His Dark Materials: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO

His Dark Materials: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO

the north some twelve month ago,
and this is the first
of the discoveries I made.A myriad of worlds,of which the Magisterium
controls only one.
For centuries,they have been trying to keep us
where they want us,
on our knees.You promised the Magisterium,
you’d control Asriel. Then we’ll need to take
the matter into our own hands. DR. CARNE:Lyra,
there’s a great change coming
that will threaten us all.I’m going to give you something. LYRA BELACQUA: What does it do? CARNE:It has a part to play
in all this.
-And a major one.
-Wait! MARISA COULTER: Tell me
where the alethiometer is. Or I will destroy all of this. FARDER CORAM:We represent
a number of families
who have lost children.This is war. LYRA:I think this can help.(SOUND WAVES PULSATING) CORAM:
She can read the alethiometer.
She will be more valuable to us
than any soldier we have.We’ll get our children back.MARTIN LANSELIUS:
You may have heart,
but the Magisterium have muscle.
LYRA:What else do we need
to fight them?
(GROWLS) Has anyone seen a bear?! He’s a good bear,
you won’t have any trouble. (ROARS) -♪ (MUSIC INTENSIFIES) ♪
-(BIRD SHRIEKS) Witches have known
of the other worldsfor thousands of years.Asriel is bringing a great war.Then I hope I’m strong enough. Lord Asriel needs to die. Lyra, now is the time
to choose a side. ASRIEL:There are things…
such things…
Why am I so important to her?
ASRIEL:Once the world sees
the possibilities…
-No more oppression.
-Please don’t hurt me. No more abuse.No more darkness.Lyra, take my hand! COULTER:The fate of more than
this world depends on her.

Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “His Dark Materials: Season 1 | Official Trailer | HBO

  1. Looks fantastic… now end your deal with goddamn Foxtel in Australia so we can watch your shows without either paying 6x the cost of other streaming services or pirating it.

  2. Sorry but the first episode was utter trash. Bad casting, awful editing which created no suspense and tension. Everything felt completely rushed…. Just awful. They're never going to do the books justice by the looks of things.

  3. Starring: Margot Kidder, the girl from The Piano, a dead American President, and Professor X. Guest Starring: Morgan Freeman as wise old man.

  4. LMAO, and to think hollywood tried killing this book with their release of the Golden Compass. Pathetic. Redemption has come!

  5. imagine if hbo had rights and created a DUNE series. on the Brightside its atleast being made into a movie with a great cast so far and high budget and supr talented director

  6. I thought the first episode was just……….blah………..so little happened that I'm questioning if I suffer from memory loss. Lyra was trying her best but I didn't believe any of the other characters were real. I didn't care about the kid being taken, I wasn't left wondering "oh, I wonder what this Dust is all about". I didn't care that they're obviously her parents (I might be wrong), The only things I was thinking were those animals would know every time you went for a dump and that'd be quite annoying when it comes to privacy. I hated the terms "Gypsians" and Daemons or whatever they were both called, it just feels like insanely lazy, annoying and unimaginative substitutes for what we already have. That scene where the uncle was leaving was so cheaply done, they just zoomed in on him looking down with lots of fans blowing his hair about. I assume they've never really watched a Zeppelin take off. Other than Lyra I can't think of a single characters name. Awful.

  7. One thing I don't like about this trailer, the woman saying don't hurt "me" .
    The animals are a you, your soul, but also a separate being, your best friend, someone to talk to.
    So she should say "us", small thing but otherwise it looks really good ^^

  8. I got a plate full of fried shrimp, and I don't really want to eat it, but I still stuffing it in my mouth right now. The only good thing is that it's going down really easy with this hot sauce I got. I think I'm satisfied with what I ate today that's why I'm not really chowing down the shrimp as fast I want to go.

  9. It’s not good . The first film sucked, so why would a show be better ?

    They should have just made a Logan 2 with Dafne Keen.

  10. Just finished episode 1. This show was GARBAGE. Save yourself!!! I wish i could get the time i wasted back. So trash. Makes the game of thrones ending seem emmy worthy. My god this was almost unwatchable.

  11. Ep 1 great but can see it getting better and better! Finally I can say the £150 TV licence which I pay has gone into making something decent!! Nice one BBC1 & thank you HBO! Ps … ease dont make this show as rubbish as "Lost"was towards the end :/

  12. The girl "Lyra" isn't great actress. Looks like she's reading the script. The story has too many confusing tiles and names, I'll watch it but isn't a masterpiece.

  13. His Dark Materials – normalising international child abduction and trafficking for the Anglo-American general public.

    Have your opinions gently and subconsciously – but quite intentionally – softened, and then become more agreeable about the matter of child abduction, by watching now on BBC & HBO!

  14. Have I long for The Golden Compass remake. Now my dream came true, plus more! HBO and BBC brings the whole trilogy together!

  15. I will watch this because of James McAvoy. This guy's acting is on point. Try Split. This guy is a great actor.

    And also, the show seems yeah yeah. Im sure i will be hooked after 1 epi

  16. As a person originally from France, I watched the original movie (translated in french), and it was absolutely ridiculous… Not only the plot seamed weird, but the voice over were a disaster. Then I read the books a year later. It shocked to observe how far off track the movie was!

    I'm about to start watching this- hopefully, it won't be as bad as their first attempt to display this amazing storyline on screen. Wish me luck..

  17. This may seem petty, but I desperately want Iorek to have the same deep and thoughtful voice he had from the audio books. Out of all the things the movie did wrong, I think giving him a fuckin British accent and a tone that sounded like it should be coming from a man a fifth his size is just absolutely immersion shattering. Why would he NOT sound like the gigantic creature he is?

  18. Whoohoo! Yes! I typically dislike the child actors chosen for films from books, but they did a darn great job! Excited for the series!!

  19. I stopped watching this abomination in the first 10 seconds, as soon as they showed a fucking helicopter, which is essentially set at about 1825 or 1850, (and they never had fucking helicopters)

  20. I'm glad the books were not abandoned after what happened with The Golden Compass (movie). Philip Pullman and his fans deserves better.

  21. if its even half as good as the books it should be well worth watching. its got a good cast and the trailer looks pretty good.


  23. Like the show…but for one thing, and is a big one. Dafne Keen. Oh my lord! She is completely miscast for the role. Much like in the horrible disappointment that was "Logan"…she is insufferable and annoying as hell. Everytime I see her she takes me out of the show…bad, bad mistake whoever allowed her to play Lyra…

  24. Our family got 70% through the first episode and turned it off , , THIS STUNK!!!!, it has absolutely nothing going for it,,, while the acting seems really good the premise was absolute bullshit, stick this where the sun doesn't shine right up in your dark materials.

  25. im so hesitant these days to get excited about any new movie or a tv-show. nearly everything i was excited about in the last years was ruined either by sjw agenda pushing or incompetence or a combination of both. i had enough disappointment. please HBO don't fuck this up

  26. A bit disappointed here. The movie version from 2007 is called a "crap" by major community and it was way more in touch with the depiction of characters and the overall atmosphere from the book. I do not know how should I call these series then cause so far I feel as disconnected from the storytelling as a child and his daemon after intercision…At this point I am only waiting to see whether they can kick off what is to happen in the sequels, because the original movie was forbidden to continue due to particular, ehm, spoilerish reasons regarding religion

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