H-King Super Kinetic Sport Glider 815mm PNF Maiden flight

H-King Super Kinetic Sport Glider 815mm PNF Maiden flight

This is great. Great…I cant believe how much fun this baby is, how easy it is to handle and such a good flyer. Iam really impressed by the performance of such a small glider. I love it and I cant wait to have more fun with this little devil. Oh yeah… Big salute to all RC lovers and pilots all over the world from Captain Blaž & Pilot Robert Slovenia. See you soon…

Eugene Islam

90 thoughts on “H-King Super Kinetic Sport Glider 815mm PNF Maiden flight

  1. i dont get it, the CG looks so much off and the plane flies great, and some planes have the perfect G spot and they crash, this is confusing ! And yes, the weather can be a big pain in the ass..lol

  2. Nice maiden my friends. My brother had the old version and he really liked it. I may need to get one. Please fly the 5m glider.

  3. It reminds me of the first trainer I had years ago, hey you could get a big flight time using the motor to get to gliding height then cutting it….nice flyer… Oh Yeah!

  4. What!!! Are you guys in Denmark 😉 sounds like that, when you are talking about the weather like that hehe awesome little bird thx for sharing.. Salute Lase

  5. Would like to see hobby king come with more planes that you just need to bind and fly .Not everyone has a receiver kicking around. Which means you have to buy that too. Which leads to the new pilots …..which one …..most will just walk away from it. So yes I would like to see hobby king come out with bind and fly planes.

  6. Such a great fun in this vid, had to keep smiling the whole time – good screwing at the end with the countdown and laugh, cpt. Blaž 🙂 Pilot Robert said how things are when we fly, directly from heart!

  7. It's very similar to the tiny trainer in terms of size, weight, power and batteries. I get 8 mins of motor on my tiny trainer and 10 mins of flying and I end up with 25 to 30% remaining. I guess if you fly this Super Kinetic more conservatively you could get about the same time in the air. Not my next airplane but an interesting one nonetheless. Good video.

  8. Another Great Review …! Did Hobby King correct the weak area in the middle fuselage ? Planes were snapping in two in that area . If they did please explain and if they didn’t and you did please explain . If neither one .. Are you concerned that yours will snap after a few landings . Thanks

  9. It fly's really nice for a small inexpensive foamy sometimes you don't have to spend a lot to have so much fun AH !

  10. LMSBO!!! 😀 Robert speaking the hello intro ==> "… thank you for sharing the good will – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" as brother quickly reaches into frame to snatch something off the table Oh, man- I love you two guys!

  11. Great babbling as always , just love it 🙂
    You do need to set the engine brake on the ESC since this plane has a folding propeller, I think it is not activated yet.
    What a great fun in such a small plane , just great !!! 👍

  12. Some nice aerobatics from Pilot Robert and dooming the zooming from Captain Blaz!

    You could use the Grand Tundra to tow the 4.8m glider up into the air next.

    Oh yeah 🙂

  13. Looks like a good one and you handled it well Pilot Robert! Great job Captain Blaz on the camera! Hope your weather improves quickly 🙂

  14. I subscribed to your channel a couple of months ago, because you guys crack me up. Also you review planes I may want to buy without to much B.S. I look forward to your next video, weather permitting. Thanks for your entertaining videos.😆

  15. Looked slightly tail heavy at one point- putting the weight of the battery aft like that is decidedly odd. Must be new aerodynamic laws that came out recently or something?

  16. Oh yeah Pilot Robert, your Super Kinetic flys very nice ! I’m in the same boat where I live ….. it’s supposed to rain for the next five days ! 😫 We’re all going to need float planes ! 🤣 Cheers ! 🍻

  17. The maiden flight i was waiting for. And as i expected, it did fly great, better than great.
    It is my kind of plane because, its not big, but not tiny, not complicated, just a simple and solid flyer. Also, 3S? not a bad thing but, does it need 3 cell power? its so small and light, 2S seems would be plenty. Nonetheless, i guess its better to have a little more power than just enough power right? lol
    Salute! 🙂

  18. Sweet flying Pilot Robert and as usual, great filming by, "The Engine Doctor"!!! OH YEAH, THIS IS IT!!!! Thanks guys!!!

