How a Protest Against Money in Politics was Spun as a Story on Terrorism

How a Protest Against Money in Politics was Spun as a Story on Terrorism

reeling over a shocking security lapse here this week–. Pilot breached Washington’s no-fly zone today–. What if this happens again tonight–. Now bad guys know there is a gap in the airspace. Another stunning reminder that despite billions
spent on homeland security after 9/11 the creative and simple can still beat the country’s
most complex defenses. [CAPTION] Last week, Doug Hughes landed his
gyrocopter on the front lawn of the Capitol. He was delivering letters to representatives,
asking them to get big money out of politics. DOUG HUGHES: We need to be worried not about
whether or not somebody can fly into D.C. We need to be worried about the piles of money
that are going into Congress. [CAPTION] Days earlier, another man named
Leo Thornton shot and killed himself in front of the Capitol. ABC NEWS: Developing tonight, the investigation
into the man who killed himself outside the U.S. Capitol. Witnesses say he was carrying a sign. He had a sign, and the sign said something
about taxing the 1%. The violence shattered a beautiful spring
day and threw the Capitol into a nearly three-hour lockdown. DAVID SWANSON: The media reports the incidents
as if they’re apolitical, they’re lone madmen, there’s no message there. ABC NEWS: Critics say what if he’d been a
terrorist with guns or bombs? SWANSON: There are these two incidents within
a few days of a man knowingly risking losing his job and career–. HUGHES: I thought about being 75 years old
and watching the collapse of this country, and thinking that I had an idea that might
have arrested the fall. SWANSON: He had 535 messages to deliver to
every representative and senator to get the money out of politics. ABC NEWS: So you have 1920s technology that’s
pointing out flaws in a $100 million air defense system. It’s a federal employee committing
a felony to point out the flaws in the system. SWANSON: These were, these were strategic
demands for solutions. This wasn’t blind, inarticulate rage. This wasn’t crashing an
airplane into the IRS. HUGHES: I’m delivering the message right to
them. Not for their sake, but for the impact. SWANSON: We saw the reaction in Tunisia when
a man burned himself. We saw the reaction to similar incidents in Vietnam in the United
States back in the day. But we aren’t told. HUGHES: I’m trying to galvanize millions of
people to do a relatively simple thing. Change the government to build a wall of separation
between the government and big money so that government will represent the people. SWANSON: This was demanding change that is
quite popular. And it strikes me that those two individuals are representative of thousands
more. That there’s a potential out there for passionate, mass action around these radical,
serious demands. [CAPTION] Hughes is scheduled to appear in
court later this month. Representatives harangued Capitol Hill security, finally saying Hughes
should have been shot out of the sky.

Eugene Islam

6 thoughts on “How a Protest Against Money in Politics was Spun as a Story on Terrorism

  1. Wow!
    They are going to spin it through propaganda
    This was simply a protest against the banking corporations who run and buy everything and everyone who fit their needs

  2. He shouldve flown into the clre of the death star and fired his proton torpedoes , and saved the galaxy. Congress and mainstream fascist media will always call peo terrorists who dont go alond with thier narrative, this is why you cant watch them at all, not even to watch them lie, because you are giving them ratings and power justby gazing into the mind control soul sucking machine.

  3. Admirable; but misguided. The system can NOT be saved at this point. Money can't be removed from the political system; the wealthy own or control all institutions of the Federal government. How do you remove the Goldman Sach's ability to influence politics when the bankers control the money? They control the ability for the government to sustain itself.

    They system has grown too large; it can't survive without large sums of money being pumped in. There aren't nearly enough jobs for increasing population. Add on thousands of illegals showing up each month and you can see the system just isn't sustainable. The money printing of the Fed keeps the machine turning and therefore gives them power to influence the machine's operators.

     All you're doing with these type of acts is throwing your life away. Until the reset occurs, try to enjoy life as much as possible.

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