovereignty?" . Please. They steal other nations property and expect us all to turn a blind eye. . As long as they engage in these types of acts they will remain a backward tragic joke.

  16. No need for China to worry, Trump will brag about any planned operations to Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Phillipines, and everybody else he's trying to impress at the moment. If not Trump, one of America's citizens will leak the information, having been fooled by Snowden and other Russian propagandists into thinking that betraying their country's secrets somehow makes American lives better. America has become very confused, so China will likely have plenty of time to outmaneuver.

  17. Stop talking about how strong they are, of course they are dangerous, and China could sink it with one hit. No matter how big it is, but it could start a war. So better rethink how good it is to put the ship there

  18. Frankly speaking, the real fear of China is USA suddenly bankrupt and collapse like USSR. If USA cannot invent some more killing machines, there will be no competitor for China to look up to.

  19. When I see these comments, I know that my mother country will win. whatever your western people like or dislike.

  20. Artificial islands do not possess the status of islands. They aren't surrounded by a territorial sea or EEZ. That's the motivation for freedom of navigation voyages.

  21. I cannot stand those computer-gen voices! Why can't you get someone to read this text? I shouldn't have to watch any YouTube video with CC switched on. It lessons the dramatic impact that a decent narrator could employ.

  22. China has stolen other countries land. No lies from them can change fact. Yet the international courts and sovereign nations do nothing. That China refuses to admit to their blatant hegemony humiliates them and it is irrevocable until they admit their error.

  23. Other nations should support the U.S. in this way and send fishing vessels to fish there, just to underline that these are international waters.

  24. I really cannot understand if the USS Dewey is so powerful why it left the waters claimed to be Chinese territory after being warned. In fact it should remain there and refused to sail away. It chose to leave! That means it chickened out.

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  31. Was on her , when she was DLG-14, back in the early 70's… I learned so much from this ship, that was an honor

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    A war is immenant to sucure its sovereignty as well as it's power house enoncomy.
    No nations can stop them to survive.

  35. Insane question. Country thousands years old, population 1,3 billion, the biggest economy… to have fear of one boat hahahahahah

  36. My wife used to be on the Dewey. The ship is nothing special. There is literally nothing special about the Dewey that separates it from other DDG's. The Aegis sys is effective because of reasons like the Dewey that are deployed.

  37. 7 missing, at least 3 injured as US Navy destroyer crashes into trade ship off Japan coast. Should be called selfdestroyer.

  38. Why would anyone be feared of the US Navy? It's bunch of shit heads running the system!!!

    What's the difference between the USS Dewey and USS Fitzgerald? They're both the same… will be t-boned by a shipping container. When you have the shit heads running the system, it doesn't matter how sophisticated the toys are, they will get destroyed by BB guns and fishing boats.

  39. Your information is false. USS Dewey is a flight 2A destroyer, meaning it no longer carries the harpoon anti-ship missile system. Won't be subscribing now.

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