Flying Cars: The future is (nearly) here – The Feed

Flying Cars: The future is (nearly) here – The Feed

This is the Kitty Hawk Flyer. Funded by tech billionaire, and Google founder Larry Page. The Kitty Hawk is a contraption being touted in Silicon Valley as a flying car… Despite the fact that it absolutely is not that. I mean, it doesn’t have any wheels, it’s not enclosed. To be honest it looks a bit more like something out of the Star Wars prequels. Now this is pod racing! But Kitty Hawk aren’t the only boffins trying to send us into the skies. This is the Aeromobil 3.0… Which people are touting as a flying car, but to me, just looks like a little plane. And it’s fine, but it’s no flying car. Really, what I want from a flying car is the wheels, that go sideways as it goes up. Like shhunk, and then for it to go blblblblblblbl. Blblblblblblbl. But obviously the wheels would be on their sides, not upright. Blblblblblbl. Hello, this little tucker from Liberty is being said to be the world’s first flying car on sale. So that’s pre—Oh it’s just a f*cking helicopter. There’s no guarantee we’re going to get our Back to the Future style flying cars any time soon… But that doesn’t mean cool shit isn’t on the horizon. This week, poindexters from all over the nerd kingdom will be flocking to Dallas in the US… To attend Uber’s Elevate Summit, a flying car summit which follows up the 99-page flying car white paper the company released last October. In the paper, Uber shies away from saying they will develop any actual flying cars themselves. But they’re more interested in converting their existing ridesharing technology to the skies. Allowing for quicker trips for customers. For example: travelling from San Francisco to San Jose in 15 minutes. A trip that would usually take 1 hour and 40. And while this is very exciting… Some investors are worried that this is a sharp move away from their core business of mistreating Uber employees. But it’s not just flying cars, companies are now experimenting with different kinds of airborne menaces. Look at this terrifying quad bike of the skies … I feel like if you’re gonna dress like a goon in a Fast and Furious film, and your hoverbike is called… People are going to assume you’re evil. Just listen to the music they chose to accompany their video… Or if you’re into more of a DIY vibe: Why not just hook up a para-sail to a dune buggy for that real Mario Kart experience. Those may all look like insane deathtraps … but the tech to commercially send your car flying is not that far off. In January, the plane manufacturer Airbus said they’d have a prototype ready by the end of this year. But the tech is one thing … laws are another. Governments are notoriously slow to get with the times when it comes to new science, like drones. So even if you did buy a flying car… … it’s unlikely you’ll be George Jetson-ing to work at the sprocket factory any time soon. Plus, who needs a flying car when you’ve got your imagination! That’s enough of that.

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