China’s sweeping claims of sovereignty over
the sea have provoked competing claimants Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia,
and the Philippines. Non-claimants like USA, India & Japan want
the South China Sea to remain as international waters with freedom of navigation, whereas
China want to control this major trade way .It is a very important sea route with 5 trillion
$ in trade, half of global merchant shipping and 1/2 of world’s oil shipment pass through
it. The sea also has alleged 11 billion barrels of untapped oil and 190 trillion cubic feet
of natural gas. On July 12 2016, Judges at Hague tribunal
rebuked China’s claims over the waters. But China rejected it outright. Japan has issued a new defense white paper
that identifies the “growing assertiveness” of China as Japan’s most serious challenge.
PM Abe has also reiterated his determination to use parliamentary majority he enjoys to
remove from Japan’s constitution provisions, which restrict his ability to deploy or use
military force. In the last decade, China has aggressively
worked to upgrade its infrastructure along the 4057 km Indo-China border. This has been
a major concern for India. Chinese army has even transgressed into Indian Territory on
multiple instances, and there have been several standoffs. US has also long accused China of aggressive
espionage & reverse engineering. It has also claimed china of manipulating it currency,
which has hurt US interests. In this video, Defense Updates looks at HOW
JAPAN, INDIA AND US ARE TAKING ON CHINA WITH MUTUAL COOPERATION? In Japan, the consensus has been growing that
engagement with China is starting to look like it was a mistake. China is building up
military assets that look increasingly like they are pointed directly at Japan’s interests. Japan has taken some major steps to counter
China. 1. Japan’s second big helicopter carrier,
the Kaga, entered service this year on 22 March, giving the Japan’s military greater
ability to project power beyond its shores as it pushes back against China’s growing
military might. Maritime Self Defense Force commanders took
possession of the 248 metre (813.65 ft) long vessel at the Japan Marine United shipyard
in Yokohama near Tokyo, where it was docked next to its sister ship the Izumo. 2. Last year in September, Senior Japanese
and U.S. government officials joined Lockheed Martin to celebrate the roll out of the first
Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) F-35A Lightning II, marking a major milestone in
Japan’s enhanced national defense and strengthening the future of the U.S-Japan security alliance.
Japan is to purchase 42 F-35s under a U.S. Foreign Military Sales deal. 3. Japan has increased cooperation with India.
Japan has offered a price concession of more than 10% per aircraft from $133 million per
aircraft to around $113 million, in government-to-government deal, of 12 Japanese US-2 i amphibious aircraft
for India. India has been ramping up its military assets
in eastern region to counter China. Here are some of the steps taken: 1. The Indian Air Force activating more and
more Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) in Arunachal. It has made 6 ALG operational in Arunachal
apart from the ones in eastern Ladakh, all with eyes firmly on China.
ALGs will provide Indian Air Force with ability to disperse its fighter in case tensions escalate,
and enable it to strike from different positions. For better logistical accessibility, Indian
Air Force has landed the US made huge C-17 Globemaster 3 in these ALGs. 2. The Indian government has given the final
go-ahead for the Army to induct and deploy an advanced version of the BrahMos supersonic
cruise missile to prop up its muscle along Indo-China border.
As you may already know, BrahMos is the world’s fastest cruise missile in operation, and travels
at speeds of Mach 2.8 to 3.0. This BrahMos Block-III variant, can take a
steep dive up to 75 degrees. The steep-dive attack capability enables the missile to target
Chinese positions behind mountainous terrain. 3. New Mountain Strike Corps (17 Corps), with
Headquarter at West Bengal will be fully raised by 2021 with 90,274 soldiers.
The Mountain Strike Corps has been specially raised to defend India’s border with China.
India is buying the 155 mm M 777 artillery guns at a cost of about 750 million dollars
from America’s BAE Systems to equip this corp. 4. With Sukhoi-30 M K I fighters already operating
from Assam, the Indian Air Force has now finalized plans for the first 18 Rafales to be stationed
in Bengal from late-2019. US has taken some major strategic steps to
counter China: Here are some of these: 1. US and India have signed an important agreement.
The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) allows them to use each other’s land,
air and naval bases for repair and resupply. The U.S. Navy plans to deploy 60% of its surface
ships in the Indo-Pacific in the near future. Instead of having to build facilities virtually
from the ground up, as in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. now has the benefit of using
the tremendous Indian facilities. US have large number of bases around the world and
this will be strategically very helpful for India. 2. US, India and Japan participate in exercise Malabar The exercise is conducted only about
400 KM from the contested Senkaku Islands. Scenarios include hunting for Chinese submarines,
ships and countering hostile Chinese navy. The exercise has become a corner stone of
US, India and Japan’s strategic partnership. 3. US has increased its presence around South
China Sea, and will undertake more frequent Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPS)
against Chinese maritime claims around its artificial-island bases in the Spratly and
Paracel islands. 4. A Marine Corps F-35B squadron has been
transferred from the United States to Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in Japan, marking
the first permanent international deployment of the joint strike fighter. With F-35B, Japanese
and US forces will have better capability to face any Chinese attack. China’s rise, as predicted by many experts
is not peaceful. In recent times, China has been very belligerent
in it’s posturing. Its activities are far off from being a responsible nation. As discussed in the video, 3 major powers
are now working towards countering China. It remains to be seen how the scenarios pan

