Try hello Hi guys, have you heard me for a while? Try try Try hello antonio hello giuseppe can you hear me Hello silvio antonio marzio sergio giuseppe hello to all the guys of topics like you hear me Hi sing us a song no in ten minutes they present the new alter ego two guys I don’t even know if I started the live correctly well I’m using the microphone of the route Let me share alive so much starts 13 minutes in the meantime left a nice like I recommend perfect you can turn up the sound again Pop try hello Try try ok now it’s a bit high there’s tell me if you feel if you feel well Hi marzio Yes I think I will buy it tried at 0 at most guys let’s see now how he feels better he is almost at his best ok now he should feel better I think Hello Henry hello guys a nice like minute, I will arrive immediately time to find the link between live can someone leave me the link of the video guys of this video of this live please leave lynched or some problems with With the live however very interesting this I got 2 hello christmas hello totò totora panta three clapper board chris Well well well well Then this aut ivo 2 should have a cam Absurd I made a video a few days ago Hopefully well I don’t know why I can’t see my live broadcast No I do not go out because drapery fails There you are guys I see everything stuck hello I win hello guys give me the link of this live please can’t find it Then live now it should come out not to live streams because you tell me what’s up to holy patience and boys holy patience Ok Reload anything You see, you see if, however, I don’t see it and that problem doesn’t come out I don’t know why I don’t go out guys Wield Who is it that I contact Can’t send fantastic link Let’s see if Stefano is active In the meantime, let’s see what you say michele the one with the pumps all right all right sergio today went on offer again then You know why you don’t show it to me What time now do I see it Hi marzio and vincenzo hello guys The link has not been released, do not send it to me now I am waiting for Stefania who wakes up with her time, of course but slowly stefania also gets there Five minutes and the live broadcast begins and we follow it together There was an eye on the page but it should be around here So this very interesting year we have this new out olive 2 we have the photo and video book copter also of what i ski o2 we will have the mavic trains state so there is there is a lot of stuff a lot of interesting stuff A video of this two tomes will come out I think they will now show it so there will be a nice nice presentation hello sebastiano hello super daniele What do you think about it the problem with this sometimes even the first is that it does not they do not sell them in europe so it is a problem to be able to buy it in europe through cross sites but it is half a mess, hopefully this time it will get better The power egg yes I saw it mario but frankly it seems a bit of a crap and fear hicks seems like a lot of smoke and little roast they wrote 3000 things then I don’t know how many there really will be exit let’s hope that is spain gave me the link thank goodness there is stefania then we are in live with authentic 2 good Ok I admit on telegram to put it on facebook too what have you written in the meantime hello michele 17 always five minutes hello fabio hello palermo beautiful palermo but I would like limestone if mom is ok for powers act though it is a brand that the other drones that did is not that it was a great deal so better go there with lead feet on these things guys not bought in a closed box wait for some reviews on the net So no one runs after you Also because then gifts as soon as they come out you know they always have their problems so at least wait for them to come settle hello gennaro hello destroyer hello i will be was linen hello well as we are and direct 30 35 number says We will find out Among other things, I have already started the fair which is not a bad word Show a lot of technology products is a manifestation a fair type Ok now I put live let’s see if I can then I will undo the chat so I can see then appreciate a new window is ok so far I got there now we open the page of the out olive tree Let’s take it off here and see if it works So let’s see what I have to do with her Well you know you see me guys Here should be the chat here is the chat Well then let’s put it up here as we don’t care English comments Tell me did you manage to see give me a with a comment Tell me if you see then then the time your review on 0 2 thanks fabio I hope as soon as possible I hope me if this month being a man it is normal for him to be a poop sea ​​made the joke with the film it is so to remove the propellers every time you finish yes with each drone it would be recommended to always catch there that she asked me the same way you see some crude versions of the ice for the feel that they are very good I will present that directs aid what of the drone no do not take the clones good evening everyone ok so now there will be a live broadcast cloth and microphone of the road and what I bought at Christmas works really well I’m really happy with this purchase hello and but gianluca hello to all guys a nice light come on to support us as always I know there are those who do live pay shows guys we really got to do the paid for members my mom what point we got there Ok you still see me because there is little light and I hope so Then it’s 5pm but nothing has started yet. Try reloading the page The premier will start shortly and okay missing a few seconds it is an incredible wait in my opinion it will be like a presentation video I don’t know if it is a real conference Let’s see Hi Luca Monte we hope we hope that they will market it here in europe stowe drone which is the right time that