Eren Launches Final Attack! Where Is Annie? | Attack on Titan Chapter 124 Review

The almighty Eren cannot be stopped. Not even by the power of friendship. Oh but wait. How about with a certain female Titan returning? So what’s up guys Foxen here. Attack on Titan chapter 124 What is that like six chapters left? So go ahead and cheer on Eren by smashing
that colossal thumbs up. Ring the bell in this dive into this latest
juicy chapter. Or was it juicy? Kicking this off from the Marley side. Ooh. So this Titan realm livestream power by Eren
did happen to include the Marleyian Eldians too. Pretty convenient and quick way for Eren
to spread this message across the world In the background by the way, was that Reiner’s hateful mama? It looked like it right here. Do you notice that line suddenly in a strange,
so yeah, it’s confirmation right here. That Titan Realm scene wasn’t just added
for dramatic effect. Briefly all the Eldians worldwide were in fact there
for Eren’s broadcast. They all got a taste of it. This really makes you wonder what other creative
ways could Eren use the founding Titan power? It feels like there’s more to this almighty Titan that hasn’t been revealed yet. The second key to notice here, mr Lionheart
also known as Annie’s father, which did happen to come back just before Eren’s attack
on Marley and of course you know the plot point at the very end of this attack on Titan
chapter, we’re going to get to the blonde girl. Next key thing to consider any partial Eldian is not and Marley should have also got in this warning. So yes, all partial Eldians around the world
better start clearing out before the rumbling. Anyway, back to paradise Island. So you’ve got Reiner being ejected out
of his Titan. I would suggested to Reiner being careful
since he can’t go into Titan mode right now while healing, but then again, this is
fricking Reiner. Not to mention the guy teaming up with Gabby
again. So the plot armor family hasn’t been together
for a good while now. Not since Marley time to catch up right here. Notice that juicy piece of Titan info regarding
the armored Titan. Turns out Eren’s founding Titan broadcast
to the Eldians and Colossal Titans also affected the armored Titan. Was this a general command for the Titan crystal
and any type of Titan hardening to disintegrate? You actually got the new looking armor Titan
being this armor less Titan a few pages later. I kinda felt bad for the
big fellow. It was like the Hulk after getting injured
by Thanos. It also reminded me of Eren smashing Reiner’s
face in four years back. What could this also mean for other Titan
crystal? For example, the Rod kinky Titan crystal dungeon
back from attack on Titan season three. What is currently the state of that place? Then focusing on Reiner here, the guy who
claimed he was saved the world, how the mighty have fallen. Sadly this guy has been reduced to beating
himself up about it and come on. The big guy has been striking this familiar
pose for a while now. To be the armor Titan must be this cursed suffering fate. Right here do notice a small detail about that Airship
I mentioned in my recent part three video. This is the second time they mentioned that. That’s definitely going to come into play. Then for the shot of Reiner running away. Some of you have asked me how the hell your
favorite girl Gabby would have survived being so close to Eren’s dino Titan transformation. You can now thank Reiner for that. Whether
it’s some random horns or some last minute Uber Gabby is going to be saved. I mean you even had a Gabby here having a
very Aria game of Thrones moment. Come on, Reiner put more effort into it. Oh, what’s that? You’re just gonna fall asleep there? Plugging into the wall to recharge your Titan. To be honest, I really wish Isayama would
focus on other characters. Isayama at this point should be very aware
of how much people hate Gabby’s guts for killing potato girl Sasha and let me clarify, I don’t
actually hate this loli but I am getting super frustrated with Isayama’s constant focus on her. Gabby has actually had a good amount of development
and perhaps digression at some point from our introduction in chapter 90 up until this
point, although she has had very predictable and by the number scenes. Which is why I would
rather almost see anyone that was getting focused. Where is Levi Hange, the random Eldians at
Marley, some other nations that are not Marley? If Isayama could make attack on Titan
fans love or simply like Gabby by the end of attack on Titan, that would be an amazing
accomplishment, but perhaps don’t hold your breath on that. Anyway, back to more interesting people Mikasa, Armin Coney and the stallion overall. I felt like Jean was starting to rationalize
the situation and almost accept the grim reality of Eren’s plan. On the flip side, Armin here was still very
much against a massive upcoming genocide and so visually shocked by it. On top of that, I’m sure trying to process
whatever the hell is going on in this very situation. Eren once said that he would love
to protect as best buddies. Oh, sorry. For the rest of the world. Better luck next reincarnation. Better wipe out the world before they find some
magical loli too. Oh but sorry, interruption. Next Juicy info drop. Turns out Eren took control of the so Colossal
Titans, but does his power have a limit? The pure Titans here now attacking Eldian soldiers. It really feels like there’s, it’s hinting
at something foreshadowed earlier that all of these Titans soldiers were originally marked
by the Beast Titan. In other words, Zeke would have been the designated
coordinate for this group of Titans, not Eren By extension I think this does confirm as Zeke being alive somewhere, despite some of you thinking that Zeke got killed off screen. Trust me. That’s not going to happen. Anyway, getting into the whole Falco situation,
huge credit for Jean for kidnapping the little boy, very quick on that. Two very interesting details here. First off from the Stallion. The guy really
not hesitating to feed the little bird over to one of the Titan soldiers. Jean specifically picking the drunkard Pixies. Then the second key from Connie. I think a
lot of us assume this, but now we’re getting a confirmation. Connie’s His mother is still locked up somewhere around
here. What does telling here is how much Connie
has pretty much lost it. The guy was super quick to agree to the transfer
of power. It really shows how much this X Charlie Brown
guy has been through. I really wish Isayama let the drama
play out here. A little more. Poor Connie lost his mama, his Pap, the villagers
and most recently Sasha. This chapter just had way too many constant Titan interruptions.
