Gunship Physics ★ Hovercraft ★ Rival Rebels Game Dev #7

Gunship Physics ★ Hovercraft ★ Rival Rebels Game Dev #7

[Disclaimer: The following footage of my experimental projects does not represent the final gameplay of Rival Rebels: the Dark Matter Drive.] Hello guys, this is my game development video log number seven. Let me make a quick recap for all the new
subscribers: I’m making a massively multiplayer game, fully independent and completely cross-platform. In order to create the game I experimented a lot during the past three years and made test project to try out my ideas on terrain generation, physics, shading, and
modeling. I started this vlog to share these projects and show you my progress on the Rival Rebels DMD game. Thank you for all the comments and subscriptions. This was an early prototype ship I made around
two years ago. The idea was to make a testing like hovercraft to be able to test physics and you know the limitations of different systems and stuff. This was going to be a gunner ship. There was going to be a over here in the back there are going to be a mounted gun and you can also see a ladder over here to go up, there’s four sort of high poly thrusters and the drivers seat. Driving the ship is a little difficult with
this driving system but it’s manageable, completely. You can see here the ship in midair. Also the green the green color on the bottom that’s a trick. I put a directional light coming from the ground up to sort of fake some global illumination as if the grass was coloring the bottom of the ship like you know by reflection. Ok so what I learned doing this project is that the hover system the the driving system with the hovercraft and all that the simpler the better really because before I had tried some rotary thrusters and like thrusters that can change angle sideways and like up and down and stuff like that and even with this ship that is quite simple because all the thrusters are always facing in the same direction fixed the only thing that I can change to like drive the ship is the amplitude of the thrust from every thruster and it’s physically based so the driving system makes the ship go forward by changing the thrust on the different thrusters so there’s no like weird hacky cheats to like fake physics or whatever it’s all like real stuff but driving is too complicated so yeah i just wanted to show you guys this because you guys were asking about the vehicles. Yeah I wanted to tell you that these are going to be in the game for sure. probably not this one in particular but there will be vehicles. They will be physically based and yeah I mean I’m going to try to make them as scientifically plausible as possible within you know certain restraints because if it’s too hard to use its not fun and you know, games have to be fun. See you next time dudes!

Eugene Islam

21 thoughts on “Gunship Physics ★ Hovercraft ★ Rival Rebels Game Dev #7

  1. Very nice, maybe you should add something like a massive gunship that can orbit around the battlefield, like one player steers it and controls a mounted laser gun on the front why other players man turrets along the sides and bottom, like it could be something like this.

    along the sides are mounted laser guns that act as AA guns and anti infantry weapons, then on the bottom is a bunch of bigger turrets with multiple weapons for ground attack, like a gatling laser cannon, a laser guided rocket launcher and a tesla weapon, and then there is a nuclear missile turret that has four nuclear missiles.

    the mounted laser guns could simply overheat after firing them for awhile, the weapons on the ground assault turrets could each have different mechanics the gatling laser cannon can have the overheat mechanic as well, the tesla can have a mechanic where you charge it and the more you charge it the more powerful it is and it can have a battery that runs out and recharges and the laser guided missiles simply reload automatically after you fire all of them or reload them by pressing a button and as for the nuclear turret can work the same as the laser guided missiles, you fire all four of them and it reloads automatically or you can reload it yourself but it basically takes them a lot longer to reload.

    although this is just a suggestion hope you like it Rodol 🙂

  2. Hello Rodal I've been a fan of your mod ever since it was released (even when the minecraft mod had pix elated guns) and I AM SUPER HYPED for this new game! When will it come out and is it gonna be a Steam thing?

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