Exchanged bread with a kite, toy, kick scooter and a toy car [The Return of Superman/2019.11.10]

Exchanged bread with a kite, toy, kick scooter and a toy car [The Return of Superman/2019.11.10]

It’s the sea. (Where did the family visit?) The field and the sea. Gosh, are they in the Netherlands? It’s a popular place in Ulsan where you can see the earliest sunrise. Naeun, we are at Ganjeolgot. – Let’s have fun. / – Okay. (What?) – What is he doing? / – He’s lying on the ground. Gunhoo, what are you doing? (I am photosynthesizing.) He is photosynthesizing. I guess the warm asphalt feels nice. One, two, three. (He refuses.) (Flustered cameramen approach them.) (What is this situation?) (He’s received the energy of Ganjeolgot.) Let’s go, Naeun. – Grab my hand. / – Grab Dad’s hand. He got up as if nothing happened. She is dusting his back. Naeun, since we are at Ganjeolgot, – we should eat the Sun Bread. / – What? It’s an incredibly popular place in Ganjeolgot. – It’s a must when you are in the area. / – Okay. The popular menu of Ganjeolgot is the sweet Sun Bread. Jooho never misses the popular places. Naeun, I will wait out here. Why don’t you take Gunhoo with you and buy the bread? – It’s a piece of cake. / – Okay. However, there is a condition. Naeun, come here. You shouldn’t talk. You are good at running errands. I want you to help Gunhoo with his first errand. – Gunhoo? / – I want to go with Gunhoo. Right. Gunhoo’s been by Naeun’s side – and seeing her run errands. / – What would you like? I want you to help Gunhoo with his first errand. Gunhoo, look at me. Sun Bread. Look at me. Sun Bread. Sun Bread. Sun Bread. (Turning his head) Sun Bread. (Turning his head) Sun Bread. Sun Bread. Bread. Bread, bread, bread. (Please stop.) Bread, bread, bread. Go. Bread, bread, bread. (Okay!) Go. Sun Bread. Go. (Here I go!) Get Americano and pear-ade as well. (Dad, do you want bread that much?) (On the Park Family’s honor,) (I will bring you the Sun Bread.) Naeun, help him. (He bravely enters the store!) (Is this the place I need to conquer?) (Dad, wait.) – Hello. / – Hello. (I shall buy it!) That’s right. Turn around. – Just say, “Sun Bread”. / – “Sun Bread”. (Let me tell you what I am going to buy.) Go on. Just say, “Bread”. “Sun”. (I heard it so many times.) He can’t remember it. He can’t remember it. (He heard it until his ears bled.) Gunhoo. Gunhoo. (He racks his brain.) (Gosh, I forgot.) (Maybe I am too young to run errands.) Good luck. Sun Bread. (Jooho doesn’t know what is going on.) (Naeun studies the situation.) Gunhoo, look at this. (Naeun shows Gunhoo the bread.) – Look at this. / – That’s right. Naeun is helping him remember. (That’s the bread Dad talked about.) “Sun Bread, please.” (That’s it!) (It’s Sun Bread! Sun Bread!) “Sun Bread!” (I will order now!) (Excuse me, ma’am!) (Sun Bread, please.) One Sun Bread. – She understood that. / – How? – My goodness. / – One Sun Bread. She is incredible. She is a good businesswoman. (He succeeded to run an errand with Naeun’s help!) (A kind aunt) In any case, he succeeded. (The errand ends with Gunhoo speaking German.) (I am the baby genius, Park Gunhoo.) I am proud of him. (I am the baby genius, Park Gunhoo.) (I should wrap up the order!) – One Sun Bread. / – One Sun Bread. – One Americano. / – One Americano. – And one pear-ade. / – Right, there were drinks too. The total is 24 dollars. (A clean finish) Thank you. (I need to get the bread.) (He doesn’t want to touch the floor.) (He glances over at the toy for a second.) (He succeeds to stand up without touching the floor.) His legs became strong. (I am in good condition today.) What is that? Money. Give me the money. (Hold on to it, Naeun.) Naeun, Naeun, Naeun. (What would you do without me?) Gunhoo must feel reassured. I know. He has Naeun as an older sister. (Let me share this happiness with Dad!) (I made history on The Return of Superman today.) Dad, be careful because this is hot. – Is it hot Americano? / – Yes. – Here, Dad. / – Naeun would even – pass the driving test tomorrow. / – You brought it. Dad, eat this with Gunhoo. Okay. I will enjoy it since you bought it. Ta-da! (It’s time for Sun Bread.) This is Sun Bread. (Yum yum!) (What?) (Gunhoo gets pushed to the side once Sun Bread comes.) (Did I lose to the bread just now?) (Dad wanted Sun Bread.) – Dad. / – His dad sent him on an errand. – He went / – He bought the bread diligently. and ordered. (Dad only cares about Naeun.) Naeun, why did you get hot coffee when it’s so warm? (Gunhoo, what’s wrong?) (Once he is at a