So right here you do have eventually Coney stealing the little boy, but I do wonder where
the guy is actually planning to find an actual Titan injection. Go luck on that. For the Titans here, do notice
this, a little Easter egg. Oh my God Is that Saul in Titan form? To be honest, I dropped off this show in the
past first season? But great for breaking bad fans or Saul fans. Anyway, switching it over to Yelena and friends. Didn’t this scene look awfully familiar? I instantly thought back to that familiar
Titan scene from attack on Titan season one back at Trost. This shot in particular reminded me of Jean
overlooking something very similar. Oh Isayama and your callbacks. Right
here You do see Yelena’s thought’s regarding Zeke’s
Titans attacking. It does bring up the question is no one controlling
these Titans at the moment. As I hinted earlier, the founding Titan not
having control of these Titans feels like a confirmation that Zeke is around somewhere. On the flip side I am betting Isayama through this line in about seeing now controlling these Titans to throw
you off. Oh my God, Zeke is dead. But let’s be perfectly honest Zeke has been such a major player in the attack on Titan series. He’s not just going to die off screen similar
to Levi. If Zeke is not a living pancake right now,
I wouldn’t be surprised if Eren left Zeke in the Titan realm or Eren might’ve pickup
Zeke to go on his global tour with him. That could be interesting. Switching it to this Sasha family. So this whole thing really just sucked. You all knew it, but now you’re actually
getting a visual confirmation for the Nile guy in Titan mode. He’s actually not that huge. In fact, he reminded me of Coneys Papa Titan that was chasing Sasha back and attack on
Titan season two perhaps Nile didn’t drink that much. As for not Sasha’s big action scene. I’m gonna be honest and say I was sighing
and almost rolling my eyes at this super Gabby powered action scene. I guess those snipers really must be made
of some lightweight titanium plus combined was Gabby’s passive skill to reduce pushback
from it. I mean, she’s fired the rifle twice, pushed
back both times and then immediately ran with the fricking rifle. Good amount of air on that jumped too. I don’t know am I the insane one here? Putting aside any dislike you have for
Gabby’s previous actions, this girl just doesn’t make much sense. I know we like to joke about Reiner having
plot armor, but that’s more true with Gabby. On top of that, that Sasha placement there
felt really, really forced. Not something I would expect from attack on Titan. I mean, just have Gabby there in a similar
position. Don’t actually put Sasha there. Anyway, getting into the actual meat for the
scene, so you got some progress and healing between Kaya, her family and Gabby, and
to be fair, I do think I care more about Kaya at this point. Then for Nicole’s line here, it felt like
a very Vinland saga moment. The guy talked about them all being capable
of being these monsters. There’s coming from a Marleyian. It doesn’t matter
whether you could actually become this horrific monster or not. Followed by that nice comeback
to Sasha regarding leaving the forest overall. I do have to admit it’s not that deep, but
it does feel like subtle foreshadowing of events to come. I wouldn’t be all toot shocked, that by the
end of Attack on Titan, there is no more paradise Island left. Next up, Keith returns, so saving those bastards
that kicked his ass earlier. What a great guy. He can’t fight a bear off, but Titans are no
problem. Not for this Ex Survey Corps commander. By the way. I thought they had mentioned Keith that drinking
some wine. Oh, perhaps I’m recalling that line for someone
else. Next up, more and more Titans getting killed
eventually. Mikasa joining the fun. This does mean that unfortunately for the
Titan fellows, none of them were going to get spared. Not even the wine loving Pixies Titan. And talking about the commander Pixies Titan out of all of the Titans shown here I definitely felt this one. My eyes got a little bit watery, too bad for
the old fella. He didn’t go down and being devoured by some
female looking Titan. At the very bottom of the page here do notice Mikasa jr admiring Mikasa’s handiwork. In other words, Isayama dropping
some seeds here. Expect this whole subplot to come back the
next chapter or two. I do wonder if mini Mikasa has taken
a change of heart now. Now that she’s not only hurt Eren but also
visited the Titan realm briefly. Anyway, switching it to a different type of Roach, the great Floch returns. Right alongside Gabby really feels like Flock will be here for the
long haul. Funny how even at this point Flock is bowing
