Durafly Tundra 1300mm Sports Model with floats on River Krka

Durafly Tundra 1300mm Sports Model with floats on River Krka

What to say about this? It was just great. We are just sorry that we didnt try flying on floats before. And we cant wait to do it again. Oh yeah… Thanks for all support, for all subscriptions and all the comments. Big salute from Captain Blaž & Pilot Robert Slovenia

Eugene Islam

100 thoughts on “Durafly Tundra 1300mm Sports Model with floats on River Krka

  1. Wow this is great, Hey! I just got myself a Beaver from Flyzone with the floats on sale. It was bad quality but should be fun for learning how to fly with floats. You make it look so easy!!! Great job Captain Blaz! I cannot wait to try mine now.

  2. I dont like flying in heavy wind, but you flew great. all those great landings, it shows how much easier it is when you have a nice flat smooth runway, I bet capt. blaz and pilot robert will be putting floats on all there planes. can you imagine a EDF jet on Floats…LOL OH YEAHHHH!

  3. Congratulations on your virgin river flight with floats Capt. Blaz.
    A great plane with a great pilot.
    Well done with the landings, they look so easy on the water.
    The cameraman did a great job on the zooming……Well done to you both.

  4. Awesome maiden flight and the last landing was perfect lol!
    A big thumbs up and a warm greetings from Canada! 👍 👍
    Cheers, Bob

  5. Flying on floats – check
    Flying cool – check
    Babbling funny – check
    Nailing that f…cking great landig – mega check
    Doing this all in winter – super mega check

  6. HEY Pop goes your float flight cherry BLASH. I flying the tundra also and she is a sweetheart on the floats. nice work on the river krka. cheer's from Sedro Woolley Washington guys. now I will go fly my tundra off the pond in the backyard. 😎

  7. Great flying, great plane. It has lots of power. I can't wait to see the Timbre and Tundra together on the wqter 🙂

  8. LOL!! I love you guys. Will lose da virginity today on this ROLLIN!!
    Have you rented da boat?
    Funny funny funny
    Good flying Captain!

  9. One thing about water flying is that if you crash, it doesn't usually damage the model as badly as hitting the ground. Recovery can sometimes be a pain though, especially on a river if the model heads downstream with the current!

  10. Again such a great video ,,such a good maiden it was perfect ,,life can not get any better at the river ,,,,,,thank you very much for such genuine entertainment ,,cheers from the land down under Keith

  11. I have a Kyosho Macchi M-33 still new in the box, I guess I need to drag it out and put it together "someday". That was one of the prettiest flying boats ever made. I wish we lived closer so we could fly together, oh well, such is the world.

  12. I showed one of your videos to a friend of mine originally from Slovenia…now in  B.C. Canada. He noticed by your vehicle plate which area you guys live.  He goes AHH..by the river Krka

  13. I haven't tried the floats out on my Tundra yet but i think this summer i will. Awesome flight Captain Blaz. Can't wait for the formation flight. 🙂

  14. Wow nice work Captain Blaz, sweet water flying. Good filming by Pilot Robert!! HEY FILM ME!!!!! SICK LANDING!!!! This is it! More water flights please!!! Please dedicate the next one to Pilot George!

  15. Great vid, nice plane too! I like the water landing/takeoffs, no retracts to bend back! 🙂 Well done Captain Blaz, and great camera work on the last landing! Rob, which was brilliant! I've always wanted a plane with floats, nice scenery too!

  16. Parked it like a champ. My favorite landing i have ever seen, anywhere, ever. Texas loves you guys. Keep em flying. Oh yeah!

  17. Great video! I found you guys a few months ago with the Feilun boats demonstration. Was hoping to see the two boats comparison, but now I am thinking of flying again after 45 years. I love the boats but flying is freedom. Now I need to decide what plane to get, since I consider myself a beginner again. Any suggestions? I still have all my nitro engines but I want to try electric planes first. I do live on a lake 5 months a year and this video makes me think a plane that can convert to pontoons would be excellent. Thanks from Massachusetts, USA.

  18. crazy idea but i like it. finally i got cessna 182 and iam get excited. maybe you will do test for cessna 182??
    Meanwhile look at this
    hope you will like it.

