DJI – Introducing the Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera and Gimbal Powered by FLIR

DJI – Introducing the Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera and Gimbal Powered by FLIR

It’s no secret that DJI has led the consumer drone revolution and if you’ve seen any
kind of thermal imaging chances are it was shot
with a FLIR camera. Now we are proud to announce
a new collaboration with FLIR, one that will transform aerial
imaging for the industry. We are pleased to announce the DJI Zenmuse XT thermal imaging aerial camera. Zenmuse XT combines DJI’s
expertise in camera stabilization, advanced flying platforms, and long-range video transmission with FLIR’s state-of-the-art
thermal camera technology, a first for the industry. The XT provides users with
superior thermal imagery and sensitivity to better
than a 10th of a degree. By integrating the XT with DJI’s Inspire and Matrice airframes we are giving people incredible precision and empowering them to put it
into the sky almost instantly. DJI’s XT camera’s really been great. Being able to assess where
the fire is immediately, we can also see how it’s
affecting the roof above, whether other parts of the building were even getting involved, or how the fire was starting to travel through the building all before making entry so we have a better
coordinated attack going in. The Zenmuse XT will be available as two separate models with
two different resolutions, 640 by 512 and 336 by 256. The applications are endless. Aerial thermal imaging has
become such an important tool for crop management. It’s a non-invasive way
to monitor nurseries and greenhouses, plan
irrigation scheduling, estimate fruit yields, and even detect plant disease. Using the XT along with the Inspire really is an incredibly efficient way to get all of this important data. In a search and rescue situation every second in the air counts. Pairing the XT with the Matrice 100 will provide exemplary flight time which means large amounts of area could be covered in one flight. Additionally, the Matrice
100 provides access to the DJI SDK where tools
like dedicated search patterns can be custom built. The Zenmuse XT camera
is an excellent tool to have along the way. Our goal of course is
to find the individual as quickly as possible and the dogs usually are
able to give us a direction of travel so now we have an area to actually search and work. With the Zenmuse XT camera, they’re a great substitution
for utilizing a helicopter so we can use something
that’s much more affordable. The Zenmuse XT camera will empower a vast number of
industries around the world to do their work smarter, faster, and safer than ever before.

Eugene Islam

57 thoughts on “DJI – Introducing the Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera and Gimbal Powered by FLIR

  1. Wow once again so awesome! I wish I could afford an Inspire let alone some awesome equipment like that! I seriously need to start saving up …so epic!💥

  2. notice min 1:10 "The Predator" is coming . anyway drones getting more in important in our lives. see underwater drones , thermal camera etc.etc..

  3. wonderful video pioneers of the in Drone technology but all I ask for is a larger battery so I can fly longer than 17 minutes please.

  4. I'm interesting How much camera option cost – because i know the factory – that already fitted THERMAL cameras to DJI drones 🙂 camera packed the same spec. cost from 3000 $ you can use – option from DJI 2 to inspire and matrix – also you can see 2 cameras view thermical and original

  5. I was wondering can it work too ask night vision to see at night?? Also it be nice to have a better batteries that will last 30mins!!

  6. You notice how there weren't any law enforcement endorsements? While this thing is definitely bad ass, you can pretty much forget about whatever modicum of individual privacy we had left. I guess that's to be expected with the coming drone invasion.

  7. Could you use this for search and rescue for avalanche or earthquake victims? I guess the short battery life would be a problem.

  8. DSLR PRos has been mounting a Flir cam in the nose cone of the inspire1 for some time now allowing the rig to carry both cameras. Much better configuration and you can alternate cameras.

  9. This is amazing, It will be great to have a true plug and play FLIR camera for the DJI Inspire or Matrice platforms!!! Can't wait to get our hands on one of these.

  10. This is Great… But, When will it become available for the Phantom 3 Pro???  I will wait obviously, but I really would like the FLIR model but just purchased the Phantom…

  11. Just the flir camera cost like $1,500 dollars, and this model is tha basic resolution… But with DJI will be cost more!

  12. Great thing that's coming out. Really worried about all the drone crybabies though, thermals gunna create a lot of controversy

  13. I love where the tech is going, but honestly, the fades between each cut makes this video impossible to watch. And the staff interviews from DJI have been way too scripted and stiff. The field interviews seem great, but every single staff interview over the last two years has made me click forward because they're so hard to watch. Great UAS's though!

  14. Hi guys.
    I have the Inspire 1 Pro with X5, the new FLIR camera is amazing. I have a question.
    My Zenmuse of the Inspire 1 Pro X5 is compatible for Flir camera.?

    Thanks for your reply.


  15. Hello , what is the cost of xt zenmuse and that official Drone better ? Inspire ? or Matrice ? thanks and regards.

  16. Might want to get a hold of the German "Bundespolizei" or their municipal Fire Departments: Your product could have saved a few missing persons lives in the past. And if they listen to your salesreps. perhaps save a few in the future.

  17. what is the difference between performance model and radiometric model
    is the difference in type of the cameras or it is a software option which can be used on XT cameras on the demand of the customer
    is the camera type of flir Tau or some thing else?

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