Cruise Missile vs Ballistic Missile Differents

Cruise Missile vs Ballistic Missile Differents

What is the Different between Cruise Missile
and Ballistic Missile. Understanding of the principles of ballistic
and cruise missile flight and there technologies. Unlike ballistic missiles, cruise missiles
are usually categorized by intended mission and launch mode. The relevance of this basic
knowledge to the requirements of the Missiles will then be developed. Some practical examples
of missiles in generally we can See in this Video.
Now we see Cruise Missile. Cruise Missile: A cruise missile is basically
a small, pilotless airplane. Cruise missiles have an wingspan, are powered by turbofan
engines. In the Cruise missiles The Booster helps to startup the missile after booster
falls away once it has burned its fuel. The wings, tail fins and air inlet unfold, and
the turbofan engine takes over the missile. Cruise missiles fly within the earth’s atmosphere
can fly 500 to 1,000 miles depending on the configuration.
These vehicles vary greatly in their speed and ability to penetrate defences. Cruise
missiles can be categorised by size, speed (subsonic or supersonic), range and whether
launched from land, air, surface ship or submarine. Depending upon the speed such missiles are
classified as: Subsonic, Supersonic and Hypersonic cruise
missile. Subsonic cruise missile flies at a speed lesser
than that of sound. It travels at a speed of around 0.8 Mach. The well-known subsonic
missile is the American Tomahawk cruise missile. Some other examples are Harpoon of USA and
Exocet of France. Supersonic cruise missile travels at a speed
of around 2 to 3 Mach i.e.; it travels a kilometre approximately in a second. The modular design
of the missile and its capability of being launched at different orientations enable
it to be integrated with a wide spectrum of platforms like warships, submarines, different
types of aircraft, mobile autonomous launchers and silos. The combination of supersonic speed
and warhead mass provides high kinetic energy ensuring tremendous lethal effect. BRAHMOS
is the only known versatile supersonic cruise missile system which is in service.
Hypersonic cruise missile travels at a speed of more than 5 Mach. Many countries are working
to develop hypersonic cruise missiles. Russia is also in the process of developing Zircon
hypersonic cruise missile, which would fly at a speed greater than 7 Mach.
Now we see about Ballistic missile. A ballistic missile is a missile that has
a ballistic trajectory over most of its flight path, regardless of whether or not it is a
weapon-delivery vehicle. Ballistic missiles are categorised according to their range,
maximum distance measured along the surface of earth’s ellipsoid from the point of launch
to the point of impact of the last element of their payload. The missile carry a huge
payload. The carriage of a warhead is justified by the distance the missile travels.
On the basis of Range: Range 150 km to 300 km Know as Tactical ballistic
missile. Range 300 km to 1,000 km Know as Short-range
ballistic missile. Range 1,000 km to 3,500 km Know as Medium-range
ballistic missile. Range 3,500 km to 5,500 km Know as Long-range
ballistic missile. Range greater than 5,500 km Know as Intercontinental
ballistic missile. The Types of Ballistic Missiles, can be launched
from ships and land based facilities in different Platforms it is also Classified.
surface-to-surface : A surface-to-surface missile is a guided projectile launched from
a hand-held, vehicle mounted, trailer mounted or fixed installation. It is often powered
by a rocket motor or sometimes fired by an explosive charge since the launch platform
is stationary. surface-to-air : A surface-to-air missile
is designed for launch from the ground to destroy aerial targets like aircrafts, helicopters
and even ballistic missiles. These missiles are generally called air defence systems as
they defend any aerial attacks. air-to-air : An air-to-air missile is launched
from an aircraft to destroy the enemy aircraft. The missile flies at a speed of 4 Mach.
air-to-surface : An air-to-surface missile is designed for launch from military aircraft
and strikes ground targets on land, at sea or both. The missiles are basically guided
via laser guidance, infrared guidance and optical guidance or via GPS signals. The type
of guidance depends on the type of target. (SLBM) is a ballistic missile capable of being
launched from submarines. Modern variants usually deliver multiple independently targetable
re-entry vehicles. Submarine-launched ballistic missiles operate in a different way from submarine
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