  19. Captain Blaz, you did a fantastic job ,it is different float flying on a river with the different currants ,and sultanas ,you made it look easy , and the last arrival you almost planed that chris

  20. wow Blaz !!! gr8 flight …no one even had to swim!!! loan him more planes Robert …see Blaz is not the only one able to use zoom !!

  21. What a wonderful video…I enjoyed it very much as I also have the TUNDRA…what a great uncomplicated and stable plane. Waiting for the next video with the Tundra and Timber together!!! Salutes from Bavaria to my friends Robert and Blaz !! Andy

  22. Nice river flying! I had the rudder servo on the float fail on my Apprentice so my plane wouldnt take off on the lake. My battery went dead and I had to use a swim ring and paddle out and get it. Not to mention I had sent my RC boat out to get it and THAT battery went dead. The boat kept pushing the plane farther out in the lake. Luckly the lake was small but yeah, taking off and landing on water is much smoother than ground flying. I love it!

  23. Great landing captain Blaz an I like how you hauled the plane pilot Robbert you need to put floats on the Cessna 150 an fly it rite here . Ps we need a look at your hanger I believe the views would love to see it so help me God we salute you from the big USA on my old Kentucky home

  24. Hey Captain Blaz and Pilot Robert, a great greeting from the Uruguay. the tundra is an exelente plane but do not take off with flaps, it tends to do a barrel, enjoy an best reward Carlos

  25. 5.20 min…… i am not hearing wel , Captain Blaz is fond of an electric engine ???
    it is not a glow engine Captain Blaz !!!
    great flying Blaz and great zooming as wel by Robert.
    Oh Yeah….

  26. Lovely flying Captain but I not know of what the women's using when husband not around haha. In Australia women's would use the next door neighbour or the milk man, or the post man, or ……… !!!!!
    The landing at the end, she's amazeballs.

  27. you better take the batteries out of those women sausages or it might sink lol, or shake too death . or use them as torpedoes . should work lol ,

  28. 🙂 Last time I flew a plane over water I had to swim for it. 🙂

    Brilliant landing BTW. lol


  29. Very nice flying Captain Blaz; the Tundra is my favorite bird on the water. Like you say Pilot Robert …. Do the Hundreds of Landings!!!

  30. another great video from my two favorite youtubers hey Blaz great flying ,amazing landing first time I have ever seen a combined water and land landing,i am considering buying a tundra or timber any advice from you two be greatly appreciated. it looks like the tundra has more motor power,which plane do you prefer,Keep up the good work ,you guys rock

  31. the cameraman is the funiest ive heard in a while and the pilot he looks like a pro and funny too nice landing …

  32. Waterproof transmitter 😂‼️ I also have a orange and grey Tundra , just love it on floats. Thought it just looked better than the Timber. Nice flight👍

  33. Capt. Blaz flies like a pro with floats on. Little bit of a daredevil landing but hey, no need to taxi back to shore from middle of lake aye? lol

  34. CPT Blaz what a great flight you have done, the landing on the water first time oh yeah well done CPT Robert with the great zooming.😁🤗

  35. I bet those floats would work good on snow. Use some flaps taking off, it will be very quick so you have more control. Great plane. I have one

  36. Very nice flying Capt Blaz, and especially the surprise landing at the end eh? ha ha ha Happy Float Plane Flying

  37. Aaaaa Yes…Capt Blaz..
    You did Very Well today with the Tundra Float plane….👍 Definitely better that wheels Ehhh…
    Big Salute ….! 👏👏👏😇

  38. Great to see Captain Blaz fly. Nice model and I just love the floats and the landings on water.


    Must have one. Could be a lot of rain and flood this year …

  39. The car engine stallede , so you "flew" the car down there. Perfekt;) Salute Max 5:40 thats how you land on water, well done Cpt. and again and again etc.

  40. Captain Blaz, Captain Robert!, can you do me a big favor? Can you weigh this plane without the battery please and let me know? I want to buy the Tundra as my next plane and need to know the weight to find a good battery-engine-prop combo.. which engine did you install? Thank you very much!

  41. Captain Blaz Maaaaate that was a MASTERCLASS , take offs, flying n landings and the BIRD BOW at the end ha ha ha,choice footage from Pilot Robert in a grand country called Slovenia,Cheers from Wild West Oz

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