HAMMER OF JUSTICE | Clone Drone #4

HAMMER OF JUSTICE | Clone Drone #4

*high five* Top of the morning to you laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Clone Drone in the Danger Zone! Now they’ve updated quite a lot from what I’ve heard. There’s some new weapons in the game There’s apparently a big giant hammer that you can use to Bonk people on the head with, which I’m looking forward to using Uh I think they might have added new story mode levels. But I don’t know if I – I think I have to Go through the entire story again to get to them So maybe not now, maybe I’ll try that another time. I want to try out the endless mode! Jesus Christ! This is loud! “Sally Hutchinson”… Green Announcer: I want to see Titanium Difficulty.
Orange Announcer: Me too. Uhh, no thanks! I’d rather not see that! Ok…
Orange Announcer: Bronze. Will the human reach silver? Green Announcer: I hope so!
Jack: Here we go. HUAH! I kinda forget how to play this! Oh god, oh god! Ohhhh God! Nevermind! I’m still awesome! I still got It! D-Hey! HooWah! Ok. OK, this is only the first fucking section. Endless mode is harder than the story.
Orange: The human made it look easy. From what I remember, anyway.
Green: The Bronze Tier is not that hard. True, agreed. I wanna-I wanna see if there is any new upgrades down here. Uh, oh yeah! “Hammer!” “Hammer” and “Hammer size!” I kind of want to get the bow now and, like stack up and THEN use the hammer. But I also really just want the hammer. Yeah, ok. I’ll get the bow for now. We work our way up, and we’ll get there. Andddd, I died. Do-over! You didn’t see that! Robot: “Dollie Tapia”
Jack: That doesn’t count. We’ll try again. Age 25? See, this one is closer to my actual age, AND they’re in hot pink! OH, god the jumpies! Oh, yeah! Get fucked mid-air! Hah! Huhhho, I’m gonna get fucked mid-air if I’m not careful. Come ‘ere! Ohhh, you’re all alone. One by one!
Robot: Victory. That’s just that dudes ass and legs bouncing through the air.
Green: Good, the human won the Bronze Level! Orange: The reward is that we don’t erase its mind.
Jack: Stop it! I’m gonna do well, dudes! Do you believe in me? Do YOU believe in me? Hope so. I’m gonna go out there and kill them all. Don’t worry, I’ll be back! Oh, god. Oh JESUS! Is that a dude with a fuckin’ hammer already?! WWWhat? I am- oh my god, he just killed his own dude! I am NOT fucking ready for this! Ahh! Christ! He’s fuckin’ scary. WAhh!! YEAHHH!
Robot: Victory. *squeaky* I fuckin’ did it! I mean, *lowers voice* I did it. Orange: One more down, an endless amount to go.
Green: Prediction: The amount will not be endless. *chuckles* That’s awesome! I thought he was gonna be super hard! Ummm, what do I need? There I’ll get some more arrow stuff. *welder buzzes* Then maybe next time we’ll get the hammer. ‘Cause I want to make sure I can actually progress. And not get the hammer and then realize that’s really hard to use and I dick myself over. Wup! Are you the ones that jump? Nnnope. I guess not. Wah!! NOOOOOOOOOO! Robot: Defeat. Ahh, I’m bad at this. Ok, this time I’m going straight for “hammer.” Straight for “Hammer”
Orange: Let’s warm up with some Mark 1 Sword Robots. Green: They are cute!
Jack: I’m not messin’ around this time. Uh… weapon unlocked equip hammer f-for three oowOOoo It’s not very BIG, that other guy had a WAY bigger hammer! I feel inadequate ohhhh shoulda got my bow! It’s fine, I got this, I got this, watch! Nnn-DAH! Oh god there’s a delay in it so it’s hard to use! *Wump!* OOOOOOHHHHH JESUS! *KerThunk!* BOOOOM! *Clang!* OHHOH JESUS CHRIST! I messed him up!