they will bring it here in europe Here we are Well then let’s play out and in the volume here forms Lifted up Ok I saw a can suffice One minute and thirty guys at the premier thanks arnaldo I don’t know sergio now let’s see what they tell us in this video could hear the audio from the of the play here of the presentation where they come from and notification of offers Minute 10 Ok thanks frank thanks fabio see hello gaby Stefania I love the offers I have to admit but does not see that I am in direct stefania hello stefania Ready to uncork the sparkling wine if you give it 40 seconds there is a 5 second delay of the live broadcast What is the last drone you bought guys Look for companions every way Turin area here Let’s see what autel invented and mixed marwijk in the first threes but b xoom with 2 m because it is a reinforcement to double Better to head by or 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 best wishes to all the kids Let’s take a look at what robotics routers show Present said I’m screen The evolution of the flight wait guys don’t get put Then stop diameter so in the meantime we comment the most powerful and advanced drone in the world has arrived will be true and there is the key that is pressed four leds Okay something has changed He opens his backpack and what will come out was probably the drone which, like the first, is not very small, but very cute and aesthetic three new rooms the new iframe flight Aesthetically I hate that it doesn’t drive me crazy, but at least it’s different images taken with EV II If I do it too every day Dynamic Track 2.0 fantastic this makes sense wherever artificial intelligence for trekking Obstacles to sensors 360 degree obstacles optical sensor 40 minutes of flight guys 40 minutes for a drone and big are many are many 8 new flight modes with a smart fly call therefore hdr on all three kram mamamia Small remote control but with built-in display I would have more powerful bla bla throat is not resealable Cup coat But what pc does it take for videos 8k to edit videos because it touches which pc it takes and you two prost and then before it was not even the most advanced this is the cam sicap with adjustable opening e this will be in india in china cam oh well this other version thermal cam plus kamoto caf acam and thermal yet almost hd The child therefore all interchangeable because apart from the range nothing changes now it is fashionable I am able to change the flying gene only zino 29 km kilometers of control range babelica quick release we missed it as well then there are no flight restrictions so you can use it anywhere Oh well if then various color profiles that is always the type that climbs if it looks like a lobster boys really looks like a lobster eboli 26 hp Wow It ends like this Well no no that centered helps oh well is still I do not want to see a thing guys then I read your comments Let me reload the page Ok what do you think of what you just saw an updated everything here too the voodoo is equipped with a boss touched at 48 megapixels and the evo 2 own the 6 k thumb cam with aperture adjustable and the evo ii dual the professional one equipped with 8 k sensor plus thermal sensor Currently in production the price and availability will be announced and soon ok so for now the price has not been communicated meanwhile guys I leave it in the background and read your comments Who automatically deleted the miners by mistake, however your comment wrote okay one thing on flights to write it after serious or accidentally eliminated nice nice from afar seems a val padana tractor the price still nothing hello david better mavic mini hub is completely different i.e. how to compare a panda to a tractor in my opinion thermal account is not very useful depends on there is obviously a normal person no but for those who use it for firefighters Rescue etcetera definitely serves Hi Massimo nice my opinion to michele it will take pc bomb to mount video itself but i already have 26k for it mount them I don’t know what maybe an rtx 2 is needed 76 enough Mauro says the previous version is already and top this I think it is super I always had to try it out lauteri bo 1 but I never succeeded you can use it anywhere without restriction attention he is known by restrictions, however then there are the laws so there is always you need to know where to fly where not to fly 8 k video I don’t know how useful an 8 k can be, maybe because he works on photo shoots however for an average person also because 8k where it reproduces it that is 8k monitors are around Campa horse with stage was sleeping but what does it mean to be popular everywhere that there are no there are no fly zones on the drone that is, he arms himself everywhere also in then airport is if you who need to know where to pop where you can’t fly cute new the color orange cute for aesthetics I don’t know like a flying lobster autonomy to try for sure Surely we will have to wait for some sicap monitors otherwise we won’t do much Sergio to edit videos like this I think it will be true 8k I don’t think they are lying because they should Di fly has blocked the registration but of fan casino as well the baghdad and maps orange tall seagull bah I would have some doubts about how much it weighs well surely will weigh a kilo or more it is not a light drone or touch the anger I do not think it is unimported touched by I think it is still known real k that is is its characteristic main it doesn’t have to be hello alessandro choeur idv al range of 9 km for not 89 however gavi before complained of the inscriptions Let’s try to see on the website of the authors bags have put something or not Then sergio wrote Michele years ago I paid a lot for my video card now a little bit is technology even an iphone you pay a lot of