Garage × Nikonole

Garage × Nikonole

This is an open studio at the IAM project space
at Garage. This is where media artist Helena Nikonole is working on her project devoted to the study of bird language. The neural network learns from birds’ singing. What is created here is a situation of communication between two non-human agents: birds and artificial intelligence: a metaphor for communication between
nature and technology, where humans are unnecessary. Artificial intelligence learns the universal grammar
of bird language. It captures its morphemes—the basic semantic units— and forms them into utterances. Educating the machine, Niconole will create
a bird language translator. Artificial intelligence will help humans
to better understand nature.

Eugene Islam

3 thoughts on “Garage × Nikonole

  1. Смотря это видео, по мне прошлась волна электрического тока

  2. Sequence to Sequence модель?

    Есть ссылка на гитхаб? Есть подозрения, что вы на звуки оверфитнулись и все. А еще интересно, как был составлен датасет.

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