Check Grain Bins | Lost Drone Footage FOUND!

Check Grain Bins | Lost Drone Footage FOUND!

Something about the pickup, I don’t know if you ever noticed the way it sets but well I’m under I Put these into the hampers up front here to kind of give a little more lift in the front But once you do that, you have to realign it and stuff just because it throws stuff out of whack a little bit but I like to add that to it and then also in the back just to kind of give it another little lift is Actually how to leave spring back here too. I think it’s this one that I That it that I add to the mix there It just kind of sets it up a little bit more pleasant if you’re pulling something it doesn’t quite sag quite as much So I’m actually still inside the office quite a bit lately Update and balance sheets and didn’t cash flow is still ready and stuff like that right now but all the things I wanted to do today was head over here to Just kind of see how the corns doing in the bend. What I’ll do for that is We have a green bin monitor system that were we put on it. It’s just not all installed yet and hooked up I don’t think I don’t believe it is anyway it’s supposed to automatically measure the ambient temperatures You know Humidity and stuff and you kind of tell it what the moisture is at and stuff inside there then I’ll try to maintain it or dry down the process and stuff like that, but Yeah, not everything’s done yet on this still Dad and brother kind of cleaned up around here the other day So what I’m gonna do now is just kind of kick on the fans and then I’ll climb up to the top just Head up there and kind of make sure it’s a cool Dry air coming out of there not a wet damp And if it smells then you really got a problem just out of curiosity. It should be good. We really dried and down And so that’s what I’m gonna check out right now. I kind of plan on doing the more thorough Bin sight setup when we’re all done. I know some people ask just to see what it all does do the downspout They still got to put some covers on Oh We’re waiting on now is just the returns to go into everything here To kind of bring this all back into the leg. However, they might do that Ben fan monitor system I’m not sure. I don’t think it turns on the electricians. I think we’re going to wait till everything until they come back and I Wouldn’t even know how it runs right away without the manual anyway so these were our fan turn-ons Should be able here Nate’s been there’s 240 more they still put manyo shutoffs right here We did this instead of pointing to Then I connected it just nearly 50% Big house This Christmas yesterday. Alright guys, so I got a little bit of digestant still going probably on I’m gonna open this carefully Yes As you can see we didn’t get it clear full Can you feel that Know a good thing. It’s cool feels like dryer and I want at least I come over here Someone’s a little more empty on that empty but little ways down there if you could See it doesn’t feel too bad a little bit warmer in there than the outside temp Kind of what the lake system looks like from this angle So if you knew the channel we just put this in this year it’s too Their legs rated at 10,000 bushel We weren’t originally planning on putting in the dryer this yields. Well, we just have two big bins This one is actually gonna be set up for the wet bed This one’s set up for the dry. It’s we know it’s kind of large for a weapon. So we might put a smaller Actual weapon in later, but I don’t know Let’s actually see how much we actually use it. And then we put in two Lowery dump It’s 500 bushel a piece so you can dump a full truck and one swipe both these bins are Guess I’ll head back down it seems okay. Anyway, this is someone when I’m on here for at least every week Especially where we know how the unloads quite set up the way we want I mean we could Get to the east one easily. This one would be a little harder since it’s kind of behind the dryer There’s the propane tank we put in Or had others put in for us. It’s a 12,000 bushel 12,000 bushel It’s a 12,000 gallon propane tank so we can take a transport load Here’s a Neko dryer we ended up we chose this style because we have a landlord that He bought one and it doesn’t have the screens in it, so we’re hoping it’s less maintenance that way We’ve never had a dryer before so this will be a learning curve for our anyway You know, that’s one thing we got to always monitor We actually have a fifty thousand grain bin up at our other location that has a Different green mod, it actually has the cables that run down into it that can detect hot spots and stuff like that keep in monitor of your grain during storage just it’s pretty crucial because it can Heat up in a hurry if it’s really wet and stuff like that You kind of want to get it down to that 15 or lower range when you store it for very long 15 percent meaning the level of moisture content in your grain so that’s something we always monitor and Okay, you don’t want to screw up cuz a lot of lot of money in them bins So with some of the things we got coming up here is we got some of our parts in for the planners I’m sure what everything is here. I hope there’s some smaller stuff We got to do some parts we knew down there in the bottom are the true these If you’ll be able to see them, there’s the center hedge one We got these parts the local dealer does a special in this summer For parts, so we usually try to order as much as we can through them Replace the brushes on our high-speed parts So that’s what these guys are. It’s the brush that carries seed down the tube Your seed will just sit inside that brush and carry it down. That’s what creates at a high speed planer Versus a traditional planer so we got started for parts like that We’ll be doing that probably after the first of the year here small things We got to do is go through our strip tool machines. Which your clear out back here There’s the planners we got to go through. I kind of showed him on the last video But if you’re gonna new the channel, that’s the things we’re gonna be going through here fairly soon I’ll back over here is where we kind of set our strip till and Unfortunately a lot of grass grew around them. So hopefully I can kind of show you we go through all the bearings On these strip tool machines on our farm we strip till mostly everything even the gravity We’ll run them over on our Ridge till not a lot of people do fall tillage out here in our corner of the state not saying that everybody doesn’t do it, but Mostly over the winter Cornfield set idle. But yeah, we got to drag these out of the grass, but These baskets back here These roller basket these bearings, right? there we change those every season and the reason why is We run fertilizer with our strip till they come down here. We run this sellout shallow tillage attachment I’ll show you these better, but it’s just all Coulter’s and we shoot our fertilizer right behind them because this will kind of throw it together and kind of bury it a little bit and so we run fertilizer a little bit but these Will always get a little bit of fertilizer and it doesn’t take much fertilized Fertilizer to corrode everything so those bearings kind of take it in the shorts So we usually replace those every year because those are actually kind of hard to replace All right. It’s a little more time-consuming not hard this time consuming to replace those And then the other bearings we just go through and spin them if they do go out, there’s actually four bearings per Coulter or two and each Hub assembly and it’s usually the one that’s exposed that goes out the inside ones usually protected from fertilizing stuff But the outside ones and our experience goes out sooner So this is the second machine that we have we have one. That’s two barn one. That’s single bar We just add a little weight for it. That’s a color. So kind of looks the same the same company Just a different implement. I know we’ll get going through those we’ll kind of go more in depth with stuff like that they a lot of bearings the maintenance stuff on that stuff that we go through just Trying to look around the yard You can see over there. There’s our vertical till slash hybrid disc We don’t use it a lot But you still kind of need one around the farm If you get a bad spot in a field you need a fix or something like that. We’ll go through and touch it up We have done full fields too. Just depends on what we need it To do to get that field in condition Then we’ll start going through all these rigs. I think we’re actually gonna take These down and get them inspected at least because they’re running a special on that to get them all Inspect that your deer at least they’ll give us kind of an idea if they need anything serious or not and then we’ll probably bring them back here and Change the oil and stuff in on ourselves since we can do that a little less a little more cheaper, but we’ll go through those Well, you got a lot of dirt in the back your Gator you gonna clean that out What did you get for Christmas I You don’t know what you get for Christmas Legos So hey guys, thanks for hanging out with me but before I go I was going through the shop and then my combo and I pulled out my Drone and I found some footage that I took of us harvesting corn and so I forgot all about it because after that point we kind of had that wind go through and the corn was All down and I was never able to really fly the drone after that. Here’s some lost drone footage of harvest 2019 to kind of end the film on I hope you had a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a very happy New Year And we’ll probably catch you after the new year because I got to go up to To the in-laws and we’ll celebrate Christmas and stuff So we’re all kind of in and out but after the first of the year we’ll start kind of rocking and rolling getting some projects going in the shop and Hopefully get some something worthwhile watching out to you. So I really appreciate it guys and we’ll catch you on the next one