Robot: Victory. That was awesome!
Orange: The human won.
Green: Nice one! Oh, I like the hammer! oooooooOOOOH bigger hammer! Yes! Let’s DO IT! Heup! BAH! Hahahaha! Oh my god, does that break through their guard? It seems like it might, it’s also very hard to judge the timing of it sometimes. oooooohhhh NELLY! *hard exhales* That’s a fuckin’ scary weapon!
Robot: Victory. BOOOOOM it’s like getting hit with a sonic boom.
Orange: Look at the tough little human.
Green: It’s easy to look tough in Bronze. okay, I’ll make it, don’t fuckin’ worry! Ima get a clone. SHUT UP! I got this, I got…this
Orange: Silver. Silver Difficulty!
Green: Yes! WHAT IS THIS?? OHH GOD! ohhh shit… OHH Nelly! WooBAH! Fuck! nnooh god This is terrifying! There we go! THERE we fuckin’ go! THAT DIDN’T KILL YOU?! ahhH! GOD! where’d you come out of?! Buh! at least these guys they have a windup to their attack, so I have a safe moment Kill ’em! UUUOOOOWWWH Did he hit me?! That felt like he hit me! *CLANG!*
Robot: Victory. Nice! What happened to everyone else? oooohh
Orange: Boom.
Green: Easy squeezy. Ah okay! so if you fall in there there was just a bunch of spikes!
Female Robot: Human, please return to the elevator. God, that would have been bad. I have a bow now! Not afraid to use it though! Ohh, you jumped over and got your friend hit! That’s not very nice of you now, is it? I’m gonna get fuckin’ hit if I’m not careful, Jesus! Ok, deal with archers first! BYAH! Nice! Oh god… OH god! Sword V Sword- Sword V Hammer is scary because I’m so much slower. Which that should probably mean that I should change my WEAPON! I almost got- I ALMOST GOT KILLED AGAIN! Fuck you! *shwing*
OHhh yeah!
Robot: Victory. Chopped his head off, that was awesome! Orange: Hooray.
Jack: Hooray. There’s some- OH! It’s you! I was like, there’s some sort of EXPLOSIONS going off everywhere. EEE! Chop his legs off!
Yeah! Yeah get ’em! YEAH! Oh, fuck. This is terrifying! Ok, go go go, go go go. Eyah! YAAAS!!! Killing him was a big thing. ‘Cause he was a pain in my ass. Huh! Get ’em. YES! Oh yes, Mr. Bojangles!
Robot: Victory. Fuck you, fuck you. Imma get “kick.” I think kick was very useful for knocking dudes down. I forget how I do- There we go. And I think it made like, killing them a bit easier, but… Especially THESE guys!
Orange: Go-o-o-o-old! Green: Goo-oo-oo-oo-oold Orange: Gold!
Green: Gold!
Jack: What? Aoh fuck! Gah! GHAI FUCKING ASSHOLES! STUPID JETPACKS! Ohh nooo. OH! I have a fuckin’ dude! Oh yes! Hoo, I forgot about that! Okay. Okay, time to be a bit smarter about this, maybe. Eyah! Get ’em, get ’em, shit. Dah, dah! Shit. Go away! Go away ye fucks! YES!!! Yeah! Get ’em! WAOO!!!
Robot: Victory. OHHH!!! See, gettin’ Kick was better!
Orange: Epic.
Green: This is nothing compared to the Diamond Tier. Ok, I’m gettin’ another dude. Orange: What a nice little level.
Jack: I AGREE! It was nice. Not really. Orange: Just a Spider-tron at the end.
Green: Yes, should be easy.
Orange: He-he-he. Jack: I don’t trust that. Never trust a robot that laughs.
