How I Master REAL CUBANOS Sandwich! | Guga Foods

How I Master  REAL CUBANOS Sandwich! | Guga Foods

Welcome back to Guga foods I want to
thank the National Pork Board for sponsoring this video which allows me to
show you my take on the most amazing Miami sandwich there is. Check it out! That my friends is the best way to cook
a pork picnic shoulder. You have flavorful meat and incredible crispy skin.
Then I’m gonna show you how to take all of that, put it together in the most
popular sandwich in Miami. So let’s do it! And this is the meat I’m gonna be using
today. They are two beautiful pork picnic shoulders. One of them was eight pounds
and the other one was nine and a half. As you know pork can take a variety of
flavors depending on the marinades that you use. A lot of people discard the skin,
and some of them is just because they don’t know how to do it. But today I’m
gonna show you a simple easy way to fix that problem. And as you can see just
right here I have two of them but I’m actually doing quite a few more. Food can
definitely make the world a better place and the hams across America program from
the National Pork Board is a great way for you to say thank you.
Giving it to someone in need or simply do something nice to pay it forward. I
partner up with them to celebrate their ham Across America program which is all
about paying it forward with pork throughout the holiday season. Before
making my marinade the first thing I like to do is to poke some holes. This
allowed my marinade to penetrate deeply into the meat making it a lot more
flavorful. The best way to do it for me is just using a paring knife. The only
thing to keep in mind is that do not puncture the skin. The ham Across America
program is awesome because in 2018 it saw over half a million pounds of pork
donated across America, which equals to 2.2 million servings of pork. And I can
definitely support that a hundred percent. The National Pork Board
represents America’s pig farmers who are committed to giving back to their
community throughout the entire calendar year, but especially throughout the
holiday time. And if you’re gonna make this recipe I encourage you to make more
than one. But now that we have our pork ready it is time for our marinade.
Remember exact amount and ingredients always in the description down below. You
can use a food processor for this but if you have a powerful blender it does the
job just fine. I started by throwing in some garlic,
followed by soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, salt, smoked paprika, a little bit
of olive oil, lime juice, sour orange these are not regular orange unlike the
ones you find it on the supermarket they are a little bit more bitter they are
not great to eat by themselves but on a marinate they’re perfect. To finish it
off the marinade I added white wine and some water. Now all there’s left to do is
blend it on high, combined all of our ingredients together
and our marinade is done. To make sure my picnic pork is going to be well
marinated I am using a plastic bag. This one is big enough and ensures that all
of my meat will have contact with it. Just make sure if you do a custom bag
like mine, seal that at least two times. I did go overboard and did it four but that
is not necessary. But I do always say it is better safe than sorry. The next step
is to throw in your marinade seal it up and it’s ready for your refrigerator. I’m
gonna let it marinate for 24 hours. I feel like that is enough time to get a
wonderful flavor. To go with our sandwichI’m also going to be doing a mojo sauce. Remember exact amount and ingredients always in the description down below for
you. And I started with some parsley, white sweet onions, garlic, black pepper,
salt, sour orange juice, lime juice and to finish it off a little bit of olive oil.
Now there’s left to do is blend it well and your sauce is done! After 24 hours of marinating my pork is
ready so I quickly opened the bag and took them out. In order for you to get a
crispy skin your goal shall always be to have it as dry
as possible. The marinade does not penetrate the skin so it’s gotta go. The
next thing I like to do is make some microscopic holes this allows moisture to
escape which is our ultimate goal. Since I’m gonna put this back on the
refrigerator to dry out the skin, I’m gonna be using that time to marinate the
meat even more. So I added the marinade to the bottom of the pan. But now I want
to dry out the skin and for that I left it in the refrigerator uncovered for 12
hours, once that was done this is what it looks like. The darker color on the skin
is a sign that it has dried out and that is exactly what we’re looking for. But
now that it’s ready it’s time to get cooking. I’ll be cooking it in indirect