money after 23 years is not worth much less hello days my mom I do not know if today some graphics card can hold it or not I have some doubts more than anything else the 8k editing is heavy we see on their site if they put something Ok they put something let’s see I voodoo and suez English also pronunciation that pronounces English oh well, it shoots videos from before that we have just seen currently production and price availability will be announced later ok but there are the technical specifications that we are going to read together let me read the comments guys a nice like I recommend to support us support me and support stefani who is sleeping right now thank goodness there is stefania who helps me with the live shows Mixed janovic 2 only with 8 ko god that is already a nice difference Forty minutes of flight let’s see we are always estimated in perfect conditions without wind without without anything, however, if they are never which indicated real minutes For me after these laws and better the mini goes well however I have not yet heard anyone who has been fined for using a drone as always all the smoke Italian this will cost if it will surely cost more than a thousand euros the new mac pro touches it sparrow May and ugly well certainly are tastes I don’t like The sd card costs more than the day by the way what xvi cards want to handle the data flow of an 8 cup video then there are the trade Thanks silvio silvio I know that you are a little behind with the live Yes exact heaven take indemnify 8k but then where it plays back Thank you redigolo gowan thanks thanks then we read the technical specifications we accept here now if you always accept hdr video oh well then hdr is now mine too vacuum cleaner 60 degree omni directional obstacle sensors 9 km of 48 megapixel video control regi display incorporated in the remote control and this is a feature that I really appreciate in the The drones autel 40 minutes of reggio and flight autonomy but you want to watch crazy text as it is on the rope Mount a battery of 7 thousand and 100 thousand for Which guarantees 40 minutes of flight forward chisps I did not understand 35 minutes in hovering is already here start a little retracting on on flight autonomy and then there is a system that preserves the battery from ejection during the flight of the drone, that is, there is a system that prevents the battery from being ejected automatically by the drone when the duo leaves too fast ah ok then oh well various photos control regions extended up to 9 km many sensors many sensors Use all the sensors here is some other example video I don’t know why the drone that went around seemed a bit fake However these are the three cameras The three sensors the basic one and 8k guys is the basic one the pro one and 6 k but one inch that mavic 2 pro with variable opening Oh well hdr we all know it and this is the thermal cam instead of the dual specific to here guys then the weight is 1.150 grams on average there is some small difference between the various versions obviously the weighing duo has a little more because of the double lens maximum speed of 20 meters per second Maximum flight time without wind 40 minutes With the wind I certainly don’t know less Internal memory of 8 GB little could put more especially for the 8 k to have an internal memory From 64 128 giga it would have been excellent but nothing to do Other technical specifications and this is the disassembled open drone some shots for example made with voodoo and I honestly never trust too much of the photos that come for example posted because they can be false can be edited can be taken with some other camera doubt me they are beautiful this however the wrong horizon but yes ok oh well a sensor 6 k 8 k so it is obviously so much stuff from these are the three drones Hello Gianni 72 72 kilometers per hour we are on the average antonio neither more nor less that is fairly average guys a nice like I recommend both for the group and to support us let me read the comments I open the chat you see the live chat guys greet me you’re all live then who knows the actual weight I said it before in cremona to be clear as soon as the ashes of a jeep will draw a police prey oh well but these are things that are said but that really intervene is another matter In my opinion 22 st junior drone for mystical use on the market even better than the mavic 2 pro avoid obstacles like the ski god does not have the bigo gps to take with us however to sensors everywhere so he avoids them easily Blindfolded ok the range dr useful to go to bedbug come on maybe what they are not me and mavic mini and I struggle in the valley to reach 200 meters then I don’t know mavic mini there is a bet I don’t fcc hello brazil gaby xvid vob this is discussing it with someone Well then it shows a route they say yes oh well but Break the boxes on anything hello fabio Alexander who never pumped from fear to that model as a model hello giacomo hello francesco I am well directed giacomo hello asks me goodbye hello hello giacomo Well well ok and this was book ii si ries Interesting we hope that they will present some new drone who knows if even DJ will present to some drone or not hello below under view satta viola if a girl Good evening christian hello stefano The problem of the o2 ski and which is produced by a small company that cannot even satisfy Sales in America so you think about how it does to get to Europe sky dio collaborates with parrot therefore in theory parrot to the means for take it everywhere but I don’t know why it doesn’t invest I don’t know Maybe it touched can serve to zoom the images well that’s enough a sensor is as big as megapixels but mister k is a lot of stuff Hello mikè as well as to inform me that dominates rhythms but figured liquid