Eugene Islam

17 thoughts on “Can drones cause airline accidents?

  1. If the drone is sucked by the engines of a airplane the damage would most likely be worse than a soft birds

  2. CNN is basically a Republican and Democrat prostitute. Republicans and Democrats don't represent  views and opinions Americans.  Republicans and Democrats waste trillions of dollars a year meanwhile American small and medium size businesses are closing their doors. Unemployment currents stands at around 40% based on the governments own workplace participate rate. CNN must investigate Janet Yellen for her incompetent interest rate predictions.  Interests won't be going up anytime soon because American consumers can't afford high interests. Higher interests will sink American into depression because everyone know America is a debt driven society. The American dollars is living on borrowed time. Get ready America, reality is going to wake you soon.

  3. lol they shoot frozen turkeys at passenger jets to test them, my phantom 3 weights less and is less dense so how could it be more dangerous? Fucken fear mongering, that's all the media is good for….

  4. honsetly amazon shouldn't use drones because if one flys into a planes engine than that engine is going down as well as the plane and amazon willbe sued for MILLIONS because they wil be using so many drones because they get thousands of orders a day

  5. The government doesn't want the public to have drones, They can be used against them. So they will show you the worst case scenario and add a little lying on top of that, Again stripping Americans freedoms in the name of safety.

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