heat at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Once we reach an internal temperature of 145
degrees Fahrenheit then I’ll be concentrating on the skin, and for that
I’m gonna be using my torch. Once that’s done I’ll be letting it rest for three
minutes then it will be ready for our sandwich. Which uses yellow mustard,
ham, pork and Swiss cheese and a fresh Cuban bread. But now I say that’s enough
talking and it is time to cook it. So let’s do it! All right everybody this is my take on
pork. What do you think Angel? I think it looks good I want to dig in already. I know
all right enough talking. Now we have two things here obviously you can see we got
a nice beautiful sandwich, and we got also the pork by itself. Let’s try that
by itself yeah? Well I’ll try the pork first let you guys know how you like it.
There’s a very nice marinate I hope you guys make this marinade because it is
fantastic. Enough talking let’s give it a try yeah? Cheers! Cheers everybody! Wow! Fatty, juicy I hope it came on camera right. That marinade goes very nicely deep in
the meat. What do you think my brother? I don’t know man If feel like what are you
trying to do? You’re trying to show them the most popular sandwich in Miami or something? You are talking about because of the cubano? Yea. That’s right if you are here in Miami you can find this sandwich everywhere.
Now here’s what I’m gonna tell you right away. Please everybody never throw away
the skin. If you don’t have the searzall like I do because you know I made the
searzall and chopped up all that nice chicharron which is already
gone by the way, that’s the first thing that goes. Right? Sorry! What you can do is
remove the skin. It’s going to be a little bit rubbery. Stick it in the
microwave for about five minutes to eight minutes and take it out and this
is the result. Yeah you can even watch it and you just make sure it
doesn’t get too much time. Yeah you know don’t put it for too long
because it will get too dark but the darkness also produces like a little
charcoaly flavor like a bitterness flavor. Yeah.
Don’t throw your skin away, always use that skin and it’s gonna turn out
fantastic. Now the microwave is a trade secret so
I’m only sharing with you guys and you cannot share with anybody else. Don’t tell nobody. Microwave five to eight minutes it will
become chicharrones, you don’t need the searzall if you don’t have one okay.
Okay. Let’s go! Now I share that secret with you it’s time to try the real deal
the sandwich, you ready Angel? You have to use the bread, the right
bread. Gotta use cuban bread bro. Yeah don’t go using you know, you know, you
know, like the white bread you know that loaf bread .Don’t use loaf of bread
that’s not gonna be the same thing okay. It’s not that kind of sandwich. Yeah exactly.
Anyway cheers everybody! Mmm.
The pork is amazing but when you put it in the sandwich come on
oh man. That mojo! Oh man that mojo is good! The mojo is incredible! Everything together is just a
nice well-balanced you know what I mean? It just tastes right. Yeah and that’s
what it is right. Yeah the breads like a little crunchy on the top but then in
the middle is super buttery soft. Another thing that I want to tell you is that
whenever you making the sandwich chop it up fine. Don’t put big pieces like this.
Yeah. You know what I mean, big pieces like this is the people that don’t do it very
often that’s how they do it. But if you go here in Miami they always
chop it up nicely. That makes it easy. Easy to eat exactly. You don’t have to to pull out it it’s just you just bite
you’re good. Yeah. I’ve learned this sandwich from
Abuelo which she used to make for us all the time in the family and God bless his soul. It is one of the best sandwich that we ever had everybody it is absolutely
amazing and I hope you guys give it a try. The wonderful thing about making
pork at home it is that it’s affordable. You are able to take it to family
members, share during the holiday season. Even if it’s not the holiday season
doesn’t matter. I mean I’ll take a you know pork anytime it doesn’t matter.
Anyway this is my take on a Cubano. I hope you guys enjoy this video if you do
enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs-up. If you’re not a subscriber be
sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you are interested in
anything I use, everything is always in the description down below. Thank you so
much for watching. National Pork Board thank you so much for sponsoring this
video. Guys make sure you go check them out on the link in the description down
below. And we will see you guys on the next one. Take care everybody. Bye bye!

Eugene Islam

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