Eugene Islam


  1. Yes, China has become belligerent and expansionist with least concern for world peace. This aproach of hers needs to be arrested lest that country would be another cause of conflict in future like Germany during world war I & II.

  2. You fucking lier. US and Japan rises has kill so many civilians WW2 Japanese had kill so many Chinese and they had not stand for war criminal yet and the American kill so many people around the world due to world domination. So tell me what China did so far indicate not peaceful. From historical record shows china is a Peaceful country they have not go to other countries and kill the civilian because you are killing people in the past and you think china are going to the same.

  3. WOW … what on this video is "How USA fear China , and is trying to combine 2 more countries against Great China" LOL

    so much hypocrite to the previous video "How China fears USA" HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. If you are going to be taken seriously please learn how to correctly pronounce the name of the Japanese prime minister.

  5. Unites states  isnt worried about china. we have many people in place before they even get any troops off there ground. china really isnt anything to worry about.. they can act tough all they want . they will be crushed.

  6. The Japanese Air Force officers uniform in this video looked exactly like the USAF uniforms – same color, cut and style.

  7. as always US will leave half way through the war leaving their allies to kill and die for them. America never finished any wars they created except selling weapons to their allies cheering them on to fight their enemies created by the United snake of America

  8. Indian air force crash on its own. India is doomed , once you invite US, they will never leave. US will keep India down, you think US will let India pass it? India is such a moron, what did US and Japan help in the last century? Help you get rich? This is why China is offering another option. US spreads hate so you hate the wrong country. India is so easy to fool like a child.

  9. Ok, there is the Spratly Islands situation…but how else is China aggressive? Or as the narrator says, "is not a peaceful rise"? I do think yes, their military should not be so close to India's border, this is aggressive or provocative, but what else? We never see China invade anyone, and they do not jump into all the Middle East proxy wars going on. They could however get more serious about stopping North Korea. I suspect they enjoy allowing them to throttle nerves in the Pacific and cause other countries very busy and having to spend more on defenses. But seriously, I would like to understand this problem more.

  10. we keep buying iPhones from their factories, we keep sending the plans and instructions to their industries. It will play out with China holding all of the economic cards and then the world's militaries will not have public funding to stop them. To put it simply China is the most unified nation and most stable nation in the world currently. They are on the way to the top position.

  11. "competing claimants.?" Oh, you mean the soverign nations that own the space China is stealing? And the international courts do nothing. World powers do nothing.

  12. People use to accuse the United States as being the big bully, but here everyone can see who the real bully is, and everyone else knows it. China have forced nations who would never work together otherwise to join forces against them due to their actions in the South China Sea.

  13. This video's final assertion China's rise has not been peaceful is talking through his nose. China's rise in the last few decades has surely been peaceful and without wars to grab other people's assets like the US allies or japan do in WWII.

    Anyhow…. no matter what the three powers tries.. in SCS they are no contests.

    China can outproduce all these countries 10 to 1 as China is the manufacturer of the world and has the most number of precision machineries etc to produce anything massively in time of war.

    Anyway no force in the world can take on China on land and no force in the world can withstand China's massive land and ship based anti ships capabilities within the SCS. Outside that SCS, US alone can beat China no need for the other two redundant countries India and Japan.

  14. .

  15. .

  16. The Chinese are not peaceful what the fuck is the USA doing playing goodie too shoes with the world! Wholly fuck batman the USA has destroyed how many countries since the seventies how about Vietnam Cambodia Laos half the countries in Central America and in the last 5 years they fucked over Ukraine destroyed Afghanistan Libya Syria and don't forget Iraq will the millions that have perished there. How can you say that China is not peaceful when you have the most aggressive most violent country called the USA doing what ever they want to who ever they want without any sanctions put on them or any form of persecution against them. You people make me sick.-

  17. China bloated Trump's ego and Trump is now singing in Mandarin!
    That is how shallow America's diplomacy has become.

  18. India should not become China's enemy. It should sort out border issues amicably. Historically India and CHIna have never been on the wrong side except in 1962 war. Indians need to stop viewing China as an enemy and understand that it is doing everything from strategic POV.
    You want to wean China away from Pukistan, only way is to tightly embrace China. There is no other way.
    Remember, it is easy for USA to goad India to enmity against China sitting as it is at a safe distance. For India, repercussions of a war with China are catastrophic.

