Flying cars to become reality with cutting-edge technologies

staying in high-tech gadgets what will
cars be like in the future there has been speculation for years now that
flying cars could be one possibility in fact what was once considered science
fiction is close to becoming science fact
the market is expects to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars in the
next 20 years and global tech giants have already begun the race to lead the
industry South Korean researchers are in the mix as well
our young jung-min reports this moving computer graphic shows what it would be
like when a personal air vehicle slice across the urban sky a local aerospace
research institute is working with automobile companies aircraft
manufacturers and universities to develop these flying cars we have
successfully manufactured and tested light aircraft using our own designs and
technology over the last five years based on our know-how we are currently
participating in the personal air vehicle project flying cars take off and
land vertically using tail rotors they will not only be capable of flying but
driving on their roads as well low speed models can speed by at up to 100 km/h
while high speed ones can fly as fast as 200 kilometers per hour south korean
technology is competitive for high speed models because we have been developing
till Trotters since 2002 through years of studies we’ve developed improved
tiltrotor technology Korea also has a strong IT infrastructure which helps
provide services for flying cars the advanced vehicle requires new technology
such as slider batteries new energy sources and self-driving technology as
well as solving technical issues such as making lighter flying cars experts say
it is equally important to make detailed safety rules for them another part which
is very important is regulating the traffic’s some vehicles may fly right
near or above land was some you know the vehicles may go up above that so there
might be some strong as of road for these vehicles so we have
to make you know quite precise regulations to make these vehicles
freely flow experts differ on exactly when these cars will be fully
commercialized but many expected to be around by 2040 morgan stanley forecasts
the market to grow to 1.5 trillion dollars by then global tech giants
including the US France and Germany have already started developing flying cars
and will compete with South Korea to lead the future market in Germany
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Eugene Islam

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