thanks for nicola minimal aosta to find me I recommend you bring some drone with you, certainly place in its parts there is plenty of space to fly ao that alessandro well I arrived at 3 3 4 km in my video and I don’t even remember anymore Fabio the frequency of the mavic mini da capo from the application settings go up radio transmission is set manually 2.4 giger are the first channels on the left Thanks Marco 8 k but if we struggle with editing post produce 4k carlo but it is definitely the drone designed for photographers use more professional If my record of the multinationals that keep us hidden, he is the top, it is a time lapse that no longer succeeds in the videos in advertisements, however, there is always a nice guy around the corner then I had to see one thing then this okay levo 2 you want to go to the website of the ces 2020 let’s see if they have put something to a site the ces We see So what’s new interesting in this fair trade 2020 but it is still have not put anything I hope in some particular innovative drone some dg rai stuff because there is a sandwich on the site of the fair trade Ok Conferences Sewing the calendar Well, well, if something new arrives I will definitely make a video because absolutely nothing is understood from this site there is a bit of everything also I panini so I will see I will see when when it comes out Something interesting this is an 8k video we see it guys you say Then this is registered in 8 capua with the auteri voodoo e Obviously compressed due to youtube, however, you can appreciate the color contrasts of the display it’s interesting if it doesn’t cost too much as I think Well Ok yes but he changed the frame from ok Even the east 360 has presented a new product today is the yes But there really are those who make the drone fly while they are climbing up a mountain or I see doing in every video presentation of the drones Well definitely guys and to try as drone are images that we have also seen presentation videos here are longer the full version We must also see the new smart fly how they work But that’s doing this is nothing interesting Let’s see if you have written Then Hi they Better than little but safe mavic well, however, you have to see if they sell it here in Europe it looks very stable at least from these videos though you have seen the world for mavic two no not yet we said an excellent cama opinion well they focus on that so I think it is at the top of the range as far as cams are concerned You know people who do it with lana fi, that is, use climbing areas to climb I have the least sake title zino look at it apple tree zino should send apple tree these days so as soon as I get there guys veil I immediately review hi tony Gigi no expired coupons do not last always should return with the next drone stops you have to make tightrope walker during the reviews yes while I’m on the rope I make videos my mom I would never do it but really never Axi elsie I thought the east to 360 presented a new drone instead instead no ie a new cam Why is the internet going so slow today No less compliments on the official website However it is a modular cam that presented The 360 ​​list is not a drone then maybe he will present it in the next few days I don’t know A quick question to drive a drone legally can be under 16 only toy drones aged 16 or under 14 less instead of making the licenses for the rest you must be of age is the fault of the cs surely Hi I entered what I missed well the presentation of the car ivo 2 was lost then look back a little at this ride to recover it anyway interesting kamoto k 6 k a lot of stuff Thanks marco thanks well guys then this is the car ivo two personal considerations definitely Oversized for average use which should make it a normal user as I can be as you can be buying this drone so i don’t know how much it is meant for for use there is for large-scale sale there is a cam top k 6 k bo Yes dark angel with adjustable diaphragm yes Definitely worth trying we hope to have a chance to try it if it will arrive here in Europe or not, unfortunately the first has never arrived here in Europe ok friends it is nothing if in the next days presents notes of an access to do the ces ie do not think badly I do a live video Like to support us friends then if you want to leave a nice comment when the video comes out and see you at the next video hello beautiful I love you

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  2. Proprio un bel prodotto, stanno puntando tutto sul professionale, sprecato per la maggior parte degli utenti consumer

  3. E anche io ho avuto la mia esperienza con d-flight. Faccio la registrazione, inserisco indirizzo mail e password da usare come credenziali, ma…..Faccio il primo accesso e mi dice password Non valida. Dopo vari tentativi faccio la procedura classica per password dimenticata, comprare un messaggio dove dice di confermare la password cliccando sul link inviato via mail…..mail che però non arriva, nonostante vari tentativi. Sarò diventato stupido oppure c'è qualquadra che non cosa sul sito?

  4. Ma come mai nonostante i regolamenti sempre più restrittivi le grandi aziende investono su droni poco conformi alle normative? Non sarà che sanno cos'è che noi non sappiamo? .

  5. Una domanda.
    Il Mavic 3 dovrebbe incorporare il ricevitore Ads B che permette di rilevare il traffico civile nelle vicinanze.
    L'Autel, nella presentazione non accenna a questo dispositivo, che peraltro diverrà obbligatorio a brevissimo.
    Sarei estremamente curioso di sapere se tale dotazione è stata incorporata nell' EVO II oppure no. A mio avviso non è un particolare secondario nella valutazione complessiva di questo drone, che comunque si annuncia molto interessante.

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