  19. Today`s greatest threat to Asia is not a nightmare of Imperial Japan more than 70 years ago, but China`s assertiveness of her territorial right in East China and South China Seas. In order to maintain peace and stability in Asia Pacific Region, it`s crucial for Japan, India and the United States to cooperate each other to contain China`s expansionism.

  20. The fastest and most effective means to cut China down is economically, not militarily although the military pressure should continue to ramp up. A US embargo on China's exports and cutoff from all financial institutions dealing with the US and US companies with real severe penalties would crash China's economy almost instantly. We could send them back to where Nixon and Kissinger found them in 1973. Their experiment which created modern China has failed. It's time to pull the plug on it.

  21. india japan Vietnam ,Philippines, malaysia, noon all together start new organisation like shark, brics to oppose china

  22. and all are loosing to china! instead of building up military china is building infrastructures around the world!

  23. It's strange that a country in which most people don't have toilets or clean water and that just throw their shit out the window or in the gutter spend so much on weapons. India also have a huge (world record?) amount of slums.

  24. So Japan, India and United States is interfering in South China Sea that has nothing to do with them? Shipments are mostly Chinese imports and exports anyway?

  25. ( Part II ) ( As on 15.08.2017 )

    Due to internal power struggle No China leadership can afford to look weak on military front as such i am of a strong opinion that Doklam stand off would result in China attacking India believing it to be a area specific short war but they sure are miscalculating Modi's Patriotic zeal. This is not going to be what China presumes it will be, leading it to be third world war and end of China. Every other nation accept North Korea and Pakistan would side India because Today China has issues with India, America, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Burma, Bhutan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Iran and what not and already bankrupt Pakistan after a week of War would change sides surrendering before the dictates of USA. China like any other nation in history would see its demolition like the Nazi Germany or like Japan. In Hindi it is said " Vinashkale Buddhi Viprite " meaning when it is destined for destruction the wisdom takes the wrong decision and this is exactly what China is doing these days.

    Now how the readers feel. Do you agree or Not Please Comment

  26. ( updated 15.08.2017 ) ( PART I )
    China Vs India
    1) Economy : a) China is a huge economy and runs a huge trade surplus against India. No doubt China has a huge Foreign Exchange Reserves but it also has a huge Debt burden both internal as well as external. In case of war with India the immediate loss to China will be loss of some $62 Billion annually for the rest of future apart from war losses to economy. b) Apart from this America would get an opportunity/ excuse to impose sanctions on China for having waged war , leaving China's economy in shatters. c ) Besides China's GDP already in negative / contracting ( as believed) will go so low that there will be no recovery. d) Lot said and written China's GDP and economy truth lies in its huge Debt burden never seen in history , Ghost cities and Roads to nowhere , in other words unproductive economy in real terms but India is well known for making optimum utilization of every bit of resources for productive use.

    2) Strategic Reserves : China has a stock pile of huge amount of strategic reserves viz Oil, steel , etc and has a clear edge against India that stands nowhere. But in case of war countries supporting India would fill India with whatever India would need to contain China and China would have no such support from countries supporting it Viz. Pakistan and North Korea the beggar states- Advantage India…/japan-is-building-indias-infrastr…/

    3) Geography : There are only a few attack points from where China can attack India and India would put all its resources on those attack points. But China not only have to spare 9 times the resources( Mountain region standards) to match India’s Strength but would also need to strengthen its defenses on Russian Border , South China sea , on its other sectarian areas apart from keeping a huge army to keep the internal unrest in check when India would need only china and Pakistan border to take care off. China would have to spare defense forces for USA, Japan etc. Even if China manage to win few territories by super attack they wont be able to retain the territory .All India would need to destroy some bridges with its super accurate Brahmos missiles to choke China's supply lines- Advantage India

    4) Political Situation : India is a stable democracy and in times of war the whole nation would stand up to support the government when china cannot boast of public support as they have long been suppressed and would get an opportunity to revolt along with Tibetans and Ughars .-Disadvantage China

    5) Supply Lines : Half of China navy would be cornered by USA, Japan in south China sea and India would easily choke China's supply lines at multiple points. America and Japan gets to destroy artificial islands when China is busy taking up India-Disadvantage China…/doklam-china-…/1/1015289.html

    6) International support : Almost all countries of the world except North Korea and Pakistan would stand by India- Advantage India. China considers itself as Hard Power with absolutely no soft power and India is an undisputed champion in soft power and in hard power it is behind only USA, Russia , China

    7) Army : Mountainous region makes China to mobilize 9 times India’s Defense and China does not have that much of resources-Advantage India

    8) Navy : With China having to support its area in South China sea India would easily destroy China's attack especially with brahmos in its armory and better experience of handling Aircraft carrier- Advantage India

    9) Air Force : same as in Navy India has a lot better Air Force in comparison to China and a better experienced/Trained fighters. Whatever numerical advantage China would have will be neutralized by India’s defense shield.

