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100 thoughts on “Day 6 – Fairings

  1. 1.this looks beuatiful. 2. The music in this video should be the new audio that plays when your building your rockets or aircraft, or just included in any other way because that music sounds great!

  2. not sure i like how the fairing split in rings at the different widths like that… hmmm kinda like the way some of the fairing mods work better. visually in the separation look.

  3. I can't say that i'm too impressed. This update seems to just accomplish what mods have been doing for years.

  4. Finally! I won't have to use mods for this on e anymore! Please tell me you have fixed the extremely long loading times if you have mods installed

  5. Argh, why can' t Squad make fairings be two or four radial piecies instead of shitton of tiny ones? Like they are in real life? Or in the Procedural Fairings mod?

    Everytime I think, "hmmm, I would need that" the next update comes out and gives it to me… please keep going!

  7. This looks like an awesome addition, though for me, every version so far since 0.13.3 has been great. Modwise, I've always used just two – Mechjeb and the Circular Solar Panels. Now with the fairings you can now produce something similar to NASA Orion Spacecraft.

  8. Wow, what a fail! I mean, nice try but.. Procedural fairings already exists, and its faster, and its prettier, and its still just as customizable. Hopefully there is more than meets the eye, but, if not… fail.

  9. I hope the fairings code allows us to put them on tighter than shown in the video. That looks a bit bulky and, with the new aerodynamics, might slow down the craft.

    It also looks phallic.

  10. This system looks pretty clunky, especially compared to Proc fairings. The top of the fairing doesn't look right.

  11. Now THIS is exciting! I'm actually disappointed with the female kerbals, it was way funnier as a little clumsy green sausage party of failure…

  12. improve the textures of this fairlings please,this yellow lines and black things are ugly i continue using the mod ones for now,i like to make my rockets preety xd

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