Drones used to improve traffic crash site assessments

Drones used to improve traffic crash site assessments

The initial intention what the UAV program
was to investigate crash scenes primarily on the interstate so whenever
you have interstate crash occur it causes a closure, that closure, every four
minutes you get a mild backlog of traffic. When we have queued traffic on
the interstate we increase the rate of crashes by approximately a factor 24. So we’re using drones or UASs to reduce the time spent documenting a crash scene so
with a drone we can quickly fly a crash scene typically in the order of three to
five minutes. The decrease in exposure of emergency responders at the crash scene
and on the roadway makes it much safer for our officers, the fire department and
EMS, to be out there on these scenes because we can quickly capture and clear
those scenes and get the road back to normal conditions. As you are flying you
collect images every two seconds you put it in a software and then within a
couple of hours you have a digital 3d model of the scene. You have you can use
it for visualization you can use it to print a 3d model similar like that for
evidence, or you can do your own measurements and analysis. So the
Sheriff’s Office, they take this model and then they do the measurements from
this one and then based on the analysis they can re-create the dynamics of
the cars during the accident it’s been a collaborative partnership between Purdue
University and the Sheriff’s Department and so we both been able to grow and do
research and shorten that learning curve that both of us would have experienced
had we been doing it individually. The next step on this is scaling this.
We need to now move beyond two to three agencies in the area using
this routinely to a more scalable statewide deployment that’s used by all
first responders and the State Police.

Eugene Islam

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  1. As a Chinese student who was just accepted by Purdue and determined to study aerospace engineering, seeing DJI drones is being used everywhere makes me really excited.

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