    10) Missile Defense : India has a more advanced missile defense shield than China and China attacking India would only deplete its resources before USA enters this war.

    11) Cyber Warfare : China's Cyber hackers are located only in China but in case of war all India’s high-tech army located in through out the world shall have only one target i.e China apart from Israel, USA, NATO , Japan etc going all out to help India. China would soon realize how helpless it is.

    12) Industrial Support : China has a clear edge against India but no one knows that India has an inherited strength . how that edge comes into fore at the times of war is a surprise element in case of war

    13) Technology : India has a clear edge on technology front. Simply saying everyone knows Americans technology edge is because of Indians serving there and India’s software. Apart from this Israel , USA, France, Germany are all standing by India’s side

    14) War Experience : Nothing much to say-Advantage India as India’s Army has been battling against Pakistan for years, 1962, 1965,1967,1971, 1984, 1999 kargil and what not apart from United Nations mission and multi-national exercises from time to time.

    15) Nuclear Weapons : Use Nuclear Weapons and the whole world will end so no winners

    16) Russia : Do China really think Russia is a fool to allow a strong nation on its border who challenges the only super power in the world USA. Russia would want to have a weak nation on its border and would never want to see a superpower on its border that has a long history of hatred and dispute with it. Before this China Settled its border Dispute with Russia to take Russia on its side. History teaches us a lot but not to China. This happened exactly when USA was to attack Iraq, Iraq settled its disputes with Iran and what happened is history. Iran never helped Iraq but also seized the whole of Iraq’s Air Planes

    17) Political Leadership: Modi made the whole world a friend and dance on its tunes while Xi made the whole world the enemy of China

    18) Submarine Fleet : India's The P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol plane is best known as submarine killer and China's Submarine numerical advantage will be gone before China could even wake up.

    19) Aircraft Carrier : with three Aircraft Carrier and tons of experience for almost 60 years China stand nowhere near India. And not to mention India's unsinkable Aircraft carrier known by the name Andaman Nicobar island is a death bell for Chinese Naval Fleet before they can think of reaching India's border.

    20) Space war : China and India both has the capacity to destroy each other spy and navigation satellites but even if both destroys each other satellite India would still get back up from Russian and American and Israeli satellites but China gets no back up.

    21) America : Needless to say America wants India to counter balance China and in case of war America would sit at a distance watching both India and China destroy each other without it to use its men to be killed in this theater of war and with its super defense budget as always it would supply ammunition, missiles and supplies to India fr free at a rate which is not seen in history. China and India destroying each other would help America retain its economic and defense might and hence its only super power status. This is a fact that can be studied for example total Pakistan military is funded by America for no payment to counter Iran and India.

    22) Quality of Armament/Infantry/Artillery/Fighter Planes/Naval Fleet/missiles – India getting the best of technology and quality weapons from all over the world and China's quality is dubious and everyone knows it. latest example is China's tanks tore in parts and got scattered all over the place in Russia tank biathlon 2017 throwing China out in first round itself ( see it for yourself – ). with such weaponry china can only fight a Tinnamen square against its own citizens and not against India.

    23) Demography : Above all Almost all of the Chinese soldiers are single son of their family wherein dependents are 2 Grandparents, 2 Grandparents in law, 2 Parent, 2 Parent in law, Wife and one child because of one child policy of China's Regime. If China thinks these 10 dependents of every china soldiers family would encourage the soldier to die for the communist China liberation Party than China would soon realize after war how the internal demography implodes from inside and China would see a revolt or a revolution the moment dead bodies start pouring in. On the other side Indians take pride to die for the motherland. Moral level of Indian soldiers and ordinary citizen in itself is good enough to beat China

    24) Public Confidence in Government : When there is a war the most important factor is how much its citizens trust its government. China's communist party has enslaved its citizens and controls what and how its citizens eat, drink, talk, walk , think, speak, reproduce , see , heard , express and the whole world knows that Chinese citizens have a fear against its government as its government does not value life of its citizens. Government is openly involved in organ trade of political prisoners. As far as India is concerned it can be seen in the following chart. China does not allow it to be surveyed…/public-governance-a-matter-of-trust.h… 2) ( must see )

  27. China and Russia stand With the United nations security council resolution.
    That is the
    International Community obligation
    No unclear weapons on The
    Korean peninsula
    North Korea must comply
    The United nations security council resolution
    Mellitery Urgency Engeagment
    Ltanka international Lightning forieng affairs face book

  28. Indian 9 Para SF and seal team six joint operation to assassinate top communist officials and game over. I know it's very unrealistic

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