Future of Aviation

Future of Aviation

Over the last hundred years, the skies have seen enormous changes, from biplanes to space planes.>>…program, Houston.
>>Roger roll, Atlantis. But what will the future look like? NASA engineers, scientists and technicians are working on that, as they have almost since the beginning of powered flight. NASA researchers are developing technologies to make aircraft safer, faster, quieter, more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. And they’re designing tools to help the air transportation system accomodate more traffic.>>NASA’s space missions always are more high priority and high profile, but our aeronautics work is, possibly, the place where our work is most seen and felt by the general public on a daily basis. You’ll find NASA DNA in nearly every civilian and military aircraft flying today.
>>NASA Administrator and former astronaut and test pilot Charles Bolden spoke at the New Horizons in Aviation Forum in Virginia Beach, Va. The two-day conference was designed to help promote aviation’s opportunities and potential. After Bolden’s speech, a university student asked how NASA and the aerospace industry can compete with higher-paying software jobs.>>In NASA, I can compete with anybody because I do the coolest stuff.

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