Eugene Islam

8 thoughts on “Colorado drone mystery causing problems at local airports

  1. This is totally out of control. We do not want nor need to start WWlll. It could exterminate a tremendous number of human lives, mostly innocent people who is in need of caring and love. Not nuclear weapons. How sad will be when we look back and see the aftermath and regret. God be with us.

  2. Its ridiculous that this went on for more than a few hours and the government id claiming they don't know. So they don't want to do anything but they also don't want the citizens to do anything either, not even make an attempt to identify the drone. They say you can't shoot them unless they are a threat to you but if you cant even see if they are armed how would you know? The government is either lying or incompetent and people should be able to protect themselves if the need to.

  3. If a company were doing this they should have to file a report with the local authorities. Multiple drones flying in formation could pose a danger to other small aircraft.

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