Highlights (Part 1) | Lady Kash live @ Covelong Point Festival 2019

Highlights (Part 1) | Lady Kash live @ Covelong Point Festival 2019

Lady Kash Also featuring Laya DJ Prashanth Amir Parai (ancient Indian instrument) Team from Madras University And our hiphop crew Eddie & Co You’re experiencing an AKASHIK production [ Playing: Anbulla Thalapathy – Lady Kash, Arivu, Blaaze ] Do you like A. R. Rahman? This is for Mr. A.R. Okay, if you know this song, rap with me! [ Playing: Sevatha Pulla – Lady Kash ] Covelong Point, you guys having fun tonight? Okay! We’ve got a hiphop set for you guys tonight My name is Lady Kash This is Eddie’s Dance Co I’ve got my team here, with me tonight for all of you Tamil hiphop English hiphop A blend of both Let’s take it away [ Playing: Endrum Raja – Lady Kash ] This song is called.. Bodak Yellow! [ Playing: Bodak Yellow – Lady Kash ] [ Playing: I Told You So – Lady Kash ] Chennai! Make some noise! I can’t hear you guys Be louder You guys ready? Chennai! Make some noise! Are you guys ready for “Villupaattu”? Villupaattu (ancient Indian storytelling musical artform) is extremely important Dedicated to Poongani Amma If not for Villupaattu there would be no ‘Sollisai’ aka rap today I want you guys to sing this loud and proud with me This one’s for Tamil Nadu I’m a Singaporean-Indian My name is Lady Kash Let’s do this! [ Playing: Villupaattu – Lady Kash ] Check check check! Once again.. I’d like to thank AKASHIK I have, Laya I have the Parai team musicians from Madras University I have my hiphop dancers – Eddie’s Dance Co. Raj Prashanth Sachin Suraj Ken Royson Prashanth Amir Jeffrey Daniel Shoutout to you guys in the crowd My family, you guys know who you are My name is Lady Kash Once again Representing AKASHIK Nandri, vanakkam! Signing out! Peace!

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