at the shrine of the great Eren Jaeger. Oh hell Brita- I mean Eldia. Ooh, but what is this a turn on Yelena., Although does it even matter at this point? Yelena seems to be completely out of this
game. As for the next Gabby moment. It is almost funny how now Gabby is seeming
to motivate Armin and, Mikasa via her desperate pleas, but Armin bringing up the fact
that Eren has a founding Titan didn’t revert any of Zeke’s Titans back to being human really does hint and the founding Titan not
being able to, I think, which feels weird. Eren previously did look highly against
those Titans happening. So semi, somewhat confirmation? The founding Titan could only make Titans
to not actually go back. Anyway, let’s get into it. The big moment. Blonde girl, Annie returns. She sure took her sweet time. And can you tell how excited I am by my voice? So yeah, that happened. Nice detail with Annie’s ring, which by
the way is something that I and a lot of you predicted plus Armin just now. Eren’s roar, the last chapter could have
awakened the blonde sleeping beauty. All right, so let me just be honest with this
and maybe I’m going to get hate for it. After getting plate after plate of Gabby and
now a topping off this course with the Annie dessert. It doesn’t feel like the whole thing has been
elevated that much. Let me hear your thoughts on the female Titan. Are you hyped for Annie returning or has it
just been too long? You know how many videos I made back one two
years ago, being super high-potential VanNess return. This Annie scene right here would have been super
amazing during the attack on Marley or even then returning to the Island, but at this
point it’s really hard for me to get excited for the female Titan. You got what? Six chapters left? 10 at most for the attack on Titan story.
I’d bet closer to the lower amount. If you consider the Gabby stuff being some
of the lower quality stuff post time skip, the whole Annie situation would be up there
too. I mean Isayama had this rich warrior
character that was then further off into her own spinoff, but then she just got put on
ice. It is funny how a lot of series this decade,
it seemed to have been putting popular characters in some sort of longterm freeze. Ultra vague reference there. But anyway, back to Annie. Similar to Gabby. If Isayama could somehow Savage Annie and
make the wait worth it, I’ll be extremely impressed. I am doubting Isayama will be able to deliver on Annie but I do hope I’m wrong. So both below, how do you think Annie will contribute
to the attack on Titan finale? At the very least right now we know she didn’t
just get eaten. I do have some thoughts on Annie that I’m, we’ll
cover next video, but for now a quick, Annie prediction I am expecting Annie to filled
in the event off screen. You’ll then see this super shocked look on her face. I am really curious as to whether Annie
has aged or not. I mean she should be 20 now or maybe still
16. Did her body grow at all? I definitely wouldn’t want to be Annie? No, but then again, I wouldn’t want to be
any of these warriors. Overall this attack on Titan chapter felt like a recovery
episode chapter in this case. The Titan war happened followed by the Titan
realm shenanigans and now this recovery update on everyone. There was in Titan info dropped
and Isayama planting some future seeds. Gabby by far took the spotlight for this
attack on Titan chapter. In all it might actually be the least interesting
attack on Titan chapter this year. Although to be fair, I do think this was needed
eventually. By the way, how much time has passed? Maybe half an hour, an hour or two hours. It seems like my thoughts on the awful slow Colossal Titans was right on the money. Can anyone stop Eren before he gets off paradise
Island? Quick other thing to notice too, you finally got
the blonde girl Annie back, but still no update on Levi or Hange. It may not be next chapter, but I am expecting
a small timescale. It happening sooner. By the way, really quickly, let me mention
my top upcoming anime and best anime for this year video is coming soon. Another little surprise. I am thinking about doing this. General anime livestream post those videos. So keep an eye out on that time on live streams. If you do want to talk about attack on Titan,
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more important posts your thoughts on this attack on Titan chapter below. Did you love it? Was it too slow? Not enough Eren, too much female, arid. What is coming next for the female and Titan? Definitely go check out my attacker tied in
part three video check back for more animated videos and I’ll see you guys later.

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