DJI Mavic Pro: The Best Camera Settings for Cinematic Look

DJI Mavic Pro: The Best Camera Settings for Cinematic Look

so you have a Mavic Pro and you want
to know everything about it for sure you want to know which are the best camera
settings well these video is for you, I’m going to
tell you which are the camera settings that I am using, I will explain you why
in my opinion they are the most cinematic settings in just a moment the Mavic is a fantastic machine and I
was super excited when I got this, of course it is important to understand how
to operate the camera and which settings to use and this is what we’re going to
talk about today at the same time you need to know that there is another
component in order to get very cinematic footage, which is the gimba!l the gimbal
settings are also very important and I will make a separate video about it so
if you turn on the notification on my channel and of course you subscribe to
the channel you will know when that new video is up but for now let’s focus on
the camera settings and actually let’s get right into it, So here we are on the
Mavic controller and you can see the display of my phone the first thing is
that you want to make sure that you’re on video and the first settings is the
ISO I use the manual and I try to use the lowest ISO possible I use menu
because I don’t want my image to change brightness or exposure while I am
shooting so I try to plan my shot ahead and keep the lowest ISO possible which
on the Mavic is 100. On the Mavic you cannot control the aperture of your
camera but you can control the shutter speed my recommendation is to set your
shutter speed at twice the frame rate you’re using, following the 180 degrees
shutter angle rule in order to have a nice cinematic motion blur in your
images. I am a 24 frames per second at the moment so I will set my shutter
speed at 50! of course when you are outdoor it is very difficult to be able
to use 1/50 of a second shutter speed there is too much light for it so you
need to use nd filters I personally use the Polar Pro nd filters and I will put
a link in the description if you are interested to check them out I think this
is one of the most important elements in order to achieve cinematic images in
your footage. So let’s go through the second menu first thing video size I use
a 4k at 24 frames per second most of the time 90% of the time
sometimes I do set 30 frames per second if I think I’m going to slow down the
images in post by 20%, then video format I prefer to use the MOV as I work on a
Mac and I think the MOV is more suitable in post-production. I live in the United
States so I use the NTSC and I control and set manually my white balance every
time I heard the auto works fine on the Mavic but I think it’s easier to grade
the images in post when you control the white balance according to what kind of
light you have. in here we are at the style! the style is a controversial one
you will see a lot of different videos and tutorials that are suggesting
different numbers I will tell you my numbers and I will explain why I use
them. I use -1 on sharpness because I think that the image is
straight out of the camera from the Mavic are too sharp I use -1 on
contrast in order to add a wider dynamic range and I am satisfied with the
saturation so I keep the saturation in zero because it works fine for me. as far
as they concern the color profile I use the D- CInelike, I think it’s a very easy
profile to correct in post and also it works very well with Cinelike D color
profile on my Panasonic G85. The very last menu will give you the
possibility to decide what to see on your screen and what not I try to keep
my screen as clean as possible but I do want to see my Histogram on it and this
is it plan your shots ahead don’t forget to out-of-focus before you start
shooting tap record and you’re ready to go so I hope you got good information about
the camera settings of the Mavic next time we will talk about the gimbal
settings if you click on the like button or leave me a comment I will know you
want to see more videos like this then you just need to subscribe to this
channel turn on the bell and you will know when
my next video is up thanks for watching

Eugene Islam

96 thoughts on “DJI Mavic Pro: The Best Camera Settings for Cinematic Look

  1. Thank you for posting your experiences with the Mavic. I am new to drones and new to photography/ cinematography.

  2. Good video. Informative and helpful. Would be interested in learning how you tackle post production. Looking forward to your video on gibel settings.

  3. Great video mate! I just saw your post on FB regarding this video. Keep making more videos like this 👍

  4. great video, thank you… I am a seasoned photographer just venturing into the world of the Mavic.
    What ND filters do you find yourself using most?
    Also, do you use polarizing filters for any of your shots?
    I see some others asked about manual focus and manual exposure in the thread on FB — something else I plan to look into.
    Appreciate you sharing and look forward to your gimbal video!

  5. Hello my friend! That was a nice video! I have the phantom 4 and i could not find the "second menu: as you said for video size. Could you please tell me how you switch the video size for example 1920×1080 50frames etc..? Thank you!

  6. Nice video man, I am very surprised by the sharpness setting though, if you put it to -1 the Mavic's in camera noise reduction kicks in and makes things look like a watercolour painting. This video explains it really well –

  7. Shutter Speed Question: I set the shutter speed at 60 but everything was so overexposed that I couldnt see anything. I had to change it to 1000 or 2000 before it looked better. Why do you recommend 60? I dont have an ND filter so what would you recommend then?

  8. thanx so much love the accent ha i love photography and would love to some slow motion videos is that possible with the mavic?