Robot: Clone created. Orange: The clone option! Ok, maybe get him? Did I get him? OH I DID fuckin’ get him! Nice. Huah! BYAH! Oh, that woulda been Le Epic! Shit. Oh, fuck yeah! This is fuckin’ scary. THERE’S A LOT OF DUDES AROUND! *squeaky* I don’t like it! Niiice! Ppp- Oh! Not enough energy! Fuck. ooh shit, OH SHIT, Go away! GO AWAY PLEASE! Nope! Nope! *exhale* Oh FACK! oOOh, why don’t I just do THIS? There ya go, fuckers. Ooaah, ‘Cause they’re big and they’re mean. AND THEY’VE A LOT OF REACH! I don’t like this, I don’t like this. I don’t like ANYTHING that’s happening! Go-go-go-go-go! Go-go-go-go-go! *squeaky* AHH! I can’t fuckin’ aim! Ahh! Ohh oh oh! OH OH OH! Wah! There, that should get ’em. FINALLY! Christ! He not fuckin’ dead! Now ye are, you have no fuckin’ head. Ok, THESE guys, I’m just bringing over spikes. ‘Cause it’s not worth my fuckin’ effort. It’s not worth my Coco Pops! Shh-Jesus, did you just kill your friend?! Robot: Victory. I think he killed his friend.
Orange: Wow, this human is good. Green: Perhaps we will see… TITANIUM!
Orange: That would be amazing. Scared the SHIT outta me, that level, oh my god. Chu got for me? Oh mother o’ god. ook ok, wait for all the arrows and then fire! I didn’t get that guy. Uaah ahh FAHK Heh, look at that guy bouncing. *laughs* Aww sorry dude! Eah! Get ’em (x6) Yeah! I don’t think he died though, did he? Awww, nope. Nope.
Ah these aren’t jumpy pads these are fucken spikes! WAAAAHOOOOO… …oooo shit, SHIT.
This is bad! Okay.
Hello commentators. I’m goin’ back. WEEEE Oww (x6) There we fucken go, that what Jack needed. This is gettin scary
Doah! [whistle] NOOOOOOOOOOO Fuck do I have another guy? I do… Okay This might be the end. This might be the end of Jackaboy and… …whatever his name was. I don’t remember what the name of my clone was. Oh yea, these are they guys that can block.
OH wait! Don’t I have fucking kick? Nffuuuck [jack spitting] [jump cut]
Okay well that does it for this episode of Clone Drone I’ll go off, and I’ll get better at it and i’ll come back and try again. The hammer is awesome. I really like the hammer in this game. Not only ’cause its like its a big boom. but it has the, the… like sonic boom that comes out of it what you hit somebody. So it feels like a concussion blast. Feels like you explode their faces. Uhm, or I might come back and try the story mode again and see how far I can get into that. ‘Specially with the hammer now, I think I might be more fun. ‘Cause endless mode… Oh no no…
Robot: Raymond- Shit Endless mode throws a lot of umm… *knockoff Terminator Theme* Throws a lot of challenges at you which are harder than just the story modes. So I might do that next. I dunnno. Anyway THANK you guys so much for watching this episode. If you liked it… PUNCH THAT LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE… LIKE A BOSS. and [leans in] high fives all around. [Jack making a whip cracking sound x2] Thank you guys and I’ll see all you dudes…. [Jack screaming] IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! “I’m Everywhere” by Teknoaxe plays *music ends* “Clone drone in the JACKABOY zone!” ‘Cause I am the danger!

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  1. I wasn't looking at the screen straight away after I clicked the video, and for a second, I thought Jack was going to say Clustertruck! XD

  2. The hammer is risky because it attacks slower and it has a delay but the thing is its op you can destroy robots with the hammer

  3. 3eeseseseseszzesezzeesezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzESZ3dzxxxsssz xx. DD ZEwxsd qxd g( Fav b. G bmiuuiijuuz (I fell asleep on my phone)

  4. This is if you make a future episode, use the hammer with swords, swords for the rest. If you use the spear, use the jet pack because you can just ram into people. Draw your bow before you go on the elevater, so you have one extra arrow.

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