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100 thoughts on “GETTING READY FOR OUR WEDDING | gay marriage

  1. We made it. Sorry for the delay in posting but it's been a pretty crazy few days. Hope everyone has been well and getting ready for Thanksgiving (if you live in the USA). When you watch the video, you will see where we are living now 🙂 Big hugs to you all and have a great weekend.

  2. You boys will look great! I know who has Bernardinos lap! Love you both sooooo much! Until next tues, Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I love this video! Especially you guys getting married and picking what suit you are going wear for you wedding! I love any married couples! You both will be awesome husbands! You both are funny, and are my kind of guys to hang with. Please make more videos!

  4. Watching lovely stories like this makes u feel to be inlove again even u dont like…🥺😞☹️😇 stay strong to the both of u guys love from philippines💙

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    Thân chúc cả nhà có nhiều sức khỏe , gặp nhiều may mắn và luôn tràn đầy hạnh phúc trong cuộc đời 🎭

  6. Don't leave Portland. It fits you like a glove. The two of you define Portland as the wonderful place it is for everyone.

  7. I do not know why same one dislike your videos
    you guys are amazing & beautiful I wish you a wonderful married life with each other
    Love all 💜💜

  8. Congrats guys on the upcoming wedding! Me and my partner have been together for 20 years and never thought this would even be possible for us. We watch your videos every time they are posted. I was wondering about the grey button down shirt Bernardo was wearing. I have been looking for a shirt like this and would like to know the brand it is if possible? You guys are awesome.

  9. Ok. One of you needed to be a Virgo! Your pile of laundry would freak them out and it would be neatly folded in minutes.. LOL

  10. I think you guys make the cutest couple. You have found true friendship and love in each other and it's a beautiful, genuine love. Love you guys and wish you the best in all that you explore. Kiss and congratulations.

  11. Tô com pressa não posso assistir ao vídeo, assisto quando vier do trabalho, prometo. Mas fica a pergunta para Adam: Bernardo está vestindo o smoki para a realização do casamento dos dois?

  12. Good luck on your big day hope you all have many happy years together and y'all two are made for each other you're soulmates you're perfect

  13. Hello Guys, My husband of 42 years together just found your Youtube channel and are loving it. We've enjoyed all the ones we've seen so far. Keep up the good work and hope your relationship last as long as ours and more. Love you guys. Robert & Dave South Florida.

  14. I fell in love with a Brazilian guy but he doesn't care, he sims like Bernardo, he speaks english to me with the same accent, he is very nice, very beautiful but he doesn't care and it kills my heart , im not talking about bernardo im talking about a guy who looks like bernardo…

  15. Every time I watch your videos I'm like dang, Adam favors someone I remember seeing. Finally I just realized it, Adam you are the Green Arrow from the CW series. Definitely

  16. Very likable couple, though I do question Bernardo saying in previous videos that Brazil is not safe for gays. I've watched a lot of their videos, and when in Brazil, they repeatedly and easily give each other frequent kisses in public, in restaurants and streets, even in more rural areas. But in the States, I see hesitation and sometimes even fear in their eyes as they pull back from public displays of affection (not including gay pride events in SF or San Diego, of course.)

  17. Why I love you guys is because you are soo relatable, like the state of the house is sooo similar to my room, and my life in general and I love you for not putting filters and hiding the mess and for being the unapologetic authentic people you are <3

  18. Oi tudo jóia com vcs? Vcs ficaram lindos de terno , Adam vc é tão charmoso com todo respeito 😁😍 Bernardo parabéns vc é muito jóia 👏😘

  19. What a lovely video
    You guys…can’t wait to see what you chose in a tux!
    And always funny to see you a little tipsy, Adam.

  20. Great for you guys, it's quite exciting to hear you're about getting married, but have you already the event date day or are you planning to surprise every one of us?. Sure it'll be a gorgeous day and congrats for your wedding, but please make sure it worth to give this huge step in your own life. I still have few inside principles that don't allow me to break free at all and definitely. Congrats guys.

  21. Adam , Bernardo, I am sorry but I missed the announcement of your Wedding Date . Would you please tell me or us again of this special day ?

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