Eachine E58 Wifi FPV Drone Maintenance Guide With Full Disassembly of DJI Mavic Pro Clone

Eachine E58 Wifi FPV Drone Maintenance Guide With Full Disassembly of DJI Mavic Pro Clone

hello everybody welcome to a new episode
of how to DIY RC and today’s episode we have the Eachine E58 wifi FPV drone
maintenance guide are we going to fully disassembled it’s part of this drone
show me how to repair your drone if you make break something and if you do break
something only e58 and not probably you want to buy one of the spare parts here
link down below and eachine has been so kind to make and sell each part separately
so no matter what you break on this drone in a crash every part can be
replaced so from that let’s dig in and the first compartment you cannot have
it’s probably breaking a propeller of course you can do that all with the
little subscribe that came with the drone but it’s a lot better to have this
little package even if you want worn out a little hex screw this package got it
all to fix your drone it’s helped me in so many times and I’ll put a link for
this as well down below because it’s cheap and it’s been
super helpful to me and it’s just a simple screw and let’s see uh-huh so
there’s just two screws that are holding the folding prop so you prop breaks just
undo one screw place a new one in there but it’s smart to check if they are
tight enough after a few flights because it doesn’t
want to lose one of the screws during flight and I’ll move the prop then
you’re pretty easy E58 won’t look so pretty anymore let me
go ahead and disassemble all 3 propellers and we arrived back hi guys
welcome back we have disassembled all four propellers
I forgot something really really really important that I want to say to you guys
now before you do any maintenance on your drone on the car or whatever
always kill the power and to be really safe or move the lipo battery because I know
if you can imagine if something would be happening like the prop start spinning
well I am trying to disassemble the props
that’s a easy way to hurt your self wouldn’t be a really good day so hopefully is there a
good lesson to you guys always remove the power and the battery to be really
safe and the next step is of course disassembling the arms and so that we
also have to disassemble the underbelly a little bit and if you’re smart you have a magnet
they can place all the screws on order so that you know the expose came out
first and I’ll just go down and you know how to rebuild it by going backwards
alright so hopefully we can just pull out the arm if you’re very lucky I think this is six screws should have
done the job I’m not on 100% sure let’s check seems to work easy to click it off be very gentle you
don’t know what wires are running towards the top so it’s pretty easy
there’s nothing there just a simple cable perfect so there’s just six little
screws that hold the upper cap and everything els is in the
bottom I was thinking the other way around but looks pretty nice and give
you a close-up answer see which motor is which I got all the color schemetics not to
make a picture let’s just move from one motor and do a full disassembly of one
arm there’s a good chance that you will break after a few hard crashes so okay
wiggle it off just moving forward and left up side forward and back and it
just gets off and there are spaces on top of the arms so don’t forget that I
find it always very interesting to see how the motors are how they look and
brushed coreless motors so they have to be replaced after a few months depending
on how much you’re flying of course at least easily can fly a hundred flights if
they’d been taken care of if you do some pre maintenance maybe add some oil some
grease make it run smooth and run them in properly just don’t Bash them straight out of the box they can last a very long time sorry we are doing it all out of camera view it’s just four little screws just clicking and clicking on the arm
with a few screws there’s nothing special oh it works here
we have the motor and transmission gear this is how they fix it it’s a pretty
long motor never seen this motor before think it’s a six mil this is 7 mil yeah
and it’s 20 mil Long’s 2 centimetres long it’s pretty nice I can be upgraded and that motors again spins the
transmission gear let’s Prince Ali and then the propeller
and if they’ve put some grease come on focus
no it’s really shows there is grease on the inside so they did a good job but I
think is looking pure white it’s just so simple silicone grease and I would have
liked to add a little bit more and better quality so just assembly you know
just very small teeth on there so if you run really hard the teeth can break off
and rip but they are being sold separate that you can buy just one gear
if you break the motor you need to replace the motor then you have to buy a
whole arm I didn’t see the motors being sold separately yet but may come up in
the future and most of all these parts are already available or will be
available in the next week so let’s see how you can remove the motor it’s easy
to put on yep just pull it out and here you got a 720 Brushed coreless motor put some grease back on it and mount it back in it’s place quit simple and effective yes assembly back together and then
continue with the rest of the drone I’m gonna come back guys we have just
removed all four arms so we have a better view on the flight board and
going over the good things and the bad things that we have found or not so far
looking pretty nice all the connectors and all those soldiering they’ve done a
pretty good job on it they also have added soft mounts to the FC so
that’s a really nice upgrade didn’t expect that the downside is maybe you
noticed I’m missing a screw on the side and another one right there in that
corner so they only use two screws so I would like to use all four of them to do
a proper job but that’s why we have done this in-depth inspection so we can make
sure everything is secure and doing some pre maintenance and this is the antenna receiver antenna from your flight
controller and if you have that sticking outside your body somehow you extend the
range you get some better reception then they also have the crystal over here I’m
sure right over here next to the processor they have the crystal it’s
some epoxy so let’s glue it on nice and tight that’s pretty important that it
doesn’t vibrate and then I soldered it on lights and then this is the power
on and off button and then of course you have two lights at the front and it’s
just it’s simple to move those connector and then you just pull out the lights
so another disassembly then the power button is directly soldered to the flight
controller so we cannot remove that they have to go together and then you have
the leads that’s gone to the Wi-Fi module fpv camera after disassembling
first disconnected then it’s a shame but only two screws from the flight
control another four screws of the power button now it should be pretty easy just to
take off the circuit board and have a look at the camera
FC is a little bit tight of course the soft mounting rubbers
pretty nice and you know let’s look at the underside and the soldered pretty nice
not bad for the money it’s a pretty good job didn’t see any weird things and then
this is the connector for the battery nothing wrong there and then we have a
look on the inside we have the Wi-Fi module and then the camera sitting
underneath here and then a black strip sending all the information and these
are pretty breakable you need to be very careful with them you have to get there from the inside so
let’s see what screws we have to remove to get we want to go and see a few screws that
are holding the battery holder and then two screws for the camera and here is the 2.4 Ghz antenna running to the wifi module let’s just clicked in there’s no
screws holding it for I can see and then I put some sticky tape to protect
it let’s move the camera and then try to
remove the module and it’s just a simple clicking click
off you can replace the module I don’t want to pull too much on that wire
shouldn’t be too much flex on it because there’s only chance that you will break
it I’m gonna remove the sticky pad so we can have a look at it without actually
removing it and you can see you can replace it Atena for a better one
just simple I don’t know how the connect is called but is connected with simple plug and play
this is a simple job and ever he has transmitter here the crystal and
the wires soldering is it some pretty good sorry for the lighting but as far as my
eyes can see it’s a pretty nice job in opinion a very good module and sits in pretty
stiff it’s not going to be falling out anytime soon but I didn’t glue it in so
perhaps we can click it out should be able to remove but I’m just gonna let it
in for here guys I don’t want to destroy anything because
it’s all brand new and it’s still still working I’m just gonna do a quick
assembly again and then we’re gonna test if everything still works and I did a
good job and that’s so we arrived back hello guys welcome back
we have assemble the drone for 50% it’s not just time to check if the motors are
turning in the correct way and if the props are sitting on the
right place and as you could see these two motors
are running clockwise just as the props scooping clockwise and this two motors are
running counterclockwise so as long as you have this two motors running towards
each other and this tumors are doing the same then you have guaranteed a good
drone that would take off without any problems and this is where I going to
end the video and do the assembly alone I really hope this video was helpful to
you guys and you give the thumbs ups if it wasn’t then give the thumbs down and
I hope you subscribe for in the next episode we are going to do a range test
and a range test from the wifi FPV I’m going to try to boost that so I would
say good bye until next time

