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100 thoughts on “Hezbollah vows response to alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria

  1. where is a god when this stuff goes on maybe he she it does not care? meanwhile, there are incent people like little kids that get caught up ingrown adult wars! CNN is bais on reporting the facts because Israel attacked Iraq. google" Report: Israel attacked in Iraq with U.S., Russia approval" google" Russia, U.S. agree Israel can strike Iranian targets in Iraq – report "

  2. Russia, U.S. agree Israel can strike Iranian targets in Iraq – report

  3. Netanyahu hints again that Israel attacked Iran-backed militias in Iraq

    ‘We’re acting in very many theaters against a
    state that seeks to annihilate us,’ PM says, following similar
    statements earlier this week

    By TOI staff and Agencies

  4. Its not about killing non-muslims
    I am lebanese we are half muslims half christians
    Well the jews left lebanon
    Wanted their own land
    We dont want to fight
    They daily have airplanes drones flying over our sky
    They plant land mines
    Have plenty of spies
    We not making a move
    But in the last couple day they bombed the bekaa valley and used drones with tnt bombing a place full of civilians
    Because netenuaho has elections after 3 weeks and he is accused of several crimes of stealing money from his government he wants lebanon to attack so he could make people forget about what he has done and gain votes
    We as a country being stepped on like that must defend and get them back
    Isn’t that what any other country would have done🤔
    You cant attack us couple times
    Then tell us calm down
    He is not preventing war
    He is provoking one

  5. i wish the size of Israel will be 32.524 km², joining Lebanon to them all Lebanese are against their traitor pro Iran government and president we are fed up

  6. You all about to come out of my land!! Me and my people are in the 4th generation that is promised the land. Our Punishment is over. We will be crossing over the Baltic sea into Siberia Russia to the Euphrates.
    This war will cause the great exile that will open Our lands up for Our return home to Our ancient land. It's inevitable!!

  7. Every fucking day it’s “ Jizzreal is America’s greatest ally”.Israel and JUDAISM is the cancer of humanity and Dipshit Christian Zionists are the gatekeepers that protect them.

  8. I’m tired of seeing my country getting involved in retarded middle eastern conflicts.They stole Palestine land then claimed Golan Heigjts is theirs, then parts of Egypt, now they want to be chicken shit cowards and have America, Britain,France, Iran, China, and Russia go to war, just so they can get some land “ cuz muh Torah”

  9. Well done Israel🇮🇱👍😎 But you must kill more of this crazy islamic Terroristsof course. Ha ha ha CNN Fakenews Videos are a shame

  10. Israel bombing Lebanon is proof Israel committed a crime against Humanity.
    That's all.
    It's a deceleration of war and any conflict is entirely Israels fault.

  11. Aluminium=magnetism=0. Spray particles one side of the globe whilst we bomb the other, What an absolute pack of fooks are our leaders.

  12. Israel needs to be be put on a leash. They're always claiming that they were about to be attacked so they struck first but that's bullcrap… they weren't going to be attacked from Iraq as well were they? They are just re-igniting the tension with Iran because miraculously Trump didn't initiate a devastating war against Iran yet and tension is loosening up. Israel has to be punished by the international community. Glad they're losing public support globally for their reckless policies.

  13. Iran do not respond to the Israeli attacks, that will help reelect Netanyahu. That will also triggers an attack from Trump as he is in trouble in the US and then Russia, you can see the whole picture. 3 weeks to go in Israel and Netanyahu should be gone…

  14. Yes let Israel fight its own stupid wars let the US worry about her own lands.
    How many men did we loose fighting Israel war,
    We’re still counting.

  15. CNN, can the people ask why you defend and support Muslims/Islam so strongly, and anytime anyone retaliates against THEM, you make a huge deal out of it? Why exactly are you so quick to promote attacks against Israel and Jews in particular?

  16. That didn't look like much of a "killer" drone to me. I'm not pro Israel or anti Islam or whatever but, that looked like it might hurt your dog if it landed in your yard. Just sayin. Predators are killers drones.


  18. Very soon illegal Zionist fake state in Palestine will be wiped out from earth map and Iran and Hezbollah is tit for tat policy

  19. CNN is notorious for pure lies. Israel attacked 4 countries in 48 hrs and admit it….the CNN headline: IRAN LINKED GROUPS ACCUSE ISRAEL OF AGGRESSION. LOL so desperate its pathetic!

  20. I guess the mutual deterrence achieved between Hezbollah and Israel in 2006 is starting to wane on the israeli side. So far Hezbollah has shown restraint. Hopefully they will continue to do so as a war in Lebanon will be another human disaster, but this seems more and more unlikely considering the numer of attacks coming from Israel.

