Yes Friends Welcome to the Uçsuz Bucaksız channel Here is a brand new video A very different video, with a different format We are now in Denizli Pamukkale And we’il get on Gyrocopter. I have Hüseyin Ercan Bey, Gyrocopter Pilot. Hello welcome I am glad to be here We saw Gyrocopter by chance from the internet I called you on the phone. Can you tell us about this? Where did they first find it, how did they find it? What is this, a helicopter or a plane? Actually, it’s pretty old. Welcome firstly Thank you, we found it pleasant In 1923 a Spanish engineer Civil engineer built the first Gyrcopter and blown very new to Turkey New to I have been in aviation for 20 years I’m a paraglider pilot at the same time A newly known aircraft even in the aviation community But it is widely used in Europe and in the world I would like to give a very simple example. The Czech Republic is a small country with a population of 10 million 7,900 of these aircraft have registered aircraft in the Czech Republic We currently Turkey’s first and only aviation company to this point Engaged in commercial aviation with gyrocopter in terms of being an example as before i said that I have been flying with paragliding in this area for many years I met Gyrocopter in 2014, just like you. When examining technical specifications, at the safety point I liked a feature that I’ve seen Interesting Yeah, I got some information on the Internet. There is a very strange feature to tell my teacher Yeah, that wing you saw. Makes the task of the aircraft wing Same as the helicopter wing It’s like a gear. It’s called a rotor, isn’t it? YES rotor Therefore, this upper wing There’s no connection with the engine in the air. Safety God forbid if a negative situation is encountered in the air We never met, but ie for example engine malfunction It is not possible for this aircraft to fall Continuous rotation continues with wind from below Continues to spin Buddha is a very nice feature For me as a parachutist.means spare parachute I leaned over this topic then the topic went to different places Because in Pamukkale As we know, the rate of tourists staying is very low another leg of it in the future Elsewhere in Turkey will be held in many parts of the I have no doubt Our country has many different centers of tourism In Antalya, in Kusadasi, in Cappadocia We think there will be such centers One feature of ours is the fact that the air taxi From here to nearby areas Izmir, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum Areas such as Has the ability to operate air taxi about 1 hour distance from these centers I mean, I got on this right now. I took my backpack I’m going to Izmir We can land at the airport We can land at the Izmir airport you know All of our flights are carried out by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. With the permission of the Ministry of Transport Before each flight Flight plan from gazebo square Allow confirmation period, we will fly with you soon We drew our plan, we got our approval All flights are controlled in this way to tell the truth i was afraid at first it is not clear whether the aircraft or helicopter, so security It also has a beautiful definition Both aircraft and helicopter, neither aircraft nor helicopter Definition of Gyrocopter running up and down like an airplane It already has a wing like a helicopter It looks like a helicopter, but it doesn’t lift. The helicopter is not called because it does not lift directly There’s wings But the plane is not because of the rotary wing Not fixed Multifunctional, fun, fantastic plane I say So how does this fuel, fuel? Petrol, unleaded gasoline Very nice Approximately 300 meters But at our somewhat safety point our place is 430 meters 300 meters can land and take off easily Grass, concrete, asphalt so God forbid in any trouble to the field, where you can go anywhere? – Can land because of the property I mentioned In this way hover when running out of gasoline but the pilot is in such a situation accelerates by pressing lever because we need to put a wheel at 70-80 kilometers even with the engine stopped I can make a soft landing people come to Pamukkale Here you can fly with you can fly We take positive feedback then we are happy to do the right job Not satisfied yet I wrote you the first instagram So after the phones we met they were very warmly greeted really I never knew him. We came here for the first time and had tea we will start the flight soon I’m really excited about how the flight will be, though this is something safe We will fly over Pamukkale Travertines It will be a very different experience I used to drone all the time. This time I’ll be in a drone myself Yeah, we’re going to get to Gyrocop. I loved the red one and stood by it most Guess that one person (not) A bit smaller There’s a big two here. we get on her and our flight will start, I could not speak Gopro is not safe Isn’t he solid? you said the other one wasn’t stuck the wind comes goes to the propeller god forbid You need to keep it intact. Yes heat to heat immediately Let’s take your feelings, your feelings Hüseyin Bey said He said get well And I said, really get over it, get past it for getting off something beautiful I would definately recommend that everyone should ride i’ve never seen anything like it in my life It’s like you’re in a helicopter, but it’s a plane. We flew all over Pamukkale We flew over travertines All the people were looking at you. Because people don’t know what it is. They’re looking at a helicopter or a plane? And people are looking at you in complete, all the tourists waved at us of course we waved at them surely come here Take the Gyrocopter in Pamukkale and perform this flight Something really exquisite I didn’t think I’d enjoy it. And if I can get this out let’s help my teacher Sir, is there anything you’d like to say? the most satisfying part for us that we receive these reactions from our guest after the flight that means we are doing the right job, we are in the right place yes i like it very much, really this is what makes us most happy you’re in the air all the wind you feel in my teacher made maneuvers left and right fake popped and took off again it was very nice, very enjoyable I recommend to everyone, surely come to Gyrocopter we thank you Our gyrocopter flight is over we took off our helmet we sat down, breathing, drinking our water we had a good time here I’ve never had such excitement in my life I’ve never seen such a beauty really must ride Hüseyin Bey is with me I thank him very much for his interest and relevance. for this beautiful day I hope to see you again take good care of yourself, very pleased If I come to Pamukkale I will surely come again take good care of yourself friends have come to the end of a new video take good care of yourself See you in the next video don’t forget to like and subscribe to and don’t forget to follow my instagram account, take good care of yourself

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