Eugene Islam

6 thoughts on “Colorado mystery drones: More resources being activated in investigation

  1. The FAA dropped a bomb on the RC Flying community a few days after Christmas. They release NPRM Proposal severely restricting ALL RC Flying (Model Planes, Gliders, Drones, anything really..) Literally HOURS after that swarms of drones showed up in Colorado and Nebraska. RC Flying clubs in the US (and around the world, they fear they will be next) are now scrambling to get comments to the FAA by March 1st. Strangely the FAA has done little since almost Christmas to get to the bottom of these "mysterious" drone sightings. The FAA wants to commercialize 0-400' and clear the NAS and they NEED the public on their SIDE to do so. Or else it would look like what it really is a "land grab" by lobbyists from Amazon, Google, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc..who hope to make Billions. Watch these videos and they will explain..

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