  21. Criminal news Network at it again they blame the Christian's and Jews just like the Nazis did during ww2 and all the little Nazis are following along because radical Islam is the answer right

  22. Israel is a rogue state and poses the worst threat not only to the region, but to our European security. It’s about time our European lame leaders ( if we can call them leaders) put Netanyahu, the criminal and the ultimate liar in his place. He is much worse than dangerous Trump because Donald is a plain idiot, while Bibi is a vicious fascist snake ready to wage wars and set fire to the neighboring countries ( as if the War on Irak which was part of the Israeli -American project, wasn’t enough) in order to secure the next elections in Israel and his political survival. Isn’t that what Boris is doing? Isn’t he creating disruption in order to secure his premiership? The UK and our people don’t matter. it’s all about him. the buffoon.. Trump is the same, Salvini in Italy is another snake, but the worst is Netanyahu because the fascist will take us to war with Iran, Syria and Lebanon .. in order to ensure the disruption of the Iran deal. Who knows where could that lead?
    Meanwhile, where on earth are our European leaders to put an end to this criminal? I’ve given up on our politicians in the UK…

  23. Jesus is coming soon my friends and I pray for us all, I pray that everyone turns their lives over to him and we can have peace. Are you Saved? Have you asked our heavenly father to forgive you of your sins? If not I ask that you do that today by praying the following prayer and believing with all your heart and meaning it…
    Heavenly Father I come to you today and ask that you forgive me of all my sins, I know father I am not worthy and come short of your glory everyday, I am thankful father for you sending your son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins and for the sins of the world, I humble myself and surrender my soul to you father and ask that you lead me from this moment on and ask that you bless me with your holy Spirit, I ask that you lead me on the right path throughout the rest of my life father and when my journey here is over I ask that I reside with you in heaven for eternity, your son Jesus said ask and ye shall receive, speak amd ye shall find , knock and the door will be open to you, I am knocking now father and I ask all this in the name of the father of the son and of the holy spirit, Amen.
    God bless you and may he be with us all ….

  24. Israel will soon have to choose between China and the US

  25. Hezbollah and Hamas has been normally firing rockets to Israel, at will. There is nothing new on they terrorists natural Gay mouths.

  26. Israel is going to start the War for USA to finish it with American Blood, they know Trump is not doing well in the polls so War now or never and this is dangerous and scary. Is it going to be another Memorial Monument for the Iran War? please avoid at all cost there are enough War Memorials.

  27. › …
    Web results
    UN: Number of Palestinian children killed by Israel in 2018 highest in 4 years | The Times of …👈see this for yourselves brainwashed fake jews in israel

  28. Ziopigs prosecuted Jesus, Israel is Antichrist…. And whole things is with the Christian nations, their money, their favor…. It's really funny… Christian are digging their grave with their investment in Israel…. Lol

  29. CNN is just showing the left as stupid and Fox is showing the right as the ones to vote to. They are two faces of one coin

  30. Irans days of freely causing chaos all over the middle east are over thanks to Trump. And they know it…Iran will come to terms or face a war which will topple its dictatorship.

  31. . I as Prophet Mohammed, Joey Joseph John Paul Hargrove of Orange County California, say as the former begotten son Adam of the Judiac God is this: I command the state of Isreal to throw over all arms to the Isis state, which have the modern interpretation of Judaism that Jesus is an accepted small time prophet as my son, Caesar and Adam. They have failed to slaughter the american top homosexual, and just the bottom is killed. Satan, my brother agrees fully with me in modern times now. I also report the jews and Christ worshipers don't kill lesbians, top or bottom. I as the former Adam of Eden and now Prophet Mohammed declare the state of Isreal to be enemies of the further prophets of Judaism along with all western nations and I personally command them to give up all arms and resources to Isis named after my wife Cleopatra who claimed was that egyptian Goddess.

  32. Israelis trying to drag America into their wars, causing chaos. Just like the dual citizen Israelis in Washington. Always stirring the pot.

  33. just maybe if they stopped bombing Israel to begin with they wouldn't have to retaliate in the first place, no wonder you got mostly thumbs down. CNN is going down might as well go get another job. CNN isn't going to be around for long American's don't like lies nor do they like seeing the truth twisted either.

  34. Jabal amel will continue the resistance that imam Musa al Sadie started! Jabal amel will die for the resistance that sayid Abba's sacrificed and died for! Jabal amel will not stand by and watch the tyrant's attempt to annex our lands for the third time! The third time will be the end of Israel! Jabal amel will not stand by, not now and not ever! Water our ground's with the blood of our brothers and you will find us ever lasting! Labayka ya nasrullah!

  35. CCN always, always puts a weird spin on reporting… will you ever get it right… grow up for heavens sake, so you have any worth paying attention too… I can understand why people call it fake news…

  36. Funny how everyone tells at Israel for retaliation, but doesn't give a peep when Iran or Hezbollah drop rockets on Israel?

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