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24 thoughts on “Check Grain Bins | Lost Drone Footage FOUND!

  1. Rob , nice to hear from you . I have been waiting on a new video from you . You really have an amazing family farm . That grain bin setup looks beautiful . Spring will be here before you know it. I want to wish you and your family a Happy New Year . Be safe and god bless !

  2. Thanks for the season greetings & Ditto! Always a pleasure too watch your content & storage site sure did end up looking very nice! Looking forward in seeing it in full operation as well as being finished. Probably not as much as you n the family are considering what they cost, however $$ well spent as in the end it most definitely pays for itself…
    Have a wonderful & safe New Year's celebration!!

  3. If you fell into the grain bin on top of the corn, would you sink over your head and die or would it support your weight? Is there any way out if you accidentally fall in?


    They are already available for purchase. May save you time and money over the long run. Try one or two to see if they outlast what your using now.

  5. put the wet bin above the dump pits. then you can use it as a load out bin as well. you can use a horizontal auger from the bottom of the cone over to the top of the dryer.

  6. Thanks for the video. Hope you have an awesome day. It's Friday. Awesome Drone footage and you got to love that shop. Can't wait to see what 2020 brings you.

  7. Hi, I am new to your channel and enjoy your videos. Not to go into great detail but I worked on my family’s farm back in the late fifties as a youth. We were in Sheridan county outside Rushville,NE. The farm was homesteaded in my great grandfather. I’m 78 now and the farm is no longer in the family but great memories! Methods and equipment sure have changed! I will look forward to future videos from you. Thanks

  8. Damn that’s a good idea sharing 1 ladder. I would have built two then looked back and went awww wtf. Lol those bins 140,000 each or total? Merry Christmas!

  9. Great video and very nice all green you have there in your garage What you get for christmas ? Santa get you something ?

  10. You too my friend very good time Christmas and very happy new year from montreal canada 🇨🇦🍾🥂🎅🏼🤶🏻😉👍

  11. Now you spend all the time you need in the office and with your family , because when you do the videos they are really informative. The lost drone shots very nice. Thank you , Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
    No reply needed 😀👍🏾🚜🚜🚜🚜

  12. A happy New year to you also. Nice drone footage. Totally amazes me the lay of your land and size of fields. Hilly here in Western PA and field maybe 10-15 acres at best. We had a 9400 then a 9510 with six row heads. Both were sidehill machines.

  13. Rob!!!! Seeing as how you and your family are the inspiration to our two new planters. I have a suggestion for your tool bars and how to help with wear and tear… build some pipe saw horses and when you unhook set them on them. You keep them out of the dirt at least if you can’t put them under a shed. It helps a lot. I’ll be paying attention as you go thru y’all’s planters! Hope you and yours had a great Christmas.

  14. The drone footage was great and I enjoyed seeing the grain bin 👍

    Hope that you and your family had a Merry Christmas, and hope y’all have a happy new year as well.

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