  19. Another excellent maiden flight Robert! And Blaz has become an expert camera man. Next he needs a 4K camcorder! 👍

  20. Might I suggest the acro vectored from origin hobby. Single prop on the nose that changes angles with a servo. You can do flat spins supposedly! Be fun to watch you guys fly that! ….. doesn’t appear to be available anymore but theres a few good videos to watch of it

  21. captan Blaz you always forget your ear plugs;-) haha as usual awesome and fun review. love your videos guys

  22. 14:53 Robert: 'I'm really without words, eh?' A rare moment indeed! Great vid as always guys! We have weather like that nearly all the time in England! An amazing little plane. Just one thing, as the Rx is mounted directly above the ESC I would place a piece of foam between the two to prevent the heat from the ESC transferring to the Rx. Grahame

  23. Check this film out from nearly 80 years ago. Gas (spark) ignition planes, a single radio controlled plane and most others rubber band free flight on a very windy day. A two cylinder boxer engine and a single blade balanced prop on another. Excellent historical film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEHLY7Aptvk

  24. This is what I was waiting for. These two nice guys nailed it. Very easily for transport and looks sturdy and with the great performance. The only one thing was the full movable elevator, but now is soluted. I will push the button for order. Can you imagine when these two guys will test Avios 1450mm Spitfire. This will be blockbuster!

  25. Another great fun video from the flying brothers in Slovenia,I love the passion that you show for flying and you get out in the fresh air and do it regardless of a bit of wind or bad weather,this really is a fun model that is an ideal flying model travelling companion on the back seat,the centre of gravity is determined from the centre of pressure on the aerofoil there is some latitude that can be determined by experimentation.

  26. Salut les amis 😀. , J'ai le même depuis quelques temps . C'est une vrai fusée ce petit avion . On peut s'amuser des heures avec un peu de vent .Sur le bord des hauteurs de la mer on peut voler une journée entière sans problème . Il glisse sur le vent . Un Super petit avion que je recommande pour des sensations fortes 😉

  27. Dis is just great Hey. What a beautiful little glider. BUT we want to see your 5 meter glider and having so much fun yeah. Great job on de zooming Capt and now we know you can count from 5 backwards ….. oh yeahhh. Keep em coming and thanks

  28. I bought Kinetic a couple of years ago, and mostly I liked it very much. The only bad thing is the elevator. On my maiden flight I was doing low alt, full throttle pass, when suddenly one of the elevators snapped off and the plane dug into the ground. The fuselage snapped in two pieces, and there was other minor damage. I was able to repair it, and even did some FPV flights. FPV gear fits nicely in front compartment. I remember one time I did 15 minutes flight on 3S 1000mAh Nano-Tech. Great video guys!

  29. Oh Yeah!!! I’ll be having one of these at HobbyKing Live this weekend. I’ll be able to assemble & fly it there in your sprit on Sunday (even with a propeller mauled finger 😂)

  30. I salute from Austria to your flying skills as well as to your skills as rc modelists. And let me say that you both are great entertainers. I always have so much fun when watching your videos !! Waiting for your next "What do we have today"

    PS: Had no good experiences with 90% of my HK nanotech lipos in different capacities (600mAh to 1800mAh). Although I never discharged them under 30%, they balooned. Therefore I prefer the HK Graphen lipos. With these I had no problem so far.

  31. We’re experiencing that same monsoon weather here in the Rocky Mountains to. Also it would be awesome if you and pilot Ryan and Capt. Mike from motionrc did some flight videos together!!

  32. no stall my ass, he wasnt even turning that hard at low speed… doesnt matter where you put the battery, its gonna stall!