  9. Found this tutorial very helpful I live in Scotland UK and hope to get some good videos looking forward to Gimbal settings etc Norman

  10. Thanks for the info. Great video! I wanted to ask. How do you get rid of the noise in the background of Mavic footage? youre footage looks amazing.

  11. great video and thanks for the tips! i am going to buy the same ND filters as you suggested. did you buy the shutter or vivid collection? the vivid is ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL Filters and the shutter is ND8, ND16, ND32. Is the 32 useful or just too dark? thanks!

  12. im using the softer gimbal settings but when moving from the camera pointing straight down to slowly moving up to the horizon, i always find in post the final horizon view jolts/stops sudden in the last position. is there a setting to use to make this smoother?

  13. This video have some really good and planned shots. It would have been nice to have a video on your thoughts about planning and composing of the angles and different technique used. Like revealing shots etc.

  14. I don´t have a ND Filter yet and I (17) spend the rest of my money to buy a mavic…

    How much auto-ISO will increase the image quality?

    btw. GOOD VIDEO !!!

  15. hi Attilio, thanks for your useful videos. I really love your style of edit, but I notice that some scenes are little bit jerky in bottom part of the video, specially when mavic flying over the something.. for example over the red lighthouse or staute in this video. Is there any setting or tricks to fix this problem? in this video: looks mavic really smooth.. Thanks Attilio;)

  16. a -1 la definizione si attiva , nel Mavic, purtroppo il filtro di riduzione rumore causando un notevole degrado delle immagini sopratutto nelle zone dei grigi e dei neri

  17. I have DJI Mavic which I love but your footage is far more better then mine … thanks for tips. Subscribing and looking forward to another video.

  18. Another great and informative video, thank you. Could you do a video about how you control the gimbal while in flight, if you haven't already?

  19. I had been following others advice about setting my sharpness to +1 but really didn't like the way Mavic handles in camera sharpening. Will definitely give this a try. Cheers!

  20. You never want to use negative 1 for sharpness..

    If you use anything that 0 and below the automatic Mavic DJI noise reduction will be on and it's not very good because it makes something sharp and some things blurry in really sucks..

    The only way to be running your mavic if you're doing post-production IS +1 SHARPNESS AS DJI SAYS THIS SHUTS OFF THE AUTO NOISE REDUCTION.

    Because it's much easier to use noise reduction in post-production and do it the right way without sketchy sharpness and blurry parts then using the noise reduction inside the Mavic


  21. And FYI you do not need ND filters if there's nothing moving in your picture meaning if you have no action shots of cars, people, things going across the screen it will make no difference you're better off just using a higher exposure to fix the light manually..

    The only reason to need the cinematic blur is when you're filming an actual movie scene with people in it and things moving all over the place with a video that you're showing right now you do not need to double the shutter speed of the frame rate..


  22. I changed the camera settings to your settings on my mavic pro and my camera just showed a white blurred image and I had to switch it back to "Auto". Have any idea what the cause of this could be? Thanks in advance!

  23. Good day sir.
    You have a resolution in the video 3840×2160 and 30 FPS, but I have only 25 FPS. Do not you know how it is possible? And do not you have any advice?

  24. Great content.
    Appreciate your clear format, that you focus on the settings and don't fill it out with the "Facebook me me me – talk". like the shots you included. And like your style! More please.

  25. Ciao Attilio, intanto ti faccio i complimenti per i tuoi video che sono molto esplicativi e mostrano quanta passione hai per il tuo lavoro. Volevo chiederti una cosa: ho un mavic pro e l'ho impostato secondo i tuoi parametri. A volte i video (ed anche le foto) mi escono disturbati con linee orizzontali nere . Mi sai dire il motivo? Grazie in anticipo.

  26. I will try these settings next time I fly, haven't been able to get cinematic shots up until now. Thanks for the video!

  27. You are now my only go to guy for advice on how to film and what to use. Your tutorials are simple yet effective – thank you for the time you put on your channel because it’s going to help my progression and my channel create better cinematic content 🇬🇧👍

  28. Surprised you don’t preference D-log. I met a man who got these postage stamp sized bright LED blinking light that stick in his drone. He put one on too, bottom, sides, and he can spot his drone in an instant with the eyes from far off. I rather like that. Nice shots, nice place to shoot.

  29. Another fantastic video. Really enjoy your style and teaching technique. One question completely unrelated to photography, where did you get that clock in the background that tells time like "Twenty to Nine" and "Quarter to Nine" that is so cool.

  30. Hello Dude love your Channel very informative! I’ve just purchased a DJI Mavic Pro and I’m getting to grips with the settings and how to fly it better! I have tuned my Mavic Pro to the same settings as you have explained on this video but I was wondering what type of ND filter your using? What Grade of ND filter do you mainly use? Would love to hear back from you soon and keep the awesome contents coming because we are loving it!

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