distance, he bursts out in tears.) He is crying! He must be so upset. Gunhoo, come here. (Gunhoo, have some Sun Bread.) He held back his tears until he was at a distance. Come here. How cute! (His tears stop.) Is he pooping? (He takes a bite of bread as he talks about poop.) (This three-year-old holds back his tears.) Come here. (I won’t go.) He is sad. He is upset. (The errand for Sun Bread only left tears.) (Jooho goes to make him feel better.) (Go away!) Jooho should give him a hug. (Jooho holds his hand sweetly.) Did his mood improve? (When you do that, my anger dissipates.) What? (Since the weather is nice, we should go to the sea.) Naeun, let’s eat Sun Bread at the beach. Okay. It’s a breezy day perfect for an outing as the family visits Ganjeolgot Park. (Is this a popular place?) – Dad. / – Naeun saw something. (Naeun spotted a red lighthouse.) It’s a red lighthouse. (It was hot in August last year.) They were here a year ago. (She saw the red lighthouse with her dad.) I can’t believe she remembers it. Gosh, I remember it too. (They have memories of eating peaches on a picnic mat.) Gunhoo was still young and couldn’t walk yet. I know. He was so cute back then. (He grew up a lot.) (Gunhoo became a ball of energy.) At that age, a year makes a big difference. What are those? – Those are kites. / – Kites? Many people are flying kites since it’s windy. – I want to do it. / – It looks fun. – A kite? / – Yes. Do you want to fly a kite? I didn’t bring one. – Shall we ask someone? / – Yes. Let’s ask a kite runner over here. (I want to fly a kite too.) Hello. Is there a place that sells kite around here? – Is there? / – They sell kites down there. Naeun, we can buy a kite. – Thank goodness. / – Thank goodness. Where is it? If you go down there, – you will see the store. / – I see. Okay. Thank you. Since this place is big, listen to the uncles and play here for a short while. Okay. Play nicely with Gunhoo. Put the bread here. – He runs forward. / – Put the bread here. I will be back soon. (Hurry up and bring the kite.) He ran the same way on a soccer field. He always runs on the lawn. (I will look at the kites.) (Where did that one kite go?) Gunhoo, let’s eat bread. (I want to look at the kites.) (Wow!) – Cute. / – “Cute.” – What is that pose? / – I think he’ll show something. (Pulling up his pants) What is he doing? He is showing his ankles. – Is he showing them? / – “Look at my radish ankles.” (Fly high!) (It’s flying!) (Gunhoo, do you like kites that much?) (He approaches the kite cautiously.) (I love it.) – He likes kites. / – Gunhoo, do you want a kite? (I love kites.) – Hello. / – Hello. – Gunhoo likes kites. / – I see. (I like them this much.) He is ecstatic. My goodness. Would it be okay if we play with it for a second? Gunhoo likes kites. I see. Then give it back to me when you are done. – Naeun borrowed a kite / – Thank you. for her brother. Jooho shouldn’t have left. (They are cute.) I will give you the Sun Bread. It’s tasty. – Thank you. / – The whole box? – Really? / – Gunhoo. (Naeun exchanges the Sun Bread with a bite.) – I am happy! / – He is happy. (Naeun is the best!) (However…) The string got caught in his hair. Gosh, it got caught in Gunhoo’s hair. I think it got caught in Gunhoo’s bun. (It’s not easy to fly a kite.) (Gunhoo follows it diligently,) (but he keeps getting entangled with the string.) – I am sorry. / – He got entangled with the string. (I won’t play with a kite!) (Their relationship ends.) (Longing) His legs are weak. (Kite, you grow distant when you fly away.) I wonder what he is saying. (You constrict me when I am near.) (I guess we aren’t meant to be.) I feel bad. (What?) What is that? (He meets a new toy.) A toy flew towards him. (He becomes interested!) (It’s another flying toy!) It’s a flying toy. (His face lights up.) He became interested. (I should find the owner, right?) (Hello. I picked this up on my way here.) Pull it. – Green. / – It’s an interesting toy. Fly it toward the sky. Shall we do it one more time? Do you want to play with it? Naeun borrowed a kite for him. Gunhoo, do you want that? Would it be okay if we exchange the toys for a while? (Naeun is a problem solver.) Do you want to play with it? Do you want to play with a kite? She wants to play with that toy. Thank goodness. She took the kite. – She exchanged the toys. / – She’s amazing. She is an expert. (See?) She is so good to her brother. (I am excited thanks to my sister.) (We are the world!) (What is that?) – Now what? / – It’s a kick scooter. (I want to ride it!) (I had enough fun with this one.) He threw it away. (That’s it!) (Hello.) (It’s a pretty kick scooter.) (Where Gunhoo goes,) – Naeun. / – Naeun came again. (Naeun follows.) I have something interesting. Would it be okay if we exchange the toys? You can ride it. Be careful with it. My goodness. I can’t believe it. Naeun is so good to her brother. Get ready, go. (They take turns.) (She ride it well.) (What?) Did he see something else? (Gunhoo’s eyes are fixed at a spot.) You should stop now. Stop. Gosh, this place is like a paradise of toys. The toys keep coming. Are you taking photos? Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. Let’s see. (You startled me!) (The trendy boy of Ganjeolgot) (This car is nice!) – Are they having a conversation? / – I think so. (What do you think? Isn’t it nice?) (Let me ride it once.) (No!) (He scratches his head.) He needs Naeun’s help. – She’s here. / – There we go. (Naeun appears!) This kick scooter is fun. Do you want to ride it? Naeun. (Nodding) Okay. Naeun should get an award. – Gunhoo. / – No older sister is as nice as her – I know. / – in this 21st century. – Gunhoo should be good to his sister later. / – Yes. I heart Naeun! (It’s a beautiful world, right?) (Look around me.) Thanks to Naeun, Ganjeolgot became the playground of peace. Everyone is playing as one. – This is the miracle of Sun Bread. / – That’s right. (This is the miracle of Sun Bread.) (Aunt enjoyed the Sun Bread, right?) (Ganjeolgot is a happy place.) (Shall I play in earnest now?) (His radish ankles give him power!) (Let’s go.) (He drifts with his radish ankles.) His feet are on the ground. – My goodness. / – He is jumping. The wheels are meaningless. (He jumps endlessly.) Dad. Naeun, did you play nicely? Yes. Gunhoo is riding a toy car. – Gunhoo? / – Yes. We don’t have a toy car. I borrowed it. (That’s right!) What? I gave the Sun Bread. Did you give the Sun Bread – to borrow the toy? / – Yes. It isn’t Gunhoo’s. Let’s give it back. Whose toy is it? Whose toy car is it? Is it his? Where are your parents? Hold on. Naeun told me that she borrowed this toy car. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you. Is this yours? What? Did Gunhoo have that? Yes. Naeun, why did Gunhoo have this? It’s complicated. – Whose is it? / – Naeun exchanged it. How will she explain? Of course he is confused about the situation. Over there. – There? / – She is over there. – Was this her toy? / – Yes. – Thank you. We had fun. / – What about the toy? – Thank you. / – She will give back the toy. – The toys made a full circle. / – What is that now? – Over there. / – All the toys were exchanged. – Thank you. / – Thank you. – The flying toy was from her. / – Naeun brought it. – We had fun with it. / – Naeun, what is this kite? – Dad, I exchanged it with the bread. / – The bread. – That’s right. / – The kite and the Sun Bread? Yes. – The Sun Bread. / – The Sun Bread. You kept on exchanging – the toys. / – Shouldn’t they get the bread back? Thanks to the Sun Bread, you got to play – with different toys. / – That’s right. – She is smart. / – Let me give back your kite. Thank you. Your kids are so cute. – Thank you. / – Let me give this back. It’s okay. The kids gave it to you. You should have it. – Thank you for the bread. / – Please enjoy it. – Please enjoy it. / – It’s a heartwarming exchange. (Jooho’s last step) Today, you helped Gunhoo have fun. Let’s do what you enjoy next time, okay? High-five. (The high-five of promise) High-five. All right. Gunhoo and Naeun filled Ganjeolgot with warmth. – Thank you. / – It was a beautiful day.

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  1. Ohhh… park joo ho should recognised gun hoo's effort when they bought the sun bread. Even gun hoo felt the situation when park joo hoo just put him on the chair. That's why i say sometimes he doesn't pay much attention to gun hoo not like how he pay attention to Naeun.

  2. NaEun is super praise worthy as not many kids has problem solving skills as her…also seeing the PJH support his kids like that even with the sikhye incident its so nice… I wish to see Gunhoo become a gentleman and be protective of his sister soon 💜💜💜💜

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  11. i'm still very, very upset KBS started(should i say stopped?) doing softsubs instead of hardsubs. i do know that it eats a lot of time, but by doing softsubs, the overall quality lowered in my eyes; sorry(not sorry?). and i am sad and upset i had to write this here

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