  33. You sold me, mine’s on it’s way! This seems to be the updated version of the old design. Love gliding so I’m always a bit biased towards gliders especially powered ones. If you lose lift at a slope site you may have to take a hike to recover your plane. With this one you can cheat and fly it back‼️ Too old to hike anymore, LOL😎

  34. You talk about the quality of this plane…. Once i climbed high enough and did an unpowered dive. At some point the battery trap came off and half of the elevator was gone due to overspeed (the plastic piece holding the elevator cracked), both parts flew away and were never found.
    To my surprise, i couldn't buy the battery trap separately, so i fly without it … Why nobody says a word about this flaw??
    Otherwise it is a good airplane for the price

  35. I like it. Will see if they have it in the Australian warehouse. Thanks guys very good information. Take care.

  36. Perfect fun flight with lots of "babble"!  I bet the folks who tip stall are just trying to fly too slow like a big floaty glider.  The little ones need to be treated like a regular airplane with a good glide ratio, then you won't tip stall

  37. Once more the most spetacular kinect video in the " solar system " !!!!!

    Congratulations Guys……..for long time I didn't laugh so much………

  38. That wing is the reason the plane flies well with that CG ,angle of incidence is down with also the up sweep in the tips like eagle or, hawk , down ward angle of attack at higher speed this helps with the elevator pressure "'wing wants to pitch up " this creates a trim down without compromising to much movement of your elevator trim tab button , a small fast plane with lots of lift so at slow airspeed will glide well This also makes the aircraft pitch sensitive , lower the rates where needed high expo 60% like the pilot said . You guys make me laugh A , love your video presentations A . Salute from AZ. U.S.A. ……… A.

  39. I bought one of these long ago and still don't have it out of the box. I have heard some negative reviews. After seeing this It motivates me to get her setup and preflighted. thanks for your time and efforts 🙂 US here.

  40. As usual, Robert and Captain Blaz are just great. Oh yeah. Really enjoy your enthusiasm. Keep it all going. You are right on about crashing. It is bound to happen, but hope for the best.

  41. I cannot believe the speed of this thing…..it's a rocket on full power! It's small, powerful, the battery is in the right place, the CG is good. What else can you ask for. Good things do come in small packages after all. I'm going to check this out on Hobby King. Thanks guys. Captain, I'll talk to you next time.

  42. Are these planes donated by the manufacturer or store for you to review or are you spending a fortune on them ?

  43. OMG ha ha .. so funny..I had to go back and look at some of your earlier videos, and …. ha ha I had to change my under ware from laughing so hard lmao!! omg eh! What a sweet little gilder eh? I have one the ak A600 which I got a few months ago and have not had a chance to fly yet, but now, after watching this video, I am anxious to enjoy it like you have in this video eh? When I fly it I will be remembering this video and to bring an extra pair of under ware!! Happy Flying eh?

  44. I just love when Captain Blaz starts his countdown to try and get Pilot Robert to stop talking,haha. P.S. Captain Robert please keep babbling,all the best:) 🙂

  45. that g-spot blows my mind because i would think that it was extremely tail heavy … buy yes Pilot Robert, i think everyone should click that link and get one of these to hang from their mirror and take everywhere!!

  46. I put a ridiculous amount of weight in the nose to get the CG to balance out and the thing is very heavy for its size. It penetrates the wind like no other, but really needs a lot of speed to keep from dropping out of the sky. I may have to try to set mine up the way you have yours and ignore the fact that it balances like a tail heavy plane according to the manual's CG.

    KInd of weird that they call it the center of gravity when it's not supposed to balance on the CG.

  47. Hi guys any idea how you adjust the aileron linkages on these fiddly ball link arms? Do you pull the balllink apart?
    The tiny 4mm nut is impossible to remove on mine
    Top sexy channel guys

  48. Hahahha.."You can just hang it on your mirror"…what a great idea for "vanillatree airfreshener".
    Salute and greetings from almost neighbor Jernej from Novo mesto.

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