Control Line Flying Father’s Day

Control Line Flying Father’s Day

so it’s my fourth flight of the season
this is my third flight on the Electric Brodak P-40 and I’m just taping this
just to take a look at what I’m doing more wrong than right kind of sloppy I didn’t crash I just got
to get out and fly a lot and that’s what I love about this really get that
concentration going to think out there become one with the plane that’s why I’m
into this but this season it’s just for fun and I don’t have any competitions
lined up so it’s just for fun and funny bad for an old man
alright James Perry now this guy is a new flyer after 40 how many years 47
years when he was 18 years old but he’s feeling that thrill of a 12 year old
right and this is what your third fourth flight his fourth flight alright and
he’s been doing great he’s going for it so are you feeling good you’re ready to
go alright don’t get cocky kid all right Jim heads up trainee bumper up got his
son-in-law here as a pit guy I got a daughter recording all this and waiting
for prosperity and humility flying a ringmaster a ringmaster ARF
believe me another on with an r5 fly arf arf means almost ready to fly and it
gets you in the air quicker alright so if you’re a person that wants to fly get
an ARF put it together straight and you’re flying all right just got a little bit of a
rich run here hope he takes a call uh-oh I didn’t even see anything break on that so that’s Bob Chaney out there and he’s
flying a plane called the Tudor and I think it’s just uh I think it’s his best
flying plane I think he flies the best when he flies that plane doing inverted
flight right now which we’re talking to James he’s interested in learning that
and but we all come out here and sort of help each other do a little coach and
give each other a little go for it go for it but James the man that hasn’t
flown in 47 years he’s got the inclination to go for it he’s already
doing inside loops and outside the loop so that’s fun to see he’ll he’ll get
that pattern by the end of the summer

Eugene Islam

78 thoughts on “Control Line Flying Father’s Day

  1. Hey Shug. I dedicated a video to you. its called WHY I FLY CONTROL LINE AND RC AIRPLANES . Take a look at it. Your the man…Rodderbeck

  2. Shug, looks like you did a very good job flying that plane ! I like that red P-38 flying box car, I remember seeing them flying over the house when I was a kid in Louisiana. Had to be over 50 years ago since I seen one in the air. Happy Fathers Day !

  3. I tried Control line once, I think that Cox .049 is still 3 feet in the ground and I remembered painted balsa wood pieces all over that baseball diamond. never did get the hang of it

  4. Do you get any pain or fatigue in your shoulder, since your surgery..? Not sure how much torque or strain that would put on you.

  5. What a nice/relaxing way to spend some Father's Day time. Only thing "more gooder" would've been to have a hammock slung and some coffee brewing as well.

  6. I think my first U-control was a ringmaster jr. using a .049 engine. I later stepped up to a bigger plane (can't remember the model) using a .35 enya engine. Good times!

  7. that Ringmaster is sweet. The wing shape looks a little different than the ones from 1977, but maybe it's the ARF version that makes it that way. Can I ask where he got it? I have been looking for one for my "vintage" Fox .35

  8. Looking good Shug. Your field sure looks like its in good shape. Nuthn' wrong with flying off of grass. I got some ukie practice in today myself…..woooo buddddyyyy.

  9. If I had a dollar for every Cox engine that I've augured into the dirt, I'd have a lot of dollars. That's impressive.

  10. Small world; Keith Sandberg – when we were kids – lived across the street from me, in North Minneapolis.

  11. My last CL experience was a Cox PT-19 flight trainer, about 1971, about the same as your friend. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Shug
    I wish I could fly like you
    I still have not gone beyond the cox .049 models and I only barely fly level ,half tanks
    Am afraid of crashing
    Am 61 years old and think my flying days are about over 😪😪😪
    Hey your buddy flys dang good !!!

  13. I was out behind my work the other day and heard this crazy loud buzz………..what the hell is that noise……….oh, someone's control flying over there. That's the crazy shit Shug does 😉 (Our building is located on an old U of W experimental farm so large fields all around us) Obviously too far away to see the lines but I could tell by the patterns they were making. Neat seeing it in the real world, only exposure I've ever had was watching your channel. Glad you had a peaceful father's day doing what you enjoy.

  14. Sweet!! Looks more right than wrong to me, but then I know nothing 😂 hope you had a great Father's Day!

  15. I know flying is what these planes are born for, but flying a scratch built plane is a bravery I don’t have.
    Love watching you at play Shug, the pure joy in you. A big whoooo buddy to you.

  16. Hi Shug, happy Father's day to you. Just returned last week from a trip to Ireland and Northern ireland, the people there reminded me a lot of you. Funny story, we went to the Blarney Stone to do the tourist thing and and a red haired 50ish lady from Minnesota somehow got locked in the loo and the bus left without her. People yelled to the bus driver/tour director stop, somebody's missing. The bus driver looked in the rear view mirror and said Jesus, Mary and Joseph a red haired lady is running after the bus with about six shopping bags swingin' about her. We said stop that's her. The bus driver stopped and had to back this big Mercedes bus over a narrow one lane 1000 year old bridge. He was so embarrassed and apologetic. We all laughed about that one including the red haired lady from Minnesota. True story.

  17. Wow, people will thumbs down anything. Hope your fathers day went well. Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Sorry shug can not watch not into it looking to see you back on the trail with the Maple King woo buddy see you at Gordy's

  19. Reminds me of an older than the hills camp song, up in the air jr birdman, up in the air upsidedown✈🛩🛫🛬🚀holi crap u guys are outthere! HappyFather's Day
    Shug, you ROCK SHOP DEWD!!! I thought yoooued be boooooatin dont yaknow. Minnesoooota n all. Whatever fliots yer boat, fly fly🐒🐵🐒🐵🐒

  20. Shrug thanks for another control line video. The ringmaster is one of my favorites. The P-38 is very nice. I still have a sterling P-38 kit that I’ve had twenty years waiting for the right time to build. Thanks again

  21. so do u have any remote control of the plane for doing the fancy moves or is it all done with your body and the tension on the line?

  22. The sound of twins!!! Doesn't get much better than doing a bit of flying on a nice day, Thank You for sharing! Now what did I do with the winch battery? . . . ;>)

  23. man I really like the old school.. i use to fly sail planes nothing but the wind,, doing what it does and launching a new model into it ,, find a good ridge and launch her hand in heart after a lot of work, crashed a lot of the times and it hurt , but part of the learning circle, my grandfather was the one who inspired me and got me started, with you guessed it control line flying and a petrol engine use to help him cover it with solar film and paint it good along time ago now, as radio control was state of the art in toughs days , i use a spectrum radio now, bind and fly gets me to the field but i still remember the good times with him and scratch building a classic from balsa you remind me of that time thanks mister

  24. Great flying on the electric. Great group of planes flying. Man, that P-38 sounded cool with those twin engines. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Good evening to you Shug, my name is Aaron and I have a question that has nothing to do with this video. It does have to do with hammocking. What is the best way for me to contact you with a question? That is all. Good day

  26. Hi Shug, nothing like Control Line. RDRC had their Blast from the Past Event June 15.
    I never miss a chance to fly, the club photographer put a camera on me and told me to have a ball.

    Hope to visit your field someday!!
    Al T.

  27. I like the electric P-40. Even though you don't think your flying is up to snuff, I'd take it over mine any day of the week.

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