European leaders survey Germanwings crash site 독일 알프스 여객기 추락

European leaders survey Germanwings crash site   독일 알프스 여객기 추락

Time now for a look through the global headlines
we′re following on this Thursday morning. For that, we turn to Eunice Kim, standing
by at the NewsCenter. Good morning, Eunice. Good morning, Mark. Search crews in the
French Alps are wrapping up their first full day of surveying the remote Alpine region…
in search of clues and remains of the 1-hundred-50 who were on board the ill-fated Germanwings
Flight 9525. On Wednesday… French President Francois
Hollande hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel… as the two leaders flew over the crash site.
They were later joined by Spain′s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy… at the search headquarters
in a nearby village. Germany and Spain bore the most casualties…
Germanwings says 72 were from Germany… while the Spanish government said at least 49 were
their nationals. Others were from more than a dozen countries…
including Britain, Mexico, Japan, Iran and Israel.
In the ongoing investigations… authorities said ″usable data″ had been extracted
from the cockpit voice recorder retrieved on Tuesday… the day the plane had smashed
into the French Alps. France′s aviation investigative agency director
said it was too early to draw any conclusions from the sounds… and refused to confirm
earlier comments from French President Francois Hollande that the empty case for the plane′s
second black box had been found. He did… however, add that the plane was
flying ″until the end″… after drastically but consisting falling from its cruising altitude
of 11 kilometers. Both French and German officials said terrorism
looks unlikely at this point.

Eugene Islam

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