Gunship & Hoverbike Dev Rival Rebels Rgiant Game

Gunship & Hoverbike Dev Rival Rebels Rgiant Game

Rgiant is a very hands-on type of
game where you have control over a lot of stuff pretty much everything. Dudes
I’m Rodol, the creator of Rival Rebels. please help me out promoting the game
let’s hype about it! the more people gets involved the better! thanks a Megaton!
okay this is my progress report I made the
condensation trails flicker so we can tell how fast the ship’s going. the trails
now emanate from small vent ports on the thrusters. I tweaked the physics, ship
stability, and flying controls. now the ship maintains altitude and shares the
new throttle slider I introduced for the Rave. I made new particle effects for the
thrusters, now the afterburner is more jet like and it kicks up dust from the
ground. I also made the landing mechanism much smoother. I’m planning to add
turbulence to make the stability system be affected by weather and other
environmental conditions. I added a recoil animation to the Corsaire 3 mounted weapons, the Einfire and the Eincannon. now the Einfire has
a muzzle flash. we can hook the Rave onto the pylon system of the ship. the pylon
lets you attach cargo like the pods, as well as nukes and other ordnance, and now
also the hover bike! to use it the pilot has to unlock it first so nobody can
steal it. And then you can jump onto the bike. You
can even fly carrying your friends on the bike. I need to make a video dropping
the Rave from midair. It looks epic! anyway,
full speed ahead! look at our speed on the top-left corner.
Oh building incoming! Lul. well that thing on the floor is the Rave’s battery.
the in and out player transitions are not done yet. okay again! let me stop for
a sec to show you the rave’s module slot here you can fit a size 18 battery or
Sklodowska generator. obviously the generator is better, but more expensive. you can even open the module bay while
riding the bike don’t ask me what for because I don’t
know but Rgiant’s modularity concept will let us do a lot of cool stuff, I
mean instead of working around restrictions like most games do I try
to do the opposite I try to generalize features to give players a lot of
freedom and let you experiment and do crazy stuff. Okay I’m also about to
finish the first cutscene and it’s looking amazing! so stick around because
we are getting there. thank you for joining us from the beginning! this is
gonna be awesome! trust me! Peace! Rodol out. Lol. look at that! there’s so many
glitches to fix…

Eugene Islam

20 thoughts on “Gunship & Hoverbike Dev Rival Rebels Rgiant Game

  1. This looks great. However, when you're taking a Bike off the Hovercraft I believe you should be able to take it off normally and then be able to ride it as it sorta looks like the player is being crushed by it

  2. You are doing soooo good on this. I envy you for skills 🙂 I am way off from this level in my UE4 experiments, but, you know saying – do not compare with others: just improve yourself. 😉
    I blogged and tweeted this video :

  3. This is BedOfAntarctica. The game is looking real nice. There's a lot of customisation which is nice i think that feature alone will attrack a large playerbase.anyway keep up the great work

  4. My brother was annoying me a lot about this game and I see why. This game is looking amazing and I can't wait until it's in an open beta

  5. @Rodol Phito
    2.04 I'm REALLY liking your design philosophy! 😀
    A game should not stand in the way of it's players, it should enable the players to do what they want.

  6. What about you make a story mode with sandbox-like gameplay like Starbound???? That would be great…. maybe……

  7. Using Einstein Minigun on Rave Hoverbike is epic. But it would be more epic if minigun will shot where you point like up, down and back.

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