Flying with Goodyear Blimp Pilots

Flying with Goodyear Blimp Pilots

My name is Taylor Deen. I’m a senior pilot with Goodyear Airship Operations. My name is Matthew St. John. I’m the chief pilot of Wingfoot Two. Wingfoot Two is actually a semirigid Zeppelin-style airship, but “blimp” just rolls off the tongue a lot easier than
semirigid Zeppelin. The amount of licensed blimp pilots in the world is about 40, but actively there’s much less. We want to stay relatively low to the ground — about 1,000 feet — so that people can read the Goodyear logo across the side of the airship. That means we’re doing our job and selling tires. I always try to describe the feeling as kind of like being
on a boat in the ocean. So it’s very calm, it’s very peaceful, it’s quiet. But it does have that rocking motion that you would feel if you were out on a boat on a calm day. There’s no airship or blimp schools, so everybody has a different start. You can either come from the military, you can be a helicopter or an airplane pilot and then transition
over to airships. What I love about this job is that it just gives you a
unique perspective. You get to see things that not too many people are privy to — the entire city lit up like a Christmas tree at night. That’s absolutely gorgeous. The crew that I work with and everybody that is part of Goodyear
is just amazing. So I feel like every day I’m just lucky to be a part of such a good group.

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  1. Came here 'cause I just got my rejection email for a blimp pilot job they had on indeed, oh well guess I'll just keep flyin' me choppa 😥😄😕

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