Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours in the Eurocopter EC-130

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours in the Eurocopter EC-130

Page Municipal Airport (PGA), Page, Arizona
at right: Tower Butte formation The Eco-Star EC-130 is the only helicopter specifically designed for air tourism. EuroCopter actually solicited advice and the air tourism industry was very
much involved in the design aspect of the EC-130. The goal in designing it was to provide customers
with the best viewing platform possible. When you compare all other helicopters operating in the air tour industry, you certainly get wonderful
views, but you don’t get near the visibility that you get out of an Eco-Star. You’re looking at a wrapped -around glass cockpit;about
65 square feet of glass all around… …the way the glass wraps around the cockpit is strategically placed so that
you can take photos and view from different angles within the cabin… You also have a seating configuration that affords amazing comfort, each seat is like
a first class seat, ample room for personal comfort, for moving around… ..the individual seats are just like first class seats on an airline. But you
also have a design in the back seats that are theatre-raised style seating… ..which means if someone in front of you is a bit tall,
you can still have excellent viewing because the seats are raised. So you’ve got the massive glass canopy to experience, you’ve got the
seating configuration that affords both amazing and great visibility again… ..and couple that with the fact that as air tour operators, we’re always concerned
about being environmentally friendly and operating quiet technology within the National Parks. And the Eco-Star design beyond having this amazing visibility platform also was
designed to be the quietest and most efficient helicopter flying… …certainly in the Grand Canyon and I believe any other National Park Unit. What makes it quiet is the design of the “finestron” tail. If you
look at the “finestron” tail it’s like a fan within a fin. You find that the noise emissions are cut down by 25%
and it is noticeably quiet as you fly over… You find that the noise emissions are cut down by 25%
and it is noticeably quiet as you fly over… …people who’ve watched it from the ground and listened to comparable helicopters very
much appreciate the fact that it’s a much much quieter machine. It’s also far more efficient, it burns less fuel, it’s got the leading edge technology
that supports very efficient engine operation, similar to the Triple 7 engine technology. So when you look at the increased visibility, you look at the
comfort for the passenger, you look at the quiet technology… …it’s a premier air tour ship available. Brand new, they run about $2.3 million.
Other helicopters operating in the Grand Canyon, run about half that cost. So, yes, we’ve got the premier helicopter machine, the acquisition cost considerably higher. But
for your once-in-a-lifetime experience, the Eco-Star is the only way to go!

Eugene Islam

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