Eugene Islam

82 thoughts on “Eachine E58 Wifi FPV Drone Maintenance Guide With Full Disassembly of DJI Mavic Pro Clone

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    Thanks in advance.

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  7. how easy would it be to desolder the existing board connection and replace the cartridge system with corded syma x5c-1 molex connector? I'm assuming the cartridge bay is large enough to carry larger x5c-1 batteries and that the rear of the battery cartridge could be used as a snap in door. Thus eliminating the proprietary batteries and gaining access to intelligent charging. What you think?

  8. Hello again, Dabbler here. I had a problem with my e58 I think was caused by a Xiaomi MI range extender. During the set up of the extender, somehow I caused my WiFi to stop transmitting it's ID. Tried my Note 8, a Note 5, and an iPad mini 4 but the e58 was not sending out its WiFi ID. I ordered the FPV module from Banggood as it has camera, SD Card, and antenna. Will the new module transmit the ID, or will I need to replace the flight board, too? Thanks in advance.

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    P.s. The motors are sold seperately, you can buy them for about $5 a piece, or as set for $10 from any big online seller/consumer site. And yes, that is almost as cheap as a complete arm but i'm just mentioning it… 😉

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    Seems like that my fpv uplink dont work, so im not getting any kind of feed for the app controle. But what weird is, that i stil can find the Wi-Fi and connect to it???..
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  35. 201/5000

    I bought a drone of that plus the camera is not transmitting to the phone. do i have to put a memory card? i'm using the FYD-FPV mobile app find the wifi signal but it doesn't transmit video

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