bref. je fais du kite. // And so. I am a kitesurfer.

bref. je fais du kite. // And so. I am a kitesurfer.

And so. I was at the beach. I was eating a sandwich with pickles in it. I like sandwiches with pickles in it. I saw a guy who was kitesurfing. He rocks!!!! I’d like people to say this about me: He rocks!!! So I bought the equipment. The sales guy sold me a wing, he told me: it’s the creme de la creme. 3000 euros. I said : “let’s do it” “let’s do it”. Since then, I eat Ramen noodles every day. I went to the spot. It was too crowded. I couldn’t go kitesurfing. I came back the next day. It was empty. Is somebody here? I couldn’t go kitesurfing. Three months later, the weather conditions were finally good. Or that’s at least what Bryan, Chris, and this other dude said. Yeah, there’s air. I took my marks, lifted my wing, and I fell. I lifted my wing again, i fell again. I lifted my wing again and again, and I fell again and again. I broke my wing. I went back to see the sales guy. He said: It doesn’t look good. But with 2000 Euros, I think I can do something. I went back to the spot. I became best buddies with Bryan, Chris and the other super cool dudes. I lifted, I fell. I lifted again, I fell again. I left. I packed my equipment, I was pissed. I get to the parking lot, a chick asks me: Do you kite-surf. I say yes. She asks: Is it dangerous? I said : Kind of… We made out. And so, I am a kitesurfer. And there, you see the shark, I kicked its ass. You rock.

Eugene Islam

34 thoughts on “bref. je fais du kite. // And so. I am a kitesurfer.

  1. @andrebatache c'est pas une copy c celui ki a fait le truc sur call of duty pske bref a la base c'est une emission de canal + qui passe tu les soir au grand journal de canal +

  2. Très bien mais juste une petite chose à reprocher il manque un peu de vivacité dans la voix off. Sinon très bon travail. 🙂

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