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100 thoughts on “Heroic Gunship Battle Strategy Guide – ICC | Tarou WoW Guides | World of Warcraft! (Parody)

  1. Hi, My name is Kap and i play on the european realm of Turalyon. I love your movies, i love that you keep it kind of simple but that they covers so much still.

    I just have an offer for you. I made a cataclysm template for youtube and currently testing it on my own channel. But i dont think i will use it myself since i wont use the channel and post videos anymore.

    So if you like the template i made or cant see it etc. just contact me via email : [email protected]

    – Kap

  2. damn i remember on that fight, i tought we would neva make it , when i got hited by that canon i fell off and i got teleported back on boat so i was kinda like okay……….
    so i kept healing like crazy i even needed to help dps sometimes , was realy to hard for us on heroics to do more then once.

  3. Very nice and clean walkthrough XD and:
    ooooh yea finally the "go PvE or somthing" is back 😀 wattafaa…
    you're great Tarou

  4. Thanks. My guild has been wiping on this all the time. I have no idea how the fuck anyone can clear gunship. It is so fucking hard. Every time I get knocked back 7 yards and over vent my guild master just screams wipe at how devastating those rockets are. Then once those 2 mobs that get spawned on the ship hit my tank and he actually lost health forcing me to have to heal. Ryutaro you have saved my guild from breaking up. I thank you.

  5. @mattyparnell – With the style of the video I would of thought more people would get the sarcasm for that as well but it's definitely the number one part everyone misses lol.

  6. @GatorfanSyra22TI – Next time you're in Shattrath head to the bar in Lower City and see Haris Pilton. She'll have some bags for you to buy (^_-).

  7. on the gunship fight at the end when we killed the other boat 1 of the boarding were still over there and went to jump back and got stuck on a chain on the bottom of the ship

  8. hahaahaha awesome! its called EXTREME SARCASM ppl, its lootship come on has to make the heroic video somewhat interesting.

  9. @RyutaroAkaTarou Because I didn't watch it and thought it was a SERIOUS GUNSHIP STRATEGY GUIDE LIKE WHAT THE F

  10. @Knaittiz – Lol, It's a real strategy tbh. There is nothing more to it than what I say. If you want a more serious take then watch the normal version. Also, try laughing a bit. It will do wonders for your outlook on life (^_-).

  11. I was battlerezzed during the fight, and every1 in the raid except me fell straight thru the gunship when I pressed accept.

  12. LOOK AT THIS ELITIST MAN! Holy cow does he sure know his stuff. I can't believe someone finally shares the same outlook on the Gunship battle that I do! I have started a petition to change the expansions name from "Wrath of the Lich King" To "Wrath of the Heroic 10 man Gunship Battle"

  13. @Gamers334 lol yeah that happened with someone in my raid once, he jetboosted over but then walk backwards off, he then blamed it on saurfang when he wasnt even near XD

  14. HAHAH this is funny to a point after the fact its just anoying! but good job! The have a huge, CRAZT 7 yard knockback, witch can knock you back… a whole 7 yards!!!

  15. I get it's a joke, but damn this is horrible. Your humor is just bland. It's not a bad idea to make a spoof type video like this, but you should have thought it out better. Could have been better, but still not bad.

  16. Want to raid like the 10 man i had yesterday? follow this guide! First have someone start the battle before someone makes it heroic mode that way your entire raid has to kill itself. Then once you all come back and it's heroic mode have 3 dps go to the other ship, no tanks though have the 3 dps wipe have 2 healers go there to brez and also wipe and kill your entire raid. After you res again have the tank go to the back of the other ship so the healers can heal. This is exactly what happened 2 me

  17. My funniest moment was when my raid wiped on normal Loots- I mean, Gunship.
    Needless to say, no one on my server has attempted Loo-Gunship since.

  18. omfg this fight was sooo hard i mean we wiped like 0 times man i was about to quit raiding cuasd of how frustrated and how many nerd rages i had

  19. omfg this fight was sooo hard i mean we wiped like 0 times man i was about to quit raiding cuasd of how frustrated and how many nerd rages i had ohh and also our funniest run was when we were all pumped to run heroic professor putricide and we all went in and he bugged and reset when he was down to 2% health

  20. At first i was like whats he talking about? Then when i heard " the rockets can knock you back A WHOLE seven yards , if you get hit seven times you MIGHT get knocked back to the middle of your ship!" i was like oh its a joke and i start lmaoing.

  21. This is so hard you need at least one space chicken to complete it, which fortunately we have here, actually filming this thing!

  22. we tried with 6 people… 3 where ungeared lvl 80s and me and 85 blood dk, another blood dk,.and a shammy… we wiped 4 times, then we got it lol

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