Drone Travel Videos – DJI Mavic Air looses connection in Toledo Spain. Drone Fail or success?

Drone Travel Videos – DJI Mavic Air looses connection in Toledo Spain. Drone Fail or success?

haha in Toledo and in my accommodation wow so beautiful, I’m only here for a
couple of nights to explore Toledo so I’ve got this afternoon and all day
tomorrow hope the weather keeps up like this apparently weather wasn’t so good
last week but it is beautiful today stunning and after my quick drink train
journey here even I’ve missed my first train in my lovely apartment but I’m not
going to spend long here change batteries change your clothes let’s go
out and take you around Toledo of which I should feel really at home because I
was told that one of the best things to do here is to go and wander the streets
and get lost so come on I’m very good at that
let’s go and get lost in Toledo Toledo? Toledo? oh daring I’ve asked somebody
again come on whatever choice
woofster later is literally wandering alleys urge you to not walk on the main
street where everybody walks just take a side alley and wonder they crush cross a
beautiful and cool peaceful and quiet really meet any pop out onto a square
which is I was gonna say full of activity but it’s a bit of an
exaggeration but as a cafe most went past somewhere beautiful scented coffee
just realized I miss lunch look out for some way to eat and I have no idea where
to go look around this way see one of those little aforementioned squares man
I see them where my coffee smell is coming from there we go
in fact this is I shall be affectionate calling my home square my accommodation
is just off this okay no place nice sign a close there’s a café, oh that one’s closed too this isn’t my home square just
looks like I’m still confused please it is my home square
okay so cafe seems to be closed but people are still sitting at the cafe
chairs and drinking how about that I’m by the river the main town of Toledo
is up there on the hill river running peaceful hair a grey heron over there
it’s beautiful down here it’s very peaceful the heat of the day but it’s
shaded down here so it’s nice and cool by the river so peaceful not many people along here the hunt of the drone goes on now according to the locator check okay so we’re coming up on the area Okay, well it’s been a beautiful walk down here must walk down here and show you some of
this when I’m actually vlogging not trying to find the drone but the locator
has put her somewhere up there hope I was right at the top there nothing to
see there that’s why I started my hunt and realized I couldn’t get down the
cliffs I’ve coming at the bottom walk along here now I have to go up there just according to the tracker it’s
somewhere up there ha ha okay well let’s get it on let’s get up there
ah Oh lovely River nice calm okay let’s go see if I can find this thing okay we
are on the hunt for the drone it dropped out of the sky and I use the locator on
the app okay here we go now somewhere in this area put some eye gear down here
because I was caring way too much oh dear
this is not the best of areas it’s on the side of a cliff thankfully quite
vegetative but really loose under foot I’m sure I look back on listen saying it
was not worth it as long as I don’t please tell me she
landed on somewhere out here that’s nice area that looks familiar from the camera
footage she hit a tree she’s gone tumbling down fell there’s a really
whoop sorry unpleasant sloped down there I can’t see on any of the nice
little rock here so I’m gonna have to go down there and have a little look I’m
not gonna take the camera down there it’s remarkable I’ve got to come this
far so I’m gonna put you down and if someone finds this camera in hopefully
hours not days or months time I went down there
yep looking for my drone okay we put the camera down hold on I can see it he’s over there Oh make sure I don’t fall off getting that oh my goodness, I cannot believe this. ha ha ha ha remotely in tact unbelievable okay she’d a bit grimy nothing seems broken well that is incredible well done find app it’s back look too nothing’s broken so hopefully just
came down quite gently in the vegetation can you believe that oh I must admit I
am pleasantly shocked surprised I did not want to be drone less for this trip but at least I’ve got the SD card now I’ve got the drone back in pretty much one piece covered in lots of
this fluff and undergrowth so hopefully it’s the gimbal that I’ll have to check hopefully it went down not too hard everything’s working and we’ll still have
drone footage for the rest of the trip but now I have a bigger problem how do I get back
down now if I had a climbing rope there’s a way up there’s a climbing wall over
there they show you the sort of cliff erm um there’s a climbing wall here for
abseiling but I climb up from the bottom for the river which wasn’t as bad as a
sheer cliff but well I’m gonna be picking burrs out of me for the
foreseeable future and it’s hot and it’s my first no second hour in Toledo but we’re back okay let’s see if we can okay
thankfully this thing is small enough to stick in my pocket so one hand free on
the camera let’s make our way back here without breaking anything well just take
this big branch of my private parts this might well have to be censored this bit
oh okay made it back to my bag hey all I got to
do next is make my way back down to the river somehow just down there so it was
tough on the way up so I’m gonna pack everything in the bag including you guys in the
camera and I’ll see you down at the river and next up we’re going up the
hill again can you believe it to go and get a drink and test the drone again can you
believe it doh okay let’s go okay made it back to the path and some sort of
civilization but look at those that is quality burrs and look at my feet my clothes my bag everything is covered in burrs so I’m gonna sit here for however
long it takes pick out every single burr out of my
socks out of my trousers out of my camera bag out of my shoes and put a
couple of plasters on because I did have a slip on the way down couple of cuts and
bruises and then I’m going to go and look round Toledo starting at a café, I might just
have a beer but this isn’t a bad place to sit and do that look at that
birds are flying over the river it’s so peaceful

Eugene Islam

9 thoughts on “Drone Travel Videos – DJI Mavic Air looses connection in Toledo Spain. Drone Fail or success?

  1. I recall from my 1971 trip thru Toledo, that it is famous for the Siege of the Alcázar during the Spanish Civil War in 1936.

  2. Well done! All that hiking experience in Nepal served you well in Toledo. I'm glad you made it back down safely, Simon!

  3. Thank you for sharing! You are extremely gifted. I really like to travel too:)I not too long ago shared my first ever movie – My travel diary in Queenstown. Eep!Would certainly cherish your observations on my video/editing and so I will develop like you!

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