Happy new year!! // Kraken under 5kg flight

Happy new year!! // Kraken under 5kg flight

Hello and welcome, today is the 31 of decembre please dont be suprised why i look so different i am invited to a new years eve “crime dinner” and the reason i am dressed like this is i play a mafia wife thats why i look like this yesterday i have been with my BF to the flying field i asked him to do for my “Kraken under 5kg” Rotor article some flying photos and a short flying video i thought i´d share that with you its not one of my best flying videos as i have been not flying in the last 1,5months its winter here in germany but i thought it could be maybe interesting for you maybe you are intersted to get a short insight into my “under 5kg” kraken and also on this way i wanted to wish you all a happy new year 2020, thanks for all your support in 2019 we see eaxh other again next year see you

Eugene Islam

43 thoughts on “Happy new year!! // Kraken under 5kg flight

  1. Hii Simone ☺ its so good to see you again ( you looking stunning 😙 ) Wanna wish you and youre friend and family the best for 2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR🤗🤗🤗 much love from Holland Greetz

  2. Were there subtitles for this video? I tried turning them on but it took me to the studio to make them. Either way happy new year. You're looking great.

  3. Simone I was wondering if You quit Flying ! I'm sure glad to get your Video ! You look like you were really Flying Good To Me ! Thanks for the Nice Video ! Happy New Year !

  4. Wishing you and your Family a very Happy and Healthy New Year. May it be a Year filled with much Joy and continued Success Simone.
    All the Best to You! ❤🙏❤

  5. Wow Simone!!!!!!!!!!
    Wünsche Dir auch ein vor Allem Gesundes Neues Jahr!!!!!!!!!

    Danke für Deine sehr sehr schönen Videos im vergangenen Jahr und auf noch schöne viele Weitere im Neuen 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Danke und LG aus dem Berliner Umland


  6. Well done Simone! Nice flight for who was a long time without flying! 🤣 Happy new year for you too! 😝😘

  7. Wow this is honestly the first 3D heli I’ve enjoyed watching. Didn’t have to strain my eye balls to follow it! Sounds great too

  8. Beautiful video my dear nice flight ❤
    Have a happy time and lovely wishes sends you Francisco 🌹🕊
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020🥂🍾

  9. Hey Simone, wie fest ziehst du ungefähr deine Rotorblätter bei deinen Goblins etwa an? Ich habe schon etwas Erfahrung im Modellflug, allerdings bin ich mir in dem Thema noch ein wenig umstritten.

  10. Simone,
    Have a very happy new year!
    Thus, I would like to invite you for the awesome Brazilian event Union Heli Brazil (SAB Brazil supported) on next february.
    Mr Stacy and Bossion already confirmed.
    Why don't you come too?
    Will be a pleasure and a privilege